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I'm a chick who loves a good action flick and these chicks are the absolute best at sharing their love for those films. I love listening to Courtney and crew talk about all the action movies I grew up with. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. You won't want to miss a single episode.
You need to listen to this podcast. The chick panel are super fun, funny, and inviting. They’re totally chill and legit my BFFs. I’m so happy these voices are here to take on these “dude” films! This is essential listening for ALL movie fans. -Justine
I have such a blast whilst listening to Chicks w/flicks! These ladies are hilarious, smart and perfectly spice up my boring commute home. Love love LOVE Andre (Large Marge Sent Us)
Finding it was like finding MST3K. Surprising and funny enough that I have to pause so I can breathe again.
Chicks with Flicks is an awesome pod jam packed with action, laughs, and copious amounts of vodka! The three friends watch films considred manly man films and provide their own take on it. It's a refreshing twist to hear women talk about action movies and they are good at it! You will laugh and I promise you will learn something. Loved their Space Jam and Blazing Saddles episodes. Keep those episodes coming!!
Both endearing and enjoyable! It's a refreshing change from listening to a bunch of neckbeards. Five stars!
A great premise, and extremely thorough in their reviews. Super fun and the gals are tremendously funny.
When hearing about this premise I thought it was going to be good, but I didn't know it was going to be great! With this format it would be easy to negative about the source material, but I really feel the girls like most of the movies they watch. This makes the episodes very enjoyable from both a content and nostalgia angle. I look forward to each and every new episode!
Such a fun, smart and enjoyable podcast. Giving an educated and thorough analysis of the movie of the week is something that most podcast don't do and let alone while drinking and/or making fun of the plot holes, mistakes and poor character building. That makes this 1 of my fav. podcast, all the ladies of Chicks with Flicks make me laugh every episode. If there were more stars I'm add them, wonderful work and the growth from episode 1 to now is awesome and motivational. Thank you I can tell you love doing what you do. If you're reading his and haven't listened start now.
Cast has great chemistry and offers a different lens to view classic action movies through.
A Very entertaining podcast that delves the world of machismo "guy" movies and reviews them through the lens of fun feminist minded friends. I have listened to several episodes and found the podcast to be very humorous and insightful! Good times!
This is a wonderful podcast with a great premise. Also, it may have one of the best titles and logos out there.