Don't Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre!

Reviews For Don't Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre!

Keeping the art of radio theatre alive! These performers have a great rapport with each other and manage to create some witty entertainment. The scripts are cleverly written, complete with sophisticated humor for the well-versed, and cheap gags for immature listeners like myself. There's the occassional struggle to say certain lines correctly (this is live, after all), yet they plow through their mishaps most heroically!
Well written, well voiced, and legit sound FX.
Extraordinary and fun! These shows are always so full of surprises!
I want there to be so many podcasts like this. I could listen every day. I am a truck driver and I listen to this on the long secluded highways and interstates of our country. It's amazing to be able to visualize what i'm hearing because it's a play for your mind.
Can't get enough of excellent radio theater like this. Can't wait for more episodes!
These short stories are well written, well acted, and loads of fun to listen to.
Excellent fun for the whole family. Sit around the computer, just like your grandparents did, and listen to original stories written by funny guys, and read by some great actors.
I've seen these plays live and they are so great. Smart, well paced, well written, and well performed. I'm so glad there's a podcast so I can enjoy from a distance!
These recordings pay homage to radio plays of yore & make nods at current events & culture.
My wife and I have attended several of the live shows and loved every minute. You will find yourself laughing aloud. Fantastic writing, great foley work and the cast are hilarious. You can't go wrong by listening.
Amazing talent, energy, creativity, and excitement. Plus there are more episodes coming soon!
…mind you maybe not ever, but these plays are consistently fun entertainment. You can feel the hand crafted joy weep through to your earbuds. These guys are great heroes for keeping the genre alive.
Every golden age of radio episode is a great and gripping yarn. Fun for the entire family!