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Is this podcast for real or are these dudes just trolling us?
Trash reviews, you guys don't even try a majority of the menu options and compare the food to your local bodegas. No food authority what so ever. Get real.
i miss this podcast


By Xtofer
my first school was Franklin Elementary School so i feel like i'm pretty familiar with half of this podcast. interested in learning more about the "food on" part tho
After listening to the first two episodes I am hungry for more Food on Franklin. A new favorite podcast.
But you get the joke tho right? Good one HamNo
Let me get this straight: Step 1: move into a West Indian & Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and turn it into a little hipster playground. Step 2: replace the old stores with new ones carrying only vegan and whole food items, at 3 times the price, and replace the old spots to eat with overpriced yup-dom spots like oyster bars, wood fire over pizzerias, etc. Step 3: Start a podcast ENTIRELY dedicated to the subject of what to eat and where on said street. Here's a suggestion for an alternative take: 1. Moving into a neighborhood that is gentrifying does not make one an evil person, but don't be a d*(& about it or an active part of the problem, 2. Take a walk down a street and use your eyes, ears, nose and tastebuds to decide for yourself what to eat, 3. Enough with the foodie culture! Here's the deal with food: figure out what you like, eat it, say goodbye on the other end and flush away....kind of like what's happening to New York right now.
Somewhat informative podcast for learning all about the food on Franklin
Wow, great new pod! Only one episode so far, but this is definitely going on my commute rotation!