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A lot of these tales are super higher quality! The 3 parter of pet semetary was fantastic. This is my fave horror podcast. I love that a lot are super long form too. Just wish they would upload more! Would love to follow you all on social media if you have any
Highly recommend this podcast. Good voice work and interesting stories.
So glad to have found this podcast! Thank you!!!
I was pleasantly surprised with this series! The podcast offer classic serial horror for 30s and 40s horror fans with something modern horror fans too!! The stories were so good I binged on six stories. If you’re a fan of horror give this podcast a listen.
Love all the different stories!
Love this podcast!!!!
This isn’t a traditional podcast- there are no commentary - no discussion - no background. If your down with listening to an original recording then perhaps you might like it. My frustration is that often times they only have part of stories so your left wondering how it ends.
I have subscribed to many of his radio shows. They are always fun, thrilling, and my favorite thing to put on while I work on my crafts. Young, like me who has only heard tales of the golden age of radio, or middle age, when you can temper the programs coming back on in the 1970’s, or if you are the part of the golden generation and have fond memories of these playing while you did housework or them being on after school, old time radio has something for you. I think that this piece of history should be shared to every generation like a great book.
They're great
Thank you for bringing us such an amazing pod.
This is a really good Podcast!! Great podcast if you're into classic/vintage horror stories. It makes you get that 1900's feel.
I love the old time radio horror - LOVE the Dark Shadows.
I found these while browsing and now I can't stop! I love them! I'm 27 and usually listen to newer audiobooks and music but these are great! I didn't think they had cool stories back then but I was blown away! Listen to: Sorry wrong number. It was the first I heard. I hope they keep adding more, I listen everyday and to relax for bed every night!
I have loved this broadcast for years. But many of the programs for the last six months have been nothing but annoying. I guess there is a finite number of "Old Time Radio" horror stories, so lately the episodes have been contemporary shows (medevac helicopters within the stories, for example). These are also heavily British, filled with overwrought acting that gets irritating. Many of these British episodes have political themes, mostly of a liberal vein, and a bit of an anti-Christian bias. Fine, if that's your cup of tea, but it is not mine. I'm done with this program, sadly.
I listen to this show every night as I fall asleep. I don't know what I'd do without it!
the organs and so-called creepy music just gets in the way of hearing the stories


this is such a good podcast
I started listening to podcasts some five months ago and stumbled around for a while trying to find good sources of podcasts. Just listened to Ghost on the Mooor which blew me away; I really enjoy a modern tale being mixed in with the past. At fifty-nine I used to listen to ,in the late Fifties, Armed Forces Radio while my father was stationed in Germany and there was no television. It is especially enjoyable listening and being able to walk around my apartment without having my eyes fixed on a screen. I've gone to archives and pulled hundreds of broadcsts from past radio shows; the randomness of the choices here adds to the fun. Thanks, keep them coming, Tales of Horror is one of my favorite podcasts.
I can't thank you enough for putting this out in pod cast for us! My dad used to (and STILL does) listen to these old time radio show/stories. They are like a gold mine of tales...many of which are brand new to most of us. I'm SO grateful for these and that they are free is something more for me to be grateful for. Thank you so VERY much!!! Please keep them coming. I love them.
I recently resubscribed to this podcast. For as long as this show has been around I don't understand why there are recent shows that completely cut off halfway or at the end. Also quite a few episodes download at an 1 hour length, but only run less than 25 minutes to be repeated 2 or 3 more times within that hour. One of the reasons why I stopped listening was the sound quality which has improved but I am getting frustrated when I don't have the horrific closure and the size of one show when the tale is repeated being larger than I assumed. I really enjoy these old tales but there are other newer podcasts that feature the same that are put together more professionally.
If not thee BEST radio horror story broadcast. I love it and cant wait for more!!!! Bwahhhhhahhhhhaaa
Thank you so much for bringing these great tales into a podcast! I'm subscribed to your other feeds as well and I just can't get enough! You make my work day go by so fast, all the while learning about classic stories and hearing them as my grandparents did in the days of radio. I'm so thankful to be exposed to these stories and this style of storytelling. I cannot stop talking about your broadcast to all I know. The tales are chilling and thought-provoking and I would recommend them to any scary story fan.
This is an awesome Podcast. The "Shadow People" scared the crap out of me.