Reviews For DMZ {VIDEO}

This podcast is a joy to watch and the music rocks(well most of it does). You should definatly suscribe to and and you won't regret it. Because of this podcast, I have discovered many bands that I like and I have purchased some of their albums.
wow. simply amazing. wow. the He Is Legend video is amazing. Halifax, amazing. Get this podcast if you like getting amazing music for free. Dmz should stick to rock, though.
I love this podcast - who is He Is Legend? Just my new favorite band! Classic! I love the interviews - you must download this podcast! Keep the different genres coming!
Since MTV abandoned the music video (yeah... MTV2 is there...whatever) and the rest of the cable showcases are trash or buried on the fourth digital tier the PODcast as the outlet was so freakin' logical. DMZ figured it out. Better yet the BANDS figured it out. Of course I don't like 'em all. That's what delete is for. This will move some music for these muscians. DMZ: Thanks....
where's martha quinn?


By seney
this podcast is amazing. i got the video and i was all excited. But then i noticed there werent many good things to choose from in videoes. I found this, and thought it was pretty cool. I met the early november, they are from my town. The best thing about this is that its free. yeahhhhh
I hope they keep coming. When I first signed on I thought it was just going to be rock, but Zion I is dope. This is the best doubt!!
I love Drive Thru records and this is an awesome podcast free videos from great bands
it's about time they start something like this i love halifax thay are amazing i cant wait for the rest!! keep 'em comin'
this podcast is awsome! its my favorite ! go halifax!!