Reviews For Amanpour

Amanpour is one of the best current events and political news programs on TV and podcast. Only a veteran reporter like Christiane Amanpour can provide the absolutely crucial context and perspective that global events require. I learn something interesting and new with every episode. I very much prefer Christiane’s unique global view of any news story.
Exhilarating intense international reporting of highest calibre!
Interesting and relevant topics, guests, and reporting. I have to listen to this show on my iPhone podcasts because it isn’t on CNN television in the USA. Too bad because the show offers a perspective which isn’t based on a panel disagreeing with each other.
I love listening to Amanpour, so I was thrilled when I heard we would get an hour with her going forward! Congratulations on your great work, and thank you for keeping us so well informed, Christiane!
I’ll likely stop listening when it becomes an hour long.
I value Amanpour’s reporting. The most logical interviews with all kinds of people in the know and sparing us the repetative photo-ops of current trivialities.
Finally had to unsubscribe. Too many ads. I spent all my time scrolling past the ads and looking for the atory. If I wanted this many ads I’d watch CNN.
The usual lies and propaganda that she spewed for years at NPR. She hasn't changed.
More like fake news.
Look no further; if you are interested in TV/radio/podcasts on IR (I'm excepting print sources), this is it. Christiane's reputation and her affiliation with CNN means that she gets the absolute best guests. And Christiane knows how to get meaningful answers out of them. She doesn't dumb things down for her viewers/listeners, but that should be celebrated. She has her biases, but they're not in your face. Listen to this podcast if you have any interest in the subject.
Up to date and profound topic review
I'm a news junkie, and I really appreciate that Amanpour has unique content. She doesn't just recite headlines, and she doesn't have talking heads that shout at each other. Instead, she's just a great interviewer with great interviewees, talking about a variety of important, global topics.
Online, on the air or in print, Amanpour is among the best reporters (digs for information) and interviewers (deeply prepared with facts not click-baiting yellow journalism). You want to know what's going on? Read, or listen. Is that easy.
I greatly enjoy the in-depth reporting of this program but find the low production values of the podcast surprising given the source, CNN. Aired irregularly, episodes frequently begin mid-interview in what is clearly not the beginning of the broadcast. I wish it had the polish of CNN's Fareed Zakaria weekly podcast.
Amanpour is a highly insightful, very well delivered global affairs news program. As many American news programs focus solely on domestic politics and current events, Amanpour brings a unique perspective on predominantly international events that are not discussed by traditional media outlets.
Host is pretty biased and become hostile to those with a different world view. Delete most shows without listening to them, but it does cover a good international variety of topics then most places. So you may find topics here, that you won't get from other places. So occasionally worth listening to see if a topic interests you, but then you have to go find legitimate reporting elsewhere. Host can not present anything in a fair or balanced manor.
I’ve been waiting of this. I’ve been checking periodically for a podcast because I have little time to sit and watch the news and I really like Amanpour’s reporting. Thanks for this and thank you Christiane for your great work.
It’s great to get Amanpour in the U.S. She does great interviews and is a great daily podcast to compliment Fareed Zakaria on Sundays.