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I love the concept that this show brings, which is talking about all the movies that just keep getting remade or prequels or sequels. Where are the original movies?! Solid movie reviews and funny also! Definitely check it out and subscribe!
Do you over analyze movies? Can you not stop thinking about the greater meaning of Cypher's choices in the Matrix? Have you found a crew of geeks like you to argue with? If not, or if so, check out this show because wow...this will be for you!
I enjoy all things reboots, sequels, and adaptations. This was just up my alley.
Lots of great takes on what's happening today with everything that's been coming out. Definitely recommend.
Awesome show and great opinions. Give these guys a listen if any episode catches your eye, you wont regret it! Keep it up!


Me and me friends love critiquing trilogies, remakes, etc... We also like to discuss films that are the same story rehashed over and over. If you're a fan of movies in general and interested in a macro view of the creativeness or lack there of in today's Hollywood, this is your podcast!
A friend of mine got me listening to the podcast and it's one of my favorites. Whether you love or hate all the sequels and remakes Hollywood does every year, you should give it a shot! The hosts are great and they will never run out of material at this rate!
I love finding podcasts about interesting subjects, especially ones that make me yell out, YES every other word. Remakes, reboots and sequels are alive and well so why not discuss the need, the why, the how the ugh?! Well done job folks, Andre (Large Marge Sent Us)
Great podcasts! These guys intelligently talk about the sequels, reboots, remakes, etc. that we all love to watch. It's one of my fav podcasts to listen to on my way to work! It makes for a fun drive, and it feels like I'm in the car with friends. After a big movie release, I anticipate hearing what they have to say about it. Listen to this podcast!
This podcast is the worst. These hosts are so clueless. I just listened to them complain about too many sequels and lament why can’t Hollywood make more original movies, but then they tried to mention Creed as an example of a recent successful “original idea.” Hey, idiots, the 7th movie in a 40 year old franchise is hardly an “original idea.” Oh, and here’s their “brilliant” idea for selling more movie tickets: They think studios should start giving out digital copies of movies to everyone who purchases movie tickets, apparently so people can download the movies at home right after they watch it in theaters. They all congratulated each other for coming up with this, but have these geniuses never heard of movie pirates? Are these guys trying to create a pirate’s paradise and sink the movie industry or what? Their movie reviews are the most irritating things I’ve ever heard. These guys get so confused over the most basic of plot points. They repeat the phrase “makes no sense” over and over in every one of their reviews. These movies are not that hard to comprehend, but these guys really struggle with it because they think everything “makes no sense.” Having subjective opinions is one thing. It’s not that I’m simply annoyed at these guys for not liking the same movies I liked. The biggest problem with these guys’ reviews is that they’re so filled with inaccuracies about movie details, so many of the things they’re griping about are verifiably false, that I’m baffled by them the whole time. They claim certain characters never talked to each other, when they clearly did. They claim certain things weren’t explained, when they were. It’s as if they weren’t even paying the slightest bit of attention to the movies they supposedly watched. Anyway, this podcast is a waste of time. And the main host, Blake, needs to learn to stop saying “like” every other word.
Always fun to listen to these guys and hear their thoughts on the modern way of geek movies! Great stuff and look forward to more!
When there's a ton of movie podcasts to sift through this one stands out. Somewhere between how did this get made an intellectual discussion of the film this group tackles reboots and remakes and sequels in a way that asks if they have any merit. Funny and informative