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Series episodes are random and hard to find the next. No introduction or meaninfull despcription or research - just selfpromoting ADs selling public domain content. Humphry adds nothing usefull or interesting, just unorganized dump of files.
Almost any podcast by Humphry or Humphrey Camardella Productions is good quality, when I see those names I usually subscribe. A synopsis of each episodes plot would be nice, but that would be quite a bit of work for someone who produces so many podcasts. Great work.
providing a description of each podcast would be really helpful.
I give this podcast 5-stars for not only the rarity of the type of interest and research, but the shear effort put into the research and development. Being a son of a Pearl Harbor Survivor (if you look at historical photographs of the bombed-out hangars, you can see the tail number of my father's B-18 bomber with the tail number "004" at Hickam Airfield, Honolulu, Hawaii), I find this a particular treasure for me to actually be "there" and listen to what my father (that December 7, 1941 morning, my father was waiting in the doorway of the barracks for his birthday celebration with a couple of friends. He was blown out the doorway across the grass. His buddies where not so fortunate.) and his buddies were listening to that historical and infamous morning. Mr. Humphrey has captured these Honolulu radio broadcasts before the vinyl they were recorded on disolves into the dust of history. Defintely a "keeper" for school and public libraries and those of us with parents, relatives, and friends who survived the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Pass it on!