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If anyone is wondering about joining the SOSI membership but isn’t sure, as someone who felt the same way I can share this: the value of the coaching classes ALONE make it worth it. The monthly coaching classes are the equivalent to getting a counselor, a coach and a personal mentor delivered right to your home, at your convenience, in a stylish and fun package. To see the lessons applied to real life situations is remarkable. It helps you strip away your own excuses because you see how they get in the way when you are watching someone else offer them up. And then, brilliantly, you get to watch Tonya lead them to a new and more helpful perspective! This is just a very small portion of what’s available every month but these coaching callas have an exceptionally high ROI. Also, the SOSI classes are even better than FKL. They are more sophisticated, more elegant, more powerful and definitely broader-ranging than just how to be more “French”. Thank you for the SOSI membership. It’s truly an investment that’s pays you back over and over.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2015 when I found Tonya Leigh by taking a quiz from another life coach and marketing genius asking “what kind of blogger are you?” Tonya Leigh was one of the examples of a lifestyle blogger. But she was so much more! She was about loving yourself as you are, finding the joy in your life right now, about pursuing big dreams while having fun on the way! I haven’t stopped listening since that day, and I continue to grow and evolve. My life and my joy have continued to deepen. And my style? Have I mentioned my style? Women routinely ask me what perfume I’m wearing, where I found my shoes or skirt. They whisper, confidentially to me, “I wish I could wear that shade of lipstick. I wish I could pull off…” You fill in the blank. And I always whisper back, “You could completely pull it off.” I know if I can do it, anyone can. I love getting to see other women’s eyes light up. That’s the magic of Tonya. She gives you confidence. She lets you light up your life and then spread the magic to other women.
There is just something about listening to these podcasts! They are motivating like nothing else I have seen or heard. Tonya’s messages seem like she has been eavesdropping on my thoughts, because they are somehow exactly what I need to hear each week! I am so thankful I discovered this podcast-it has truly been a gift. Thank you, from one Southern Girl to another!
I found so much value in this podcast but the comments that journalists all “have an agenda” and “need viewers.” It is not elegant to lump any group of people in the same stereotype and give them all the same characteristics. It is a low vibration. You say you don’t watch the news but expect others in your life to inform you on what’s important. What is this? They shouldn’t have the same privilege not to be depressed by the news? They absorb the negativity and only inform you when they feel it’s important? There is nothing classy or elegant about being uninformed. I would like to challenge you to find a news medium that you can trust like NPR, The New York Times, the podcast The Daily. Responsible, wealthy and elegant people don’t ignore the state of the world where people are struggling, hurting and need support, where issues affect us all. Life is not all cotton candy. The grit of life is also interesting and important. I hope you will accept the challenge of a journalism professor who has trained some of the best young journalists in the world today. Find a news medium that aligns with your values and then educate yourself on what’s happening in your town, your state, your country, your world. You have some much great information, don’t weigh it down with this attack on journalists.
I stumbled upon this podcast while browsing for inspiration and self improvement. I love how elegant and down to earth Tonya is. I have only listened for a couple of weeks and already can tell a shift in my mindset and a sense of peace and direction in life. The advice she gives is incredibly easy to implement right away. Her material is gold and I can’t believe it is free. I commute over two hours a day for work and have been binging on her content.
My style and self image are on a whole other level since listening to Tonya. She is AMAZING and her knowledge is so good!! I can’t wait to join the School of Self Image! That is one of my audacious goals!
Have always love love loved this podcast. Tonya is truly inspirational and she sounds so elegant all the time. However, I really have to say the previous version of the podcast (French kissed life) is a lot better… maybe it’s the French music? Or maybe it’s because Tonya sounded much more serious in her this new version? Missed the laughter and lightness of previous podcasts. The the part where she shared her favorites of the week… that was so fun! Really do genuinely feel like Tonya does not sound as happy as she was in her previous podcasts… looking forward to seeing the return of a happier and brighter Tonya. All the best! (Btw I’m still an active listener just… not as frequent)
I’ve been listening to Tonya for six months now and I feel like I don’t even recognize the woman I used to be. Through Tonya’s lessons on life I’ve lost weight, found joy, and embraced a life that used to leave me exhausted but now has so much fulfillment. She showed me how to find my self worth and to find the many small and wonderful things that make life so incredible. I wish I had found her sooner so I could have been living this life longer. Thank you Tonya! You’ve healed within me generations of damage and taught me how to truly live for the first time.
