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Glad these guys are back on the air!! Great analysis and have learned so much about cash value life insurance since listening to them - they provide objective analysis - so don’t waste your time with financial ‘entertainers’ if you want to know the truth about cash value life insurance.
Their go to phrase... ”it depends” 😁
I love listening to these guys every week. As a huge believer in owning over-funded Whole Life Policies from Mutual Companies (own three and want more when I can afford it), these guys keep me focused on the “big picture reasons” of why these policies are such a great place to store cash. Contrary to what other FINANCIAL EXPERTS advise as safe and smart places to put money....These guys are speaking the truth. Only thing I disagree with them on is that they say that Universal Life is a good tool to build cash values long term. When I look at the enormous increases of the Term Side on the policies at age 70 and above, I cannot agree that the investment side of the policy is ever going to 100% for sure take care of the Term payment each year? I finally did a 1035 Exchange on a UL policy I had 7 years ago into a Whole Life and now feel that I know it will always increase in value every year without the worries of the Stock Market roller coaster. Thank you guys....looking forward to many more years of hearing your level headed advice.
Thank you for taking the time to put out this podcast about whole life insurance. My agent referred me to your website and your podcast. I sure am thankful he did because I am learning a lot. Thank you again. David
The thing I enjoy most is the challenge to the dogma of investment advisory as a trade or practice. Great insight always good to hear a view that challenges the RIA “Fee Only” moral high ground. There are many ways to goal we all should remember that.
Brandon and Brantley manage to make learning about insurance not boring! But seriously, this podcast was extremely helpful for me in making a decision on what to look for in selecting a policy designed for cash accumulation.
It seems like these two dudes are scrambling to think about something to say. Get it together! It could be good but I can’t stand this podcast.
Everything there is to know about life insurance and more!
Love listening to these two and such great insight into the deeper knowledge of life insurance and real life application. Please keep up the great work!
Do y'all ever plan a podcast before or during a show? It takes so long to get in to get past the intro. I am 2 mins into the episode I'm currently listening to, and I have no idea if they plan on getting started today. I only have so much time in the car as I am constantly meeting with clients. The stalling and pauses are a waste. Good agents know time is our most valuable resource and time wasters are not smiled upon.
Brandon & Brantley, get you to think outside the status quo. They challenge conventional wisdom, and create this desire to ask yourself a questions we often look over.... How, Why, and What am I putting my money into. Not really sure about insurance and a whole and what works for me, but after listening here, I'll be committing some time to research. I've only listened to two episodes but from what I hear, they care about people being aware of the right information! Thanks Guys, Keep it up, I look forward to hearing more from you!
There is so much CRAP on the Internet about insurance, especially life insurance, and much of it is from people who are really only expressing their own ignorant biases. These guys explain the hows and whys of permanent life insurance: when it makes sense, where is may not the right choice, and how to properly use it. You may ask how I can say these things (I am writing this review after only listening to the first episode of this podcast, after all, and I've never met these people)? Well... I've listened to EVERY EPISODE of their previous podcast (the now defunct Financial Procast) and I have had my specific questions handled reasonably and clearly. You NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. Oh, and they are entertaining too.