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Thank you for the time and effort finding such interesting topics and then deconstructing them in an accessible way. Please keep going
I’m a high school bio teacher who used to do molecular bio research. I’m going through all the old episodes, reading the article featured before listening to each one. It’s been very rewarding!
I got hooked when Vincent did the episode on pigeon evolution in Salt Lake City. I’ve listened to every episode since.
This might just be my favorite science podcast. Nels and Vincent dissect a wide range of studies reflecting the great diversity of research approaches in the field of evolutionary biology. From viral evolution and transposon domestication to Neanderthal introgressions and resolving Peto’s paradox in elephants, this is one podcast to rule them all.
Part of the TWiX podcast empire, this engaging monthly evolution round-up deserves to be positively selected.
I had always shied away from direct discussions of evolutionary science. The first episode introduced the perspective so well that I kept listening. And I am so glad because I have had a whole world of fascinating and weird subjects opened up to my contemplation. I often find myself sending some of the papers discussed to my friends. Good production. Definitely recommend.
It’s nice to know that scientists are human and gossip like everyone else, but it does get tiresome waiting forever for them to get around to discussion of the topic. It’s as quick to read the paper.
The hosts bring their different backgrounds to bear on the topic of evolutionary biology and genetics. They also are able to get guests from among some of the foremost experts in their field (Hopi Hoekstra for example) as well as grad students, which is really generous of the hosts. That also brings me to one of the ways this podcast is inspiring. The hosts just love science and nature, and that passion really motivates every aspect of the podcast. Definitely recommend for experts and laypeople alike.
If you enjoy science, you’ll enjoy this addition to Dr. Racaniello’s This Week in X (virology, parasitism, evolution, microbiology), Immune, and Virus Watch. It gives me great delight to hear the conversations between Drs. Elde and Racaniello and their guests about recent studies and their implications.
You can know what this week in evolution is up to as well as what it was up to in previous weeks.
Why talk politics? Can I ever find a podcast or anything for that matter, that doesn’t share their viewpoints on politics.


The under occult core of biology is seldom explored or represented! Listen to this one! It's great!
The only problem with this podcast is that it's in its infancy and hasn't started to walk steadily yet. I can't wait until it gets up and starts running (i.e. appearing more often than once every whenever). MORE PLEASE! Dispelling misunderstandings about science? Where is it more needed than right here iEVO?
It's been 40 years since I've been in a biology classroom - thanks for rekindling my enthusiasm. I am fascinated by all of the new evolutionary science. Keep up the great work. You guys are fantastic!
Great work! I really appreciate this podcast. I'm a PhD student in microbiology and find the content of this podcast to be clear, crisp, and presented in such an interesting way. Keep it up!
A great addition to the family of some of the best biology-themed podcasts out there. Definitely a pleasant listen for anyone with an interest in evolutionary biology, particularly as it relates to the micro-world.
After listening to the first three episodes I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy this podcast. Nels does an excellent job as host providing a clear and concise explanation of the journal paper being examined. With genetics and evolution being hot areas of scientific inquiry these days I'm sure this podcast will attract many listeners. Looking forward to a discussion of plant and animal mimicry.Thanks Vincent for another great podcast. Mike in Oregon