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I like it...just simple
It feels like this podcast has turned into an offshoot of the The Dave Ramsey Show, with a Ramsey personality on very frequently over the last 6 months. Had to unsubscribe. I love Dave Ramsey and listen to 3 hours of his podcast every day, and I’m also not really interested in adding another hour. Enjoyed this show more when it wasn’t focused on money.
First of all thank you guys for being you! Fitting Into categories is not something that matters to me, but I always had this part of myself that was so different than everyone around me and I could never figure out how to explain the mindset or put words to it; until I heard the term ‘minimalist’. Minimalism was introduced to me by a former coworker who I had discussed this mindset with and they suggested the documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things” This documentary brought me immense value & It was a ‘before and after’ moment in my life. It was like I had literally found a piece of myself I could never explain before & I discovered there were so many other people out there who think the way I do 🧩 It has lead me to further that lifestyle and integrate it deeper in to my mind. I continue to listen to your podcasts often as you guys give a lot of good advice on almost every topic, & what you have to say resonates with me. I often recommend your podcasts to many people in my life.
I understand the push for the patreon supporters to get more, but I didn’t think the regulars should get so much less.😔 it feels over before it started.
I enjoy listening to their ideas about how less is more in so many facets of life. They have somewhat opposite personalities, with Joshua the introvert and Ryan the extrovert. They both grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and didn’t grow up rich. The genuine friendship and love between the two is obvious in the way they interact. They are also both positive and funny and they laugh a lot. They the rose to high levels of corporate success and realized it wasn’t worth it. Josh is an incredible writer. They both have great insight on relationships.
Wonderful tips of an amazing movement. Even if you’re making small changes in living a more valuable life, you’ll love what these guys have to say. The only time I was irritated was when they had Jessica and Melissa on to sub for a session.... Jessica’s amount of times that she says “like” May drive you to insanity like it does me. It’s episode 24.
Guys, I used to love the Minimalists! But seriously? Joining forces with fake inspirational personalities like Chris Hogan??? “Everyday Millionaires” is a regurgitation of the same Ramsey formula used to push people to follow the Baby steps because it’s the only thing that works apparently. Come on. You repeat the same stuff over and over. It’s just a regurgitation.
I really enjoyed this podcast initially and for about 10 episodes. It gets pretty repetitive and they hold back a lot for their private podcast and can be pretty judgmental. I no longer subscribe.
The Minimalists have caused me to do something that most sources do not: think. Thank you, Josh and Ryan.
I am late to the game, but am catching up on all the old podcast. I am loving all the little tidbits of knowledge. I enjoy the questions on the tours. They are all so diverse and helpful. You guys are super inspiring! I hope to catch a Madison, WI tour date soon!


While the pursuit of minimalism is admirable, this podcast is minimal in content and maximal in pontification. The co-host, Josh dominates most of the shows with rehashing of his lengthy writings. Sadly, Josh also presents on topics that he has little experience such as parenting and finance. While the advice to not have debt is good, not working with the existing credit systems in this country could be problematic. Creditworthiness is used for many purposes that many people are not aware such as applying for work or obtaining insurance. Listeners should do their own research. As a lifelong essentialist, I believe this podcast may be inspirational for those that are new to the concepts of minimalism. I now listen to it when I can’t fall asleep; puts me to sleep in minutes. Sad.
Their documentary was a life changer. The values that they share are amazing. But after listening to their podcasts for a month I found them to be redundant. Unsubscribed and listened to them after a year and a half. There was nothing new and it was the same thing from the previous year. Maybe the message of minimalism should be just that. Minimal. Not sure if the topic and message warrants a podcast series. But looks like lot of people are getting value by reassuring themselves of their actions, by listening to the same message. These guys tried new formats but it’s the same wine in different bottles. Thanks for the message guys, I needed it. Not adding any further value to me.
Thanks for giving me my first introduction to minimalism. It truly has changed my life. I feel like it gave my life a purpose and passion it was missing before. And how do I thank you guys enough for helping add value to my life....?!?! It’s just an answer to prayer—thank you guys for taking time out of your days to selflessly help others.
I read the book “Everything that Remains” and I saw the Netflix documentary and I am 100% on board with this lifestyle!!
I look forward to listening to you guys. Great topics, easy to relate. Thank you!
A great podcast that prioritizes the “why” over the “how”. Sure, you will hear some of the same ideas and themes from episode to episode, but what do you expect? I appreciate the repetition, it helps to drive home the message. I think Ryan and Josh do a great job of tackling different issues, answering a wide array of questions, and always find a way to bring it back to the primary subject of minimalism. Tip: if you are new to the podcast, start with the topics (titles) that interest you the most and skip around from there. No need to go in order!
Listening to these guys is good for the soul. They bring up points and ways to look at things from positive angles, really refreshing. Anytime I feel a little lost (more than you’d think) I choose an episode and listen freely. Keep your mind and heart open and just let Josh rant 👍🏻 it’s quite calming ❤️
Love the added value portion of the show a lot.
