Reviews For Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Love the show. Listen every week but bare minerals does not have complexion items for darker skinned black girls like my self. Annoying 🤷🏾‍♀️
The only time I see the Real Housewives shows is when I pass a television at Equinox playing them. That said, I am addicted to this podcast! Danielle and Casey are amazingly clever and funny women and I love the way they bounce from personal to social to reality-TV topics. They have exquisite timing and an infectious joy. I still have no desire to see any Housewives shows but this is a podcast I never miss.
So every Trump supporter is a bad person? This attitude is disturbing. Don’t liberals preach tolerance and acceptance of everyone’s beliefs? It’s pretty disturbing to hear you generalize in this way. It seems you are more full of hate than any conservative I’ve ever met. Just unsubscribed.
Came for the housewives, stayed for Casey and Danielle. Literally stopped watching housewives but still listen to this.
This podcast is a gift 🎁
This podcast brings me so much joy. And a lot of tears from laughing.
Just phoning it in week after week. Now I listen to Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino.
Just Housewives please. TLC is too low-rent!
Danielle and Casey are so funny - this was my gateway podcast. I’m always sad when they skip a week!
I used to be obsessed with this podcast- I looked forward to it every week but now it’s incredibly political and they bring on their friends who are getting their nails done at home while going on and on about how awful inherited wealth is. What does that have to do with housewives??? It’s actually just a bunch of incredibly privileged people hanging out, talking about their political opinions, and talking poorly about other people.
They are better than Balki & Larry. Their in-jokes are better than the dance of joy. Love this podcast.
Casey and Danielle are the bright light during the Trump years. They are thrilling. We are so lucky to be alive at the same time as them.
I love this podcast. I actually laugh out loud in my car.
Yay!! Andrew gives me life!
This podcast has been really fun, lately the political hatred has gone to far. How can this bring people together. I’m out!
This is one of the best episodes of this or any other real housewives podcast - I’m dying laughing. I have a laugh headache. I don’t want it to end.
I used to really enjoy this podcast. The subject matter certainly is light and fun, and those crazy housewives have very few redeeming qualities beyond mindless entertainment. Danielle and Casey used to be so hilarious and entertaining. Lately though, I’ve been kind of turned off, especially by Casey. She’s kind of mean to Danielle, and she’s super mean to the housewives. She seems very out of touch with normal people and not relatable or likable anymore. Both girls are so condescending and self-righteous about politics, but don’t actually seem to know much about it or how the world works in general. Even for such a silly subject matter, I think this show has gotten so dumb and so much less entertaining that I can’t justify listening anymore.
In the most recent episode you say gay men shouldn’t have biological children. While you have biological children. You can adopt as well you know. I’m sorry Jeff Luis is so disgusting and he is. However so is That guest. What is also a relic is snarky judgie gays..
5 Stars for Casey, Danielle, April and Joel Kim Booster's views on adoption.
If we could stick with the Bravo shows and less about feminine hygiene and post partum that would be great. Thanks!
Love them! Great guest.
I loved this podcast. However since the election it has become too political. They seem to talk down about southern states and generalize us into political parities. They assume all southern citizens are “red state” voters. I really enjoyed the podcast for years, but I watch reality TV for the escape not to be judged for where I live.
This is hands down the funniest, most entertaining podcast I listen to. I have been listening since the beginning and love listening to anything Casey & Danielle decide to chat about. The have hilarious guests and always manage I make me laugh out loud! I barely keep up with watching Housewives anymore and it doesn’t matter - this podcast is still hilarious and super entertaining!!
At first I was hesitant to listen to the live episodes.. I was wrong. Somehow even funnier.
I just caught onto the podcast from a friend and went back to basically binge the past three years of episodes. They’re SO funny, and Casey is now my #1 actress and comedian. Huge fan!