This podcast is wonderful! Tonya is a a perfect balance of being aspirational and down to earth. Really helpful coaching information.
I first found this podcast when it was THE FRENCH KISS Lifestyle podcast. I really enjoyed it’s French music intro(much more than the very generic “modern” one now). I also enjoyed the segment at the end of each podcast where Tonya would mention a product or a beauty practice that she liked. Her podcasts now are certainly helpful, but I do miss the old , French influenced, more lighthearted, “joie de vivre”Podcasts that discussed beauty, fashion, décor, and travel -All with that signature Tonya Leigh chic elegance. Can you add some of that back in to future podcast, please?
Tonya is so chic and elegant, yet so down to earth. She genuinely wants to see women become the best version of themselves and shares so much great info to help us elevate the everyday - everything from what we think to how we show up. While I miss the FKL vibe, I love the spot-on topics of the SoSI. Cheers!🥂 Mary Michele
That’s right, I don’t know what it is but this podcast vibrates an energy that I can’t resist. I am quite inspired by Tonya’s humble background and how she’s worked her way up to become an individual that empowers other women to become their very best selves. I admire that she’s shared her most vulnerable times with the FKL community mA. Although I can’t give her much, I ask God to bless her with guidance, prosperity and peace in this world and the next. Ameen.
Hey Tonya. Thank you for making us a part of your life and sharing your wisdom on how to be a better more mindful person. I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you and your daughter so that God continues to give you and your family the strength to deal with trials of life. I’m actually Apostolic/Pentecostal so it’s nice to listen to someone who understands some of the things I’ve dealt with. This is honestly my favorite podcast Kim
Totally makes my day and motivates me after listening!! Love the subject and the length :)
Bonjour Tonya, I loved this episode. I am going to do this exercise this week. I start and then stop the work and get back in my rut. So I really needed this today. Thank you for being you. Love, Love! You. 💕💕Jo
Tonya Leigh’s podcast is part of my daily Miracle Morning routine. I pretty much listen to any one of the 200+ available episodes on repeat to get me into the right state to mind to conquer the day. Tonya’s warm delivery of her inspirational content is unfailingly uplifting and no matter how many times I listen, I always discover more tips to focus on. Unlike many “self help” resources or “motivational” speakers, Tonya does not tell you that you are broken and have to fix yourself. Rather, she inspires you to look at life as an adventure, love yourself, take risks to grow and feel incredible in the process. Love the living the question episode and the elegant woman series. Thank you for all you do, Tonya!
School of Self Image has completely changed my life. It’s that powerful. I’m a happily paying member of the program, but for months all I did was this free podcast, and I do not exaggerate when I say I have never encountered a coach on Tonya’s level who provides such directly valuable information for free. Truly, this podcast should cost money because of how powerful it is. Instead, Tonya comes in reliably every single week to deliver more wisdom, perspective, encouragement, and uplifting energy at no charge. Every single time I get something new from Tonya, I feel like I’m about to sit down to a really, really great meal. Workshop, podcast, coaching call, class— yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy. So nutritious. And I’m always hungry.
I've been following Tonya Leigh for a few years now and I just love this podcast and her programs. It’s such a joy to listen to her share inspiration and advice every week. I always look forward to what she’s sharing and I feel so much more confident and joyful since I started listening three years ago. Full of life changing lessons, optimism, and so much fun!
I started listening to your podcast & reading your blog while my sister & I were living/w & taking care of my parents for a month after they contracted Covid at the same time. We moved in to assist & returned home once they were both healthy. I was furloughed & later lost my job. I actually found you by googling “how to become an elegant woman”; your blog was first on the list. Reading your blogs & listening to your podcasts helped me maintain my sanity, along/w prayer & meditation. I’d listen to you whenever I had my sister’s car, during my morning walks & on the bus enroute to a part time job I was able to secure. At nite I’d read 1 blog post before bed. Your voice cadence is soothing & your personality is so fun, like talking to one of my sister friends. Even though I didn’t have the funds to take any of your courses, I still learned a lot from your content. Thank you for the “lady lessons”. Thank you for brightening my blue days, becuz I had many, during this challenging time. I recently secured a fulltime, work-from-home job & once I’m stable, I plan to invest in one of your courses. You’re a blessing Tonya. Much love to u. P.S. I love the name change & your platform direction!
