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As a freelance writer just coming into the arena of handling my own marketing and attempting to build niche spaces - this podcast is solid gold. Inspirational, motivational and all-around interesting content. Thank you, guys!
Getting started on this journey couldn’t be any easier. They lay out all the steps in actionable steps and explain why things are done the way they are. It’s still a ton of work to get this kind of business going, but they guide you along in a easy to follow manner. I love it!
Gael and Mark give the most straight forward and trustworthy info in the industry!
These guys are great, they give away so much information for free, just look at the show notes. They do all the work and put in the links to everything they talk about. Here you will find tips, tricks, and real talk about how to grow your online presence, and get the traffic you’ve been working so hard for.
Each podcast that Gael and Mark create is very thorough on the subject and nothing is held back. Great show notes. I have added it to my must listen to list.
This podcast has very helpful for me as I am starting my online business. Very detailed and frank information.
Gael and Mark are giving out great free advice for any online marketer. Must Listen.
I'm a WordPress website developer and I'm listening to this podcast from the beginning in the truck when I drive up to St. Louis for meetings. Learning a lot of valuable tactics in an entertaining format. Tanks!
Love this podcast. As a blogger and affiliate marketer I learn brillant tips and tactics from every episode. Awesome!
Mark and Gael bring you the latest "what's working right now" from the trenches. It is refreshing how little theory there is here. Obviously, the emphasis is on building Authority Sites. But there is everything from the return of "micro-niche sites", how to find the right writers for your site, to an interview with Tim Soulo on the latest changes to Ahrefs. Subscribe. There are 128 business gems here you won't find anywhere else.
I'm a coder with a little SEO experience, this podcast really gives me the inside scoop. Plenty of practical actionable advice for Online Marketing! I love it.
If your building an authority site, these guys are worth a listen. I just finished the undercover success series and absolutely loved it. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and thus dozens of hours of fluff, motivational bs, and shameless self promotion. This podcast lacks nearly all of that. Thanks Mark and Gael!
Intelligent and relevant. There is so much "guru talk" out there and so much "I have a pod cast to sell my own stuff" that it is truly refreshing to hear some actual advice being discussed in a meaningful way. Thanks guys Dirk
Gael, Mark and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the latest trends and absolute best tactics to help you effectively grow your business (without breaking the bank). Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the The Authority Hacker Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to effectively grow your website traffic and business (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Almost went throughI almost went through every podcast in only a week. I virtually gave up on finding a god IM station. Right before I deleted the APP, I came across their Podcast. Now I'm hooked.
This podcast about websites and blogging is pretty helpful. When I'm listening to it, I feel like I'm eavesdropping on a great conversation about how to succeed in a competitive field. Thanks for the great and honest podcast.
This is my first attempt into Internet marketing. I have a regular 9-to-5 job with a specialized skill and niche. This podcast gives you the step-by-step tips and tricks for us non-Internet marketers to be successful. The content is informational and entertaining. Extremely glad I found this podcast
I felt like it was a dream when I found this Podcast and AH System. They provide solutions for obstacles you haven't thought of yet...Awesome for beginners!!!
Very good podcast if you want to get started with online marketing. There's a good mix of their own experiences and opinions but also interviews with other marketers having success with similar methods. Namely, growing a real online business the white hat way.
After half a decade of building websites for other people, I decided to build my own authority site. Thankfully, I consumed a lot of content from Authority Hacker