This podcast has added lots of value, tips, inspiration, support and help over the past 6 months. Love the guests and the calling in. Yes it can get redundant, Joshua speaks fast/rush what he is trying to say and sometimes gets annoying to follow and stressful to listen too. I wish Ryan would talk more, I feel that Joshua cuts him off a lot and not giving him a chance to finish and and talk about things. Otherwise I enjoy it. Some topics are spot on but I can’t listening to it every day, once a week is great.
I’ve been listening to these guys since their Missoula days. They have a great message, and I love the addition of the “guests” they’ve been adding to the podcasts. Keep up the good work!
Weather you are trying to get another perspective or just get some daily or weekly inspiration to keep your life simple and meaningful, I would highly recommend giving this podcast a listen. Both of these gentlemen have interesting stories to tell, and their attitude is positive and welcoming. Josh and Ryan answer questions from callers concisely, and the way they present their material is thought provoking. If you approach this with open ears and heart, you may find their words ringing with truth. They clearly lift theselves up on a daily basis and have some interesting methods of self motivation and empowerment which they share here. They host interesting guests, although I must add... I would like for them to host guests more frequently, but I also understand that they might not want to do that because they make it clear that they don't do interviews. I would still listen to it pretty much daily even if they didn't host a guest ever again. Five Stars beacause listening to this has added a great deal of value to my life.
I look forward to new podcasts every week! The Minimalists encourage me to challenge my beliefs and habits and really get to the root of what is holding me back. Always motivational, inspiring, and thought provoking. The quality of audio and topics discussed are top notch. I appreciate everything about this podcast!! Proud to be a Patreon supporter and have access to their private episodes as well, especially with the new structure coming in February and March!!
Just so much value everytime. Always looking forward to the next. You'll probably find value in this...
After listening to the podcast on millionaires today, i wanted to share my experience with you. I found Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix, then i read her books, and it has completely changed my life in three weeks! I have followed the method and only have one linen closet left until the entire interior of my home has been konmari’d. I have been a self professed slob my whole life but have always desired to be better than that. I just did not know how. Once I realized that my whole issue was related to, not my inability to clean, or because I was too lazy, but because i was too friggin tired to clean by the time i put all of my crap away so that i COULD clean. That one truth has changed everything! I cleaned my whole house today in a few hours and it was so peaceful and easy. finding Marie has led me to you guys and the whole minimalist idea. I am reading your books now, love the podcasts and love the idea that im not crazy to not want to work my life away for material possessions but i also have come to realize that i cant have it both ways. I cant have my freedom and also go out and spend whenever i want to. There is a price to pay but my freedom is priceless! Thank you for teaching me that lesson gentlemen. Im on a mission to some serious changes in my life and its all so very exciting! Now I am def gonna need some help with how to have fun without shopping... would love some suggestions. Thanks for the inspiration.
Their podcast started off a bit rough, but very genuine! The show has morphed into the same regurgitated one-liners over and over! They espouse frequently that they are commercial free, but the first 20 minutes of their show is all about what (or where) they are hawking themselves!! They seem more concerned with what is the best pumice stone, lumbar pillow, expresso-machine, or cryotherapy to use. They also spend a lot of time trying to impress each other with their "pithy" one-liners, rather than the actual self-help they first provided. In my opinon, they are totally out of touch with most peoples day to day issues. The last straw for me was that everytime a subject came up which seemed like it would generate an interesting dialog, they would announce that to hear their anwsers you would have to go to their pay site. Sorry, but I WILL not support Ryan's new snowboard or Josh's new Ninja blender!! If you do subscribe, just listen to the early shows, before they sold out.
I love the concept of simplifying life. But they really should stop claiming to be ad free. They repeatedly ask people to pay for content that is only available by paid subscriptions. These ads include “teasers” to let the non-subscribers know what they can listen to, if they are willing to pay. I’d rather listen to a mattress ad, it doesn’t invoke FOMO.
The topics you guys cover are usually relatable and you give great advice! I’ve learned a lot and I’m very grateful!
I've really enjoyed listening to Josh and Ryan. While I've always been more of a minimalist when it comes to stuff, I've learned and applied so much of what they discuss around intentional living. How am I spending my time, my money, my attention. If you want a podcast that will have you thinking about your life and give you some good ideas to living in line with your values, this is it.
I am new to your The Minimalist Podcasts, YouTube Channel, Blog, Books and your quarterly magazine. Did I miss any/thing? It is vulnerable, honest, real and truly, deeply insightful and helpful. Thank you gentlemen. Please stay strong and know you are helping people on a HIGH Level and you are highly appreciated!!!
I have been on my minimalist journey for 5 years now and the minimalist blog and podcast has been very influential for me. When I listen to the podcast I feel like I am listening to old friends. Thanks guys!
