The Real Estate Preacher with Randy Lawrence

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Great podcast Randy thank you for the encouragement and enlightenment


I don’t appreciate the cuss words.
Randy is a wealth of knowledge and has networked with some of the best and brightest in the country to bring on great guests! Highly recommend!
I've been looking to make my first real estate investment and I am so glad I found this podcast before I did! Wonderful information in every episode.
Hey Randy - Awesome show! Love all the facts and procedures you go in to with great depth; to help beginning and advanced Real Estate investers alike. Easy to listen to, and totally makes sense that we ALL should be investing in our first rental or flip right NOW! Thanks - keep bringing it on! Coach Riana Milne; Lessons in Life & Love podcast
Randy and Jack have a great show here. The valuable insights and experience they bring to making money through real estate is outstanding!
Are you focused on making money in real estate? Listen in to hear great strategies and specific information about trends, markets and people. Gain momentum and be one of the great success stories!
Great show with real knowledge backed by true experience. Great listen 5/5
Great information with a great attitude on life and business
Thank you Randy for addressing the internal aspects of real estate as well as the external nuts & bolts.
Such an informative, inspiring, and genuine show that’s easy to listen to. No fluff, no games, just firsthand expertise.
Randy is a wealth of knowledge. You must listen to this!
I found this podcast at 2am one night after having a very challenging day at work. I feel I've been working hard but necessarily smart. I trust God to give me the strength to make my dreams come true. I want to have an abundant life and a blessed life so that I can be a blessing to others.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. As both a believer and a real estate investor, this has been the best podcast I've listened to in a long time. I've been listening back-to-back! It's not just the real estate tips, but also the faith and positivity infused with it. I love it!
The real estate preacher is the real deal! I am not religious at all, but that's ok, I have learned and am still learning from everyone of Randy's podcast. I listen and re-listen and every time I pick up a new nugget of information or am inspired by this mans awesome attitude. Although I don't share his religious views I do share his desire to succeed and be the best man I can be for my family and society as a whole. I recommend "The real estate preacher" podcast to everyone. Thanks Randy!!!
Yesterday I found an interview they did to Randy in another podcast. As a Jesus follower and a real estate agent learning to become an investor, the title of real estate preacher called my attention. At first I was skeptical because of all the weird things out there. However after listening to about five podcasts I realized that Randy is as real as it gets. He is definetly a humble man that wants to help and that really knows about both, investing and God. I recommend this podcast to everyone and especially to those who need a push and understand that money is not the ultimate goal, but what you do with your money and your relationship with God it is.
I love this podcasts. Very educational & inspiring. Thank You Randy for giving so much for free.
The Real Estate Preacher is inspiring and encouraging with real life practiccal application. a must listen to for everyone. I really appreciate the Biblical Christ focused foundation
Randy is a great host, full of insights and great information. Love tuning in and learning something new.
I LOVE this podcast because the host is super passionate, and gives extremely practical nuts and bolts information essential for newbies trying to get started in Real Estate. AND he also dishes out solid advice on topics like FEAR, and other success principles of the mind that help improve my attitude toward life in general and achieving my goals. THANK YOU RANDY!!!
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Heard him on Joe McCall's show. Terrific content presented in easy to understand, uplifting way!
Loving this podcast. So glad I stumbled upon it as I'm just getting started on my real estate investing journey. Randy is a trusted source and brings practical tips and guidance for the newbie or seasoned investor. Very blessed and thankful for this podcast and the godly wisdom that the information and tips are lined with.
Randy is a true believer, honest practitioner and and selfless teacher. Listen often to his podcast and you will see your life grow in amazing ways.
Randy’s delivery of pricing out equipment to flip a property is very detailed. Pricing along with advise to make sure the finished product is good quality is very helpful. I believe many people will be blessed by listening and following the step by step guidance he is providing.
Randy really knows his stuff! I'm loving this.
Very informative and great content. God Bless.
There is a lot of great info here that will not only help you in your real estate business but also help you live a better life
Excellent, Very inspiring by a bloke thay knows what he is talkinga bout. Good on ya Mate!
A waste of time, real estate investing is math and intuition, not spirituality. Yes, obey the law. Yes, be ethical. But save the preaching for religion, not investing.
A "must listen" for any entrepreneur!
Great information a must listen to. Coach Albert
Randy, thank you so very much for your willingness to share your knowledge and wisdom in real estate investing. Your message is detailed but simplistic enough for even the "greenest" of us to understand. Very encouraging and insightful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
It is great to see someone with such integrity in the real estate investing space. Randy shows us that you can do this business "by the Book" to become wealthy financially and spiritually.
Randy is tapped into divine guidance and has a wonderful way of sharing this with us!
Awesome!!! Informational and inspiring!!
It's been a pleasure following Randy's work for over 2 years now. I have been blessed with watching his real estate grow continue to unfold. His work truly amazes me.
Many keen soulutions to real estate questions ... very discerning yet practical usability. Liked it! Energetic and sharp! Waiting for more!
Very motivational. My favorite quote was at the end. "Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. " God Bless.
I have known Randy for a couple of years now. I am a business owner. Although I haven’t got time to focus on real estate at this time, The principals and motivation that Randy talks of in this first Podcast can be be applied to any business or endeavor in life. Randy does a great job of articulating God’s Truth as it applies to our opportunities in life. I look forward to listening to the entire series.
Randy knows what he is talking about and has a heart for the Lord. Thank you for sharing!
I love Randy’s approach to real estate investing, he keeps the important things FIRST. I don’t think any of us can be reminded enough about the importance of God in our life. Thanks Randy for keeping it real and keeping us focused on where all blessings come from. Love you brother. :)


By Kbland1
I have known Randy for many years. His success is only surpassed by his desire to help people. His knowledge is vast and you would be missing out if you did not subscribe to this podcast!
Now only is Randy a good dude but he’s the real deal! Anyone that is either a beginner or advanced real estate Investor can DEFINITELY benefit from this podcast.
Amazing guy doing amazing things for an amazing God!
Randy is an experienced investor with so much to offer. I highly recommend this podcast to aspiring real estate investors.
This show is on point. Great energy and info With lots of valuable take aways
How Awesome ! I'm greatful to have this new tool to flourish and to strengthen my relationship with our Lord ! Thank-You Pastor Randy