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Very informative, it helped me understand more then I already knew! This is our future!
I’ve been reading the Psychedelic Times blog in preparation for my first plant medicine ceremony and love the content created by Joe. The podcast is excellent as well. The episode with Rachel Harris was a wonderful conversation and provided some helpful guidance that I will be incorporating into my experience.
This podcast has interviewed some of the most influential luminaries in the psychedelic field. The conversations that Joe has with his guests are consistently entertaining, interesting, and informative. If you're into psychedelics, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
Fantastic podcast. Honest, deeply informative, and clearly without an agenda other than to truly help other psychonauts on their journey. Looking forward to Season 2! (Oh and Episode 4 is a MUST-LISTEN, and only 10min)
Very informative and well-structured podcast. Listening to the 5-MEO-DMT episode was actually the first time I've been engaged enough with a podcast to listen for over an hour. Phenomenal. Thanks for the content! Release more through iTunes!
I certainly want to be honest-that I’m a little bit biased, because I’m married to the creator of this amazing podcast! Joe is an incredible speaker, and it’s wonderful that he’s created this podcast to share his gift. He’s passionate about getting the word out about the infinite benefits of psychedelics, and this podcast is a clear indication of just that. I’m really excited to watch the progression of this podcast as new episodes are released and the message continues to spread, with groundbreaking research and transformational stories!
Super informative, non pretentious and down to earth, we need more podcasts about psychedelics that are structured like this one, most are either too off the deep end or too cerebral but this one is just write, like Amber Lyons excellent podcast.