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A 25 minute episode had 5-10 minutes of ads. Quality of the pods aren’t good enough to warrant that many advertisements.
There are so many podcasts out there that are basically all the same: people yelling over each other, trying to be funny and telling us who’s gonna win the Tour event this week. This is such a great change of pace: thorough storytelling, high production value and compelling topics. Always a great half hour!
Know yourself while playing golf to eliminate doubt. As mid handicapper have gone through slumps, this episode sheds light on what some pros go through and their recovery. Enjoyed it and it encouraged me!
Really enjoy this podcast. There are over 100 golf podcasts and personally I am not too interested in who is going to win on tour or some bros talking about golf like barstool. The team that does this podcast discovers great topics, does the research and actually makes you think about unique perspectives in the game. My favorite episode was the one about sandbaggers. I have never won a net golf tournament and sandbaggers drive me nuts. Keep up the great work!


By bmoo62
Love golf but hard to find a quality golf podcast. This podcast does it right. Good topics, quality interviews.
If you like golf this is a great podcast to listen to. It has insightful and interesting stories on wide variety of topics. Sandbaggers, Funding of LPGA professionals, etc . all very interesting. I’ve listened to some other Golf related podcasts and hearing 2-3 guys dialogue is not all that interesting. I would love more Golf content like this. This is similar to but better than Undercover Tour Pro column in mag
If you like golf / PGA golf, this is a must listen.
Can’t get enough
Wonderful podcast. Great pacing and editing. I feel like I’m a part of the conversation.
Have enjoyed every episode so far. Nice to have a more in depth look at golf topics instead of just a couple of people yakking. Insightful, informative and a pleasure to listen to.
Saw the email article on the future of AM status and went to read it... not what I expected but YOU accomplished your goal. You got me to click and then to subscribe to the podcast to get the info I needed. Touché and Bravo Golf Digest. Bravo! Hahaha looking forward to the listen and all the other listens on this channel.
The caddy show was awesome! I remember Kip winning the second big break I think? Anyway I thoroughly enjoy this podcast!
The editing/producing of this podcast is unmatched in the modern era. Imagine if John Williams produces/edited a podcast and was also younger and more talented.


Very good stuff for the golf-centric folks. The recent pods on sandbagging, the economics of the LPGA, and tour caddies have been excellent. Thank you for the knowledge and entertainment. Keep up the good work.
The PGA has viewers and fans. The LPGA does not. That’s the big driver of revenue and purse sizes. The rest of it is pure b.s. and has nothing to do with sexism. Dumb episode.


By Gott31
Really interesting stuff. Have to listen every week
This episode was a great one. Wish these were a little longer and a little more in depth....that should speak for itself noting the intriguing topics of these podcasts
So true ! Excellent
Loved the sandbagger episode 😂 keep up the creative episode concepts
I really use to enjoy the podcast. I heard about the “new” format in the last Pod and was intrigued. Of course, you do the PC thing with the first Pod on the new format. Holy crap, everyone wants to preach. Politicians, government agencies, media, social media, actors and athletes to name a few want to preach to me and thought police me. Now you. I’m going to do the same with you that I do all the rest. Turn you off!
A thought provoking and extremely well done podcast! Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
Such a relevant topic!! Golf at its finest!
Can we get rick on every episode? He seems to have all the answers. Very enjoyable listen.
Not exactly Charlie Rose. Too lowbrow. She could have been talking to anyone. It’s supposed to be a golf podcast. Instead it’s advertorial fluff.
Agree Bernie is not a Democrat and guaranteed to give Trump a win. Please don’t call NH a low tax state. Property taxes are brutal.
It would be great if these jokers could figure out how to get everyone at the same volume. It seems like there is always one person who you can’t hear and it just pisses me off. I keeping giving them a chance and I keep turning it off about 15 minutes in.
This is a good podcast. I would way it's great if they didn't spend time "picking" their winners of an event. How coculd anyone think that is good content. It's a total guess and just not interesting.
You would expect Golf Digest to hold itself to a higher standard in its attempt at a hot medium like podcasting. Every episode combines clunky dialogue with poor audio quality.
Slow down and stop stuttering so much...
Let your guest finish their comments before asking the next question
To the lady: stop saying “like.” It make me like want to stop listening
Enjoyed listening to Joe, but like the interviewer like should listen like to the tape and like count like how many times like she said like. I could barely finish the podcast.
Love the content and the different perspectives from the hosts. Really enjoy the “new” female host and her view of all the topics. Audio has consistently been poor. Guests via phone call regardless of how interesting have not been worth listening to. This could be great. I’m rooting for it to be better.
Stories: My Last Round is almost perfect. The author is English. Than why not have a narrator that has an English accent?
That interviewer says “like” too many times!!!
This is more like a gossip girls show. No knowledge of golf just opinions more like TMZ than a golf show. Everybody talks over cutting themselves. Shackelfor and Feherty are a model of ahownthey should follow.
Great podcast, only loses a star because of lack of audio quality. Also please no lpga girls or pga wives. Nobody cares about them and it’s a waste of time. Listening to Jimmy Walkers wife try to take credit for his good play, saying we for every shot he hits was so laughable. These freeloading gold-diggers are repulsive not worth a minute of audio time. Also keep up the interesting interviews with players. Thanks for the good material.


Outstanding podcast on Ty Tryon! I too was fascinated when he burst onto the golf scene and enjoyed hearing both the backstory and current whereabouts of his golf story. Well done!
Please turn up the volume or step up to the mic(s) when recording. This is the hardest podcast to hear by far that I subscribe to. It’s got to be on the podcaster end because every other podcast I listen to I can hear just fine. I enjoy the fantasy picks podcasts, but the picks are usually predictable rather than helpful. Top 10 in the world, and Bill Hass. More Hennessy and less Herrington and the podcast would be easier on the ears.
Dry and basic... Some good topics but it sounds like they're working at their college radio station... never good when you sound like you're reading a script.
Wide range of guests, interesting perspectives
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It's informative in all aspects of golf.
This podcast is filled with great golf playing tips, Reviews of golf couses and info on the PGA Tour. A great app for golfers!
Great podcast but the volume levels need to be adjusted. Hosts are too quiet and guests via phone are relatively too loud. Overall too quiet compared to other podcasts.
The show is great, but can you please turn your microphone up? Can barely hear you
Good topics and personalities-M
As an avid golfer I enjoy the subject matter, but the variations in volume between the speakers makes the podcast barely tolerable. One person speaks at a volume that requires me to strain to hear him/her, and the next is so loud I have to lower the volume in the car or headphones. Fix that problem and I would rate the podcast 4 or 5 stars. Get a good sound engineer please.