I’m late to the podcast game so I’m catching up now but I can do relate. I’ve been playing the 30 day Minimalist game and have gotten rid of so many things. I don’t feel guilty about throwing away or giving away things that I no longer need or enjoy. Also can relate as I cut contact with my Narcissistic father 7 years ago. Such a his relief to no longer have any contact. It’s hard to explain to people but I don’t have to justify my decisions for my mental health to anyone. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Beautifully thoughtful conversations with two intelligent and pathetic man. They talk about life, love, things and things that make me think. I absolutely adore their show it is such a valuable addition to the podcast community. Thank you both and your team for the work that you do, keep on going this is important stuff!
I am an avid listener to this podcast and have been listening for a couple years, I hate the upcoming change of moving the podcast to Patreon because I don’t want to pay for a podcast. I would rather have ads than have to pay to listen to the full podcast. I am fine with ads every pod cast has ads and it would not taint the quality of the podcast.
Great podcast. First podcast I’ve consistently listened to. Yes I know people say it gets repetitive but it’s like drilling in the concepts you need to program yourself to. I don’t care what anyone says. These guys are great. 🙏🏼
This podcast is a great motivator and reminder about the gains of living with less. I’ve dramatically minimized my belongings and have learned to only say yes to the things that truly have importance in my life. Josh and Ryan are engaging and I find value in the concepts that they are talking about. I read some of their books and saw the documentary awhile and ultimately this podcast now serves as a reminder to help me refocus on what’s important.
I have been following The Minimalist’s for about a year and a half now. I eagerly listen to each new podcast episode almost every Tuesday since last July and find myself catching up on the older episodes in between. I find their conversations very relaxing to listen to and easy to relate to my own life. Both Josh and Ryan are intriguing individuals and I love their outlooks. I continuously strive to find meaning in my day to day routine, relationships, items, and add and subtract accordingly thanks to them. I have gained so much value from their books, podcasts, website (including Bec’s website,, and their Netflix documentary. I’m very thankful for all these guys do!
I have to say that these two “prophets” caught me hook, line and sinker - at first. Much like many of the other reviews; phrases such as “drudge through the drudgery” and “add value” and many more are phrases I thought were noteworthy and “meaningful” at first. Annnnd then I realized these guys were in this for a business and the money. They are not in this to help others. You should hear the way they talk about the listeners on their “private” podcasts on Patreon. They TOTALLY trash talk anyone who isn’t giving them money. They literally refer to you as “free-loaders” and “fake fans.” Don’t believe me? Pay for a month and listen to their Patreon podcast. It is DISGUSTING how little they care for the ACTUAL meaning of what they claim to be their cause and mission in life. I would highly recommend that you approach this podcast with a mentality of extreme caution!
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts! The advice and tips are very helpful! The Netflix documentary is what brought me here!
Sanctimonious BS. Stop talking Josh.
I appreciate and am interested in their message (well, Joshua’s) but the delivery has become too preachy.
Thank you guys so much!! I’m only 15 and I feel like people think things can make them happy but they really can’t it’s about the people and a certain attitude that you have to have. So thankful that I was able to find this podcast!
I love this podcast. And whether you agree or not with what they say, it’s hard to argue with the fact that objects have become more important than the people that surround us. If more people would follow this lifestyle and mentality the world would be a better place.
Please do an episode on definitions. How people define themselves, are those definitions helpful, harmful, etc. Thank you!
Minimalism as a lifestyle is great! Anti-consumerism is SUCH an important topic. The problem is Joshua Fields Millburn is just so pretentious and egotistical. If you don’t hear it on the podcast, please read Everything That Remains. He clearly finds himself to be the best writer, man, and human to have walked the earth. He has an absolutely disgusting view of women, especially ones he deems unattractive or plain. His writing and speaking style is cringey, forced, and excessively high brow. Ryan Nicodemus says about one word for every 50 of Joshua’s and I would be very surprised if he doesn’t sometimes wish JFM would just shut up too. We get it Joshua. You love yourself a lot. You’re soooo important. ‘Yuge.’ Puke. We don’t need more jerks like this in the world. Especially not souring such a wonderful movement.
I was excited to discover this podcast as the topic of decluttering and living with less very much appeals to me. But, honestly, these guys need to declutter their dialogue. More substance!!! Less chattery smalltalk. Maybe go by a script and get to your points quicker. I listen to learn about the topics you have listed, not to hear you bounce around various tangents causing me to wonder why I’m wasting my time.
Really enjoyed the show and this episode was amazing. “You don’t save money by spending” was a pure gold nugget of wisdom. Sadly I fell for this subconscious justification of spending. Love the “More Complete” essay. Thanks for the section regarding being well informed rather than reading headlines as well. Be blessed, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
I subscribed to this podcast for a year or two and loved it, but it became to heavy on Josh's POV and long-winded, so I unsubscribed. I really love the message and their enthusiasm but this format wasn't cutting it for me anymore. It's a really fantastic start if you are interested in learning more about minimalism and/or needing reinforcement. I suggest checking into a few episodes of sub-topics that interest you (say money, family, etc.), and give those a listen. Many of the stories are repeated throughout the podcasts, so you won't miss anything juicy by jumping in and out of certain episodes. As a heads up, some episodes in the catalogue are in-studio and some are live, so you might need to find what suits you best.