Book Shambles with Robin and Josie

Reviews For Book Shambles with Robin and Josie

I can't get enough of these two. The chemistry they have with all of their guests is amazing. It just feels like friends sitting around chatting. Bonus: My reading list has quadrupled!
Robin and Josie are stand up comedians and insatiably curious readers. Every week they introduce you to wonderful new authors and reacquaint you with old forgotten favorites. Always engaging.
It's rare to find a literary podcast with so much humor. I've loved every episode (and loved Utter Shambles and Infinite Monkey Cage as well). Robin and Josie are both fantastic.
Intelligent, articulate and witty podcast that inspires further reading, which can only be a good thing! Guests are given plenty of room to show who they are.
Two intelligent, articulate, and witty people with wide-ranging curiosity and interests having unstructured conversations with other intelligent, articulate, and witty people on subjects that range across a spectrum that ranges from the profound to the whimsical. What could be better?
continuing their strangle-hold on everything interesting and relevant, robin and josie curate ideas and with their guests: discuss books (etc.). bliss. there are already amazing guests, and it's exciting to wonder who’ll be up next. i can recommend this to anyone seeking to illuminate..and entertain..themselves. doing this type of thing has made them (josie and robin) two of best podcasters. this show is excellent.