I’ve been listening since the first episode but we’ve gone way off track. The ladies are no longer dissecting the episode content, instead they spend 30 minutes deciding if someone in the franchise is pretty and what looks work or don’t work. It seems they would rather discuss their personal lives than the episodes. Both ladies consistently get facts wrong about the shows that are literally brought up in each episode and are shocked to hear news about the housewives that have been public knowledge for weeks. It’s no longer funny to hear them say they’re “concerned” or something was “tough” about housewives behavior when they use the terms in every episode about mundane issues like hairstyles. And now they want us to start watching shows that aren’t on Bravo. Skip this podcast, unsubscribe and find your way to Watch What Crappens.
These ladies say all the things that people who are obsessed with the housewives want to say in normal conversation but don’t because they don’t want to talk so seriously about reality tv.
Always fun and silly, enjoy listening every week and looking like a weirdo laughing to myself during my workouts
“He looks like a blown up josh brolin” I C O N I C
These women are brilliant and hilarious!
You gals are awesome!!! Please keep this podcast going! I absolutely love it!! You have me cracking up every time and your observations of all the crazies aka the Housewives are spot on and so freaking funny!! Nice job!!!
Omg! You ladies bring it every episode! I don’t know how I managed to enjoy my shows before I found this podcast a year ago. You guys are my companion with my coffee on my commute to work and I love you for it. Keep up the good work, and thank you for talking me into watching Dallas and Southern Charm. Sooooo good!!
The latest season of RHONY seems to have driven Casey and the other one to hysterically defend Bethenny’s bullying behavior. It’s hard to listen to the hosts ignore all of Bethenny’s questionable antics and yet take a microscope to Carole for anything and everything. Is their Bethenny love a ploy to get free Skinny Girl products? Probably. #TeamCarole
I could listen to these women talk about anything for hours - housewives, VPR, southern charm, peeing in a cup in your car when on-the-go in Los Angeles. Priceless content. Wishing Casey and Danielle were my BFFs, ya know?
Omg ty you so much for grabbing the mic during your summer hiatus. I love this podcast can’t wait to listen again each time.
Carole has put up with so many derogatory statements from a so-called friend and Bethany won’t shut up long enough to even let Carole speak. Also you need to read the Twitter comments because MANY fans think Andy is up Bethany’s you-know-what. LuAnn is back to her old ways and I didn’t miss her at the reunion at all. Don’t blame fans for LuAnn’s big head because she thought she was above us before she ever came on the RHNY. RHOC is much better this year in my opinion and RHOD is as boring as ever except for Cameron. Brandy and Stephanie act like sophomores in a high school lunchroom. Childish and stupid. Not cute.
To finally know that i am not alone in my unhealthy obsession with bravo housewives, you guys, you’ve both saved me from shame eating, thank you!!
I found this podcast in the middle of nursing school. It helped me realize that I didn’t want to be a nurse and followed my dreams of sitting on the couch and watch endless re-runs of all shows Bravo. Three years later, I’m still a faithful listener. I constantly tell people my motto “I’m not taking that on.” They’ve brought so much joy to my life now that my tv has been take. Over by a preteen. Give the girls a try. They may be your new best friends.
I am so mad at myself for just finding this podcast. I am already obsessed.
Snarky and funny
Loved this episode even the slightly disjointed Disney number at the end!!! So fun, please keep doing what you’re doing!
Danielle and Casey are the friends I wish I had to laugh and enjoy all things Housewives with. But, they’re better than real friends cause I don’t have to commit to anything. The podcast covers Housewives, but has now ventured into other shows like Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm. I laugh out loud and look forward to their recaps and discussion every week. The Instagram is gold, as well!
Casey and Danielle are sheer perfection.
I love cranking the volume up on my phone and listening to these two beautiful women!! They are so cleaver and witty and say a lot of the things I’m thinking of the housewives!! They always cheer me up when I need it the most and make me laugh! Not counting all the juicy gossip
Discovering this podcast was like slipping into the womb. It was like coming home for the first time after spending a lifetime wandering the cold, mean streets. Quite frankly, I simply cannot live without it.