Turner's Take

Reviews For Turner's Take

This is a great podcast for anyone that’s wanting to get informed on what’s going on in the market side. He gives insights about why the market is going the way it is and what you can do to take advantage of it.
Rare to find a podcast that focuses on the grains and soybeans to begin with to say nothing about one that does so with such intelligence and clarity. Turners Take does all that and more. Highly recommended.
Great source of information and commentary on commodity markets.
they are very professional, particularly on grains.
Can't miss commentary from this knowledgable futures broker. Provides insights from the both the field and the screens. Highly recommend for any market participant looking to learn more about ags. Has been tremendously valuable. One downside, there sometimes is a drop off in postings but each episode is a must listen when available.
Good show