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Johnny and Ms Angel Red I’ve been watching y’all on YouTube for years and today I found your podcast. Glad I did now I can bring you anywhere I go. Right in my pocket, next to my b**ls. Love you Johnny stay strong!
So nice to feel like a part of a brood of cluckin’ hens in this dismal period. Y’all got me!
And I’m keeping the baby.
I’ve listened to every episode old and new and always, always love this podcast!!! Feel like part of the entourage.
Jonny McGovern and the lalala crew got me going LA LA LA past coughing trollers. Comedic gold podcast.
I hope Jonny will someday be able to put out more episodes, regardless, I will never unsubscribe❤️RIP Lady Red
I have never had a better time listening to a podcast, than I do when I listen to this podcast!! It’s like sitting with & hanging out with your bestest friends.. & it is always a good time! Jonny and friends, always bring a bunch of hilarious commentary, jokes and great stories!! I’ve been listening for years and look forward to its return in the future!
I’ve been listening to Jonny McGovern’s podcasts and shows since I was in college. I graduated back in ‘07. I love the remixes and the guests. I know he experienced a huge loss this summer and hope he is doing better. We love you, Jonny!
This show and it's incredible host have made me laugh (and pee a little) for over a decade. Linda, Ericka, Grg, Teddy and the rest of the crew are an essential part of the show
What can I say. If you’ve been living without this hilarious podcast, you’d better catch up Jesus.....
I have been listening to this podcast since the first episode in 2006. Jonny and all of the crew have been providing the world with the best entertainment and has been keeping us in the loop since day one. It’s a good time had for all. You Have Got to get on board if you haven’t already
Has been my favorite podcast for years. Love you guys!
Jonny and a long list of girlfriends get together and Kiki about literally everything. The stories and gossip are always delicious like the tea that is spillt’ every goddamn podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
OMG I’ve been a Johnny McGovern fan for YEARS!!! I just heard Linda Johnny and Martin reunion and it brought tears to my eyes! I love you three together!!! You really brought love and laughter to people in America and throughout the world! I hope you can reunite every now and then! Keep up the wonderful job Johnny! You are loved and appreciated! The Burn it Down Episode is like the old Johnny! It gives you humor, classic tv, and above all, a poignant message of today’s trying times! We can always count on Johnny and his friends to make us laugh but also strive for a better US. Thank you.
I’ve been listening to this podcast from the VERY beginning and it has never once disappointed!!!! Jonny and his band of friends keep the show wickedly entertaining, even when discussing some serious topics. They make you feel like you are one of the besties! Keep it up!!!!!
This was the very first podcast I ever listened to and will always come back to it. It gives me life. Simply adore to rotating group and just love to catch up with all the past faves recently!
Initially stumbled upon this podcast back in 2010 and have not looked back since! Jonny and all his friends have become like my own friends. Each episode is like catching up with old friends and I eagerly look forward to the next new episode. Thanks for the laughs and tears (from laughing)!
Would love to see some current photos of you guys so I could put a face to the voice!! Love all your content John - especially “Hey Gwen” 😋 So sorry to hear about Lady Red Couture! 💜
Long time listener, first time reviewer. I’ve listened to this show for many years and was heartbroken when it stopped. But now it is back! The gang is so much fun to listen to and the show always makes me laugh. Love Jonny, Linda, Erika and the rest of the gang.
Officially the best podcast to listen to for a private Kiki at home. Thank you for bringing this back during our time of physical distancing.
Jonny and his co-stars have been my earbud friends for many years and the show is back in fine form with old friends and new just when we need him most. Listen already!
Genuine Queer Gem!
Jon, thanks for the great times Jon! It’s everything I want in a podcast, friends, family, and fun. The inside jokes, but with the hearts and feelings of a family. I feel like I belong and I love learning about things I didn’t know before at the LGBTQ community. I’m just doing it modified while going to soccer practice on my way to St Olaf!
Johnny McGovern is a national treasure and a lovely queer star.
Hearing Jonny and friends has been one of the only bright spots in this never ending hellscape of 2020. Thanks for helping me laugh out loud into my mask in public.
Thank you Jonny and team. You were one of the first podcasts I ever listened to. I remember seeing Soccer Practice at a video bar (what’s that dad?) back in the day. La la la love you!!! Keep it movin, terror scream. 😱😷😘
There are several segments that could be in a broadcaster hall-of-fame. Gut-wrenching funny. No episode is less than a good time and often enough it's more than a hoot. Love it!
Waaaaaay better than any other podcast. (Not better than Zoe 101)
It’s changed casts, it’s changed names, but through it all this show has been an absolute legend. Jonny McGovern is an absolute podcast OG. He was releasing episodes when Marc Maron was still doing Air America. He was turning it at the parties of NYC before Drag Race was a gleam in RuPaul’s eye. And the show is still going strong. Get on board.
here’s a review, I love you and every piece of content you have ever produced. Thank you for bringing so much hard passion and articulate everything you do.
Totally enjoyed the Disney episode. Finally dawned on me that you were at the Anaheim location. Can’t wait to see the Star Wars in Florida
I can’t seem to find the golden girls appreciation episode? The one with Nicole Richie dying after “bea Arthur” and “Betty white” yell her to death? Idk.. one of my favorite, I want to say it’s 2008?
Blood curtail!!! Uncontrollably laughing!!! Jonny Smiles I hope you visit my Kroger to bring smiles and COVID free invisible fabric roses!! Xoxo
Huge fan of the whole fam! I always know I’m going to laugh, learn something new and hear some outrageous but true stories. Y’all keep me company when I work from home which is pretty much all I do these days!
Thanks to the audio pleasure that is Gayest of All Time crew, I’m 100% happier every day.
Hopfully this posts because I've tried like 5 times. I love this podcast. Been listening for years now. It keeps me sane.
John! GOAT GOAT GOAT 4 Evr!!!- Love everything about you and the Gayest Of All Time podcast- Thank you for the many many many years of Auditory joy- Hugggggggggggg
JonnTy and his merry band of misfits are a good old time.. he’s been doing this pod for 14yrs and always is hustling and schooling the children .. I want to make out w Julie Goldman
So thankful this podcast exists. I love you Johnny! Thank you for all the songs, laughs and smiles! So thankful to have found you (and Julie and Brandy 👋🏽👋🏽and Linda and everyone!!! ) Hilarious and the best. I love you all! 💖💖💖 ✨✨✨✨✨💖💖💖
So happy this is back with new content! Always hilarious!!
Thanks Jonny and friends for coming back during this pandemic.
I heard Curves Diamond and Johnny Smiles will be performing together, 1 night only at the Ralph’s in Culver City. THE. CHILDREN. ARE. GOING. UP. DAH-LINK. Makes me laugh all the time. I love every single person on this show. Never know what to expect but always delighted and entertained.
Do yourself a favor-drop everything and subscribe to the wonderful Jonny McGovern and friends. I have been listening since 2006 (!) and this show is a freaking gem.


*Death yelling* Jon, this is Jon, I have been listening to you for all 15 years and thank you. I have loved all the shows. Thank you for making me laugh while I listen to you on my masked walks and looking crazy while I laugh alone.
I love your podcast Jonny. I was so excited to see you back in my podcast feed. Thanks for all the magic. Let’s get soaking wet, Julie.
Love the Kiki...keep those Catalog reviews coming Hunty.
This podcast is a shining beacon of faggity creativeness, with a very Muppet-y effeck. It is essential listening for every homosexual (and for everyone else, it's a great laugh)