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I listened to a few episodes to give him the benefit of the doubt. He mentions that he is not an early adopter. It seems like he doesn't even care much about new technology or new designs. He likes older design. Anyone who isn't enthusiastic about new technology isn't qualified to review it. Even if you think some new designs aren't good, you still have to be enthusiastic about technology. I didn't gain any useful information on these podcasts. They are all the opinion of a random guy who clearly isn't absorbed in technology.
Their Oct 13 episode was wonderful to listen to. Worth subscribing the podcast!!!
I've been enjoying design critique for a long time and it's great to see it hit the 100 episode milestone. My favorite episodes so far include episode 53 on the Dewalt Radio, episode 86 on the Tom Tom, and episode DC87 on microwaves. I also enjoyed many of the interviews, including Michael Graves, Dana Chisnell, and the folks at TechSmith. However, my favorite episode of all is Tim's rant on his MINI (episode 83). Thanks for both the education and the entertainment. Looking forward to hundreds more. It's a great way to hear from the design community and look through different lenses at a broad range of topics and products.
Tim does a great job of taking a honest approach to reviewing products and how they should work into our lives. His very thoughtful approach takes into consideration how people's emotions can be intertwined while using something and gives real world example on why something does or doesn't work well. It's practical and laid back and never feels like a sales pitch.
Tom left the show a few years back, but Tim continues to produce good episodes of Design Critique. The episodes focus on a single topic (generally discussion of a specific product or design technique) but may also feature interviews with thought leaders in usability/user experience/information architecture. Tim's interests go beyond the web, so there have been some great shows on things like cars and razors in addition to web design.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but one guy is really hard to listen too for more then three minutes. Something about the way he talks.
Design Critique is one of my favorites to turn to in times of intense boredom (job). As a human-factors undergrad I find that I learn at least one thing from every show that I can probably apply somewhere later. I've really enjoyed the interviews and discussions that dig deep into the reasons that certain things are designed into products. Keep up the fantastic work, and I hope to continue hearing more great insights into the design world!
Tim and Tom take an informal yet meticulous approach in their review and analysis of various products. They have a low-key, natural style, and a purely non-commercial feel. Their ideas always inspire me.
i'm starting graduate school in the fall and i hope to land a job in a usability lab. the design critique podcasts have been helpful to me learn about user testing for one thing. this i will apply to my studies and job (hopefully).
I find the show pretty good in general. Good information, thorough analysis of the products. However, listening to Tim and Tom's tangents wears on the listener. I'd resubscribe if they cut some of that out and retained a focus on the product they are critiquing.
Tim & Tom do a bang up job of keeping the podcasts light, while focusing on the details that you'd like to know before spending money on something you have to live with for a long time.