I am so glad I’ve found this podcast. Tonya Leigh is my new best friend. I am going through a stressful situation at the moment and I am determined to remain focused where I can. These podcasts are helping me tremendously. Can I remain elegant while I deal with my father’s illness? Can I remain kind and calm and focused on him? And can I still rewrite a manuscript? Yes. Elegance is not an exterior manifestation. It is a power we all have and Tonya shows us how to find it and focus on it. We deserve elegance and an extraordinary life.
Happy to be your 700th review! Love your energy and insight!
Tonya reminds me of morning light. She is soft and gently highlights your shadow side. She has truly illuminated the dark areas of my life that I needed to work on. Her voice is caring and delicate so that no matter how bitter the truth is, it still feels like it is coming from a good heart. My life has changed since I started listening to her podcast. I am now more aware of myself, my emotions, my thoughts, and the way I carry myself in the world. She feels like a sweet elder sister who is there to guide you to be better and do better. Thank you for everything, Tonya ❤️
If you want to create change in your life this is the podcast for you. Tonya’s methods are approachable and effective- nothing short of life changing if applied. She offers lessons, stories and small incremental changes that you can start implementing right away to create change.
Here’s my favorite Podcaster again! I haven’t shared her in a while bc I’ve been busy getting my life in order and while that’s an ongoing process, this morning (my day off) I was sipping coffee from my beautiful favorite coffee mug and I realized just how much of an influence I’ve had from Tonya Leigh and her French Kiss Lifestyle Podcasts!!! That’s not to say I haven’t gone sideways or even off the grid at times, but she’s been in the background of my self journey for nearly 6 years when I discovered her and bc of her, I’ve curated a lifestyle that reflects so many of the values she teaches. I recently had a conversation with someone who reflected on people being flashy or show offs for the simple pleasure of “see me; see what I own” and my response to that conversation was that while I present myself and my private space in such a way that is elegant (elegance can be many styles), it’s not bc I want to show off, it’s what makes myself helps me with my self confidence. Because of Tonya, I am very good about discipline and scheduling my time in this life of mine. I no longer fight the alarm I’ve set for my mornings bc I know that if I ignore that alarm, I won’t have time for getting ready for my day. My alarm ensures getting to work a few minutes ahead and being ready to work all day. My set alarm time ensures I have enough time for checking in with my friends and giving them my complete and undivided time bc they truly mean that much to me. It helps me have ample time to get everything done in my day so that I can visit and share a meal with my extended family quite often throughout the week. It helps me have time for exercise, reflection time and after all of that, it helps me fall into my bed ready for a good night of rest so I can start it all over again!! Discipline is just one small area she helps with; she has so many things she has intrigued me with; like furthering my knowledge with topics I would have shy’d away from bc I might look stupid if I didn’t already know about it! . Because of Tonya’s sophisticated and elegant deliverance of her podcasts, I have stepped into my own curated world of elegance, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for a good time and if you already know me, than you know that too! I hope you’ve enjoyed the times I’ve shared her podcasts and I hope you enjoy this series I’m sharing today. This is the first of five but you too can download all of her podcasts; from the beginning or for any subject that sounds interesting. Thank you Tonya from someone who isn’t on your personal radar but you are on mine!!💋🕰👩🏼‍💼🍾💎👢👗👛👙🖼📚🫖☕️🧭🗺🧳✈️
I have been a casual listener for about 2 years and in October joined the school of self-image. Tonya is the real deal, she beautiful blends topics from self-confidence, style, romance and most importantly how to make your own mind work for you while going after your dreams. I love that she is authentic and real and not afraid to show women what is possible.
I recently found Tanya while searching the phrase “self image”. Since, I’ve been binge listening and realize that I’ve always put myself last. Now that I’m thinking about myself, it has me questioning who am I and who do I want to be? These are difficult questions but at least I’m willing to search and find the answers after 52 years on this earth. I’m so happy to have found you and look forward to joining the school of self image as soon as there is an opening. Oh.....I just enrolled in the Baking & Pastry arts program at our local culinary school! I would have never considered doing this before Tonya. Lol. Thank You, Trisha.
Dear Tonya, thank you for having the courage to start your school of Self Image. As women, we look outside of us for the world to tell who we are supposed to be. Your podcast has helped me soften my edges, embrace my beauty, sensuality and step into my alter ego. With Gratitude, Diana
Just what I was looking for. I like to binge on this while going for walks or while exercising at the beach/park. It’s so uplifting, full of good and actual advice on how to live a fuller and happier life. I’ve already noticed a change in my own attitude and perspective on things. Life is what you make it.
Hello beautiful Tonya I started saying you’re a breath of fresh air, love love your podcasts you show us women how to be real woman, I am from Cape Verde islands I live in America a 12 years, and I want to say you’re similar I love beautiful things, love travels,reads! Your podcast it’s amazing I just want say keep inspiring us keeping being you! I can’t wait to listen next episode ❤️🥂🍾
Savvy, sophisticated, down to earth and a new BFF are only a few of the phrases that explain who Tonya is to me in my life. As a mother, wife and litigation paralegal, my life before Tonya was stressful, less than graceful and difficult. With listening to Tonya while walking my dog daily, my life has begun to evolve in ways I have only dreamt of. Tonya’s ability to reach listeners at their level has shown me that all dreams are possible with grit, faith and determination. I’ve now been able to see where I need grace to grow into the woman I want to be and I’ve started journaling to help me in the process. My mindset has already begun changing to one of abundance and that alone as been a boast! All I can say is that Tonya is now my new BFF!
Hello, I have been listening to Tonya casually for almost 2 years now but it wasn’t until March of this year that I have really been able to sit down and soak in the wisdom that is imparted during each episode. I find myself taking notes as though Tonya is my older sister providing much needed advice and a little tough love with the most gentle of deliveries. Thank you for all that you do Tonya. You have been a bright spot during this chaotic 2020.
And I am listening to more of her podcasts! I am very grateful for Tonya and her excellent work🥰. She has created AMAZING content, and I can’t tell how much more knowledge and fascinating perspectives I have gained from listening to her. I love that all podcasts have perfect lengths, not too long or too short. Her soothing voice is one of the factors that I believe makes her podcasts so successful and worth listening to. But the content is just so relatable and helpful, I literally find every single thing she has talked to in every podcast applicable to an area that I need to work on or can be improved in my life. Her personality is also very charismatic and endearing! I am a first year college student, and I think she is like a mentor that every student, regardless of grades, needs! I am grateful for discovering her podcasts. If you are struggling somehow in this special year 2020, check out her content, it’ll bring you joy and peace and extremely helpful practices that will change your life. I have been able to shift my mindset, and thus creating more joy, happiness, peace, gratitude, and a blessing overall in my life! ❤️
Tonya so eloquently and lovingly teaches about creating more intentional lives. The love she has for her audience in palpable. I keep coming back for the truth and the love.
I just delight in seeing the email announcing your latest Podcast each week. This is the moment in my day that I can relax and take in all the positivity and love you offer everyone who listens. It is nourishing just by its tone. But, it is also very useful. The time management skills, probes for introspection and the encouraging stories always inspire. Please do keep sending it forth!
Exactly what I need to get in the right mindset to make the choices for the life I want. No guilt trips, no drill sergeant-like directives. Just gentle, lovely encouragement from a relatable and elegant woman.
I am so thankful that I came across the French Kiss Life podcast at the beginning of my journey to become a classy and elegant woman. Almost every podcast episode feels like Tonya is speaking directly to me because the advice is exactly what I need. I just finished listening to the episode Convincing Others vs Convincing Yourself and the truth in that episode are profound. I just wrote pages and pages in my journal of the things I am letting go of and trust when Tonya says new, right people will come in to replace anyone who leaves. I am excited about life in a way that I haven’t been in a decade. Thank you to the moon and back!
I’ve been apart of the FKL for six months and in that time... I’ve lost 5 pounds- easily. My wardrobe reflects my true and authentic self - my clothes are classic and timeless. Tonya Leigh has taught me how to love and appreciate myself. I’m comfortable walking into a room and I own that room! My self image has skyrocketed but in an organic way. I tell all of my girlfriends about her classes. The School of Self Image is her newest class. You’re worth it. I’m worth it! I highly recommend taking all of the French Kiss Life classes because they open oneself up to possibilities that one cannot even imagine !
For months, my best friend told me I had to listen to an amazing podcast called, “French Kiss Life.” I asked if it was about bringing romance back into marriage and she laughed and told me to just listen. Well, finally, when on a long walk, I tuned in and I am so glad that I did. Tonya, you are such a bright, beautiful light. In every podcast, you share something that reaches hidden and ignored parts of myself that need my attention. With you, I continue to learn and grow. What a gift! Thank you so much! Xoxo
I have taken one of Tonya classes in the past and always enjoyed her emails with tips. I decided to start listing to her podcast recently and I am so happy I did. I have gained the Covid-19 and haven’t felt as confident in my own skin. I wanted to avoid a party because a former friend was going to be there and I know was going to talk poorly about me. After listening to her podcast I realized I needed to go but also not to let others thoughts affect me. If I lost weight, gained or stayed the same she was going to talk poorly about me so I just needed to get over the fact. Thank you for giving me confidence to be myself and not let others affect me in negative ways.
I look forward to all your podcasts. In the last 3 months I have learned so much that has changed my life. Tonya you are my mentor and friend. I also have been reviewing as many old podcasts as I can. You have been an inspiration to me thank you
I am in love with your podcast! So refreshing and soothing therefore super therapeutic. As a mental health professional, I know the importance of self care and positivity. This podcast offers that and more. I enjoyed every episode and look forward to every Wednesday. It has changed my life and provided me functional tools for everyday use. So Tonya welcome to my life and the lives of my counseling clients because I definitely use this podcast as a supportive tool in my treatment plans.
Wow! I joined Modern Day Icon a few weeks ago, and I’m already pushing through my fear, increasing my capacity, and making choices to fulfill my dreams! Thank you so much, Tonya Leigh, for inspiring me to create the life I want by thinking and acting like my future self, instead of being stuck in my past self. Your words and delivery have given me confidence to believe I can do it and a willingness to feel the discomfort necessary to make it happen. Thank you!
Tonya Leigh... I am brand new to French Kiss Live.. I joined Modern Day Icon just two weeks in and I get the Mindset. I look forward to each new week because I know it’s going to be filled with so much Value for me to gain. I love your style and I’m inspired to learn French ... I have gotten items in my place that say Paris / French Thank you so much I truly appreciate you and the value that you bring each week...Love Lynnie from Philly LynnieLovesRealEstate Merci....
Tonya, ma belle, j’adore you! I have been listening to your podcasts and am falling in love with my life, my everyday. Me. A divorcee, a horrific journey, a single mom, a starting over woman- I felt I had failed in life, as if I wasn’t good enough for the joie de vivre I saw in the eyes of those around me. I listened to your voice and it pulled me up. I walk with purpose and poise, I invest in myself and I don’t allow anyone to make me feel like I am less. Including myself. It’s just a no. I’m no longer afraid of wearing red, standing out as me in all my imperfect perfection! I’m dreaming bigger, luxuriously and with absolute and intentional love- just like you teach us to. I am loving the masterclass and will take more courses the second I can! Thank you for the joy you bring to the lives of your listeners. I hope to see you in Paris someday! A bientot!!
I came across this podcast one day and extremely glad I did. I listen to Tonya on my long drive home from work. I feel happy and inspired once I arrive. I feel like my life is changing just listening to this beautiful lady. Thank you Tonya you are changing my life for the better!!!!
Enchantment is not about what you do, it’s how you go about doing it.✨ Words from my favorite podcast and mentor @tonyaleigh Oh Tonya your life’s work helped me carve incredible amounts of love and grace into my own French kissed life. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it. Lovers of elegance, kindness, and contentment, take a peek at her work and watch your life change. She certainly speaks my language. ✨🌹✨
Tonya, For the last few months while in quarantine and in a black hole sort of speak, I came upon your podcast and I have been hooked ever since! Your voice is calming, inspiring, and your music I love! I am European and it reminds me of home... I want to thank you for all your advice, the way you present it to your audience, and you are the reason i journal now. It truly helps me a lot! Please keep it up, and I wish you and yours all the very best! Love, Katerina
Hi Tonya! I just wanted to let you know that after listening to your 190th podcast on dealing with a changing body, I was so much lighter and freer in my thinking. Thank you for this timely podcast. Even though I am through “the change” in my life and body, I am finding that with all this pandemic and what it means to my teaching music to K-5 is creating huge daily anxiety. The uncertainty with going back five days a week and what teaching music is going to look like, it was really overwhelming me as there was no one thing that was going to be anywhere near normal for either myself, the other teachers, or the students. Just the fact that you said to go ahead and feel what I need to feel and except that I’m feeling it really hit home. I know you have said it before, but for some reason it really meant something deeply to me today. Thank you for sticking with us and being the wonderful person you are!