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The stories are great, but the background music they added is AWFUL. I guess they think it's "space" but it's just annoying and loud! I can't even hear parts of story!! Please take out. I can deal with ads I just fast forward. How about putting ad in description. Or make them sound like "old" commercials! 😉
Warning! The 45+mb "News Update" is just a dirty, underhanded way of getting you to listen to a really terrible (and long) advertisement for audible. Why couldn't they just label it honestly? Bandwidth is a precious commodity to some of us and deliberately lying to listeners to get them to download and listen to huge files is just plain wrong. There's nothing about it that is news, only really bad advertising. This used to be a good podcast, but has really dropped in quality. If you want scifi podcasts, there are so many much better alternatives out there (most without the exceptionally annoying advertising crammed down listeners ears).
Overall a good collection of interesting SF tales, but some are missing, not many but it's worth mentioning. Some early episodes in the dozen range and more recently numbers 151 to 153. For example, The Destruction Factor is noted as 6 episodes. The first three are complete. Episodes 4 and 5 are missing. The final episode of that series, number 6 of 6, or 153 in the general numbering pattern, is only a minute or so long, so there's no way to find out what happened. I even did a Google and could not find the missing episodes. I did write to the podcaster a few months back and was promised it would be looked at, but -- anyway, overall it is a good job of gathering together older SF radio programs. Just needs a bit of double checking to make sure episodes get uploaded so they are complete and downloadable. (BTW, The annoying intro music stuff really could be skipped. I hold down Fast Forward on iPod.)
A terrific podcast, and I love the "Journey ..." series. I just hope you podcast the third installment: "The World in Peril."
I love the story selections and can't wait to download each week.
Listen to the older episodes that are hosted by Brian, the Denizens of Alternate Dimensions. His commentary put this show over other podcast of old radio Sci Fi. The present format (as of December 2006) makes it no better than others, and with the annoying intros I'm ready to move on to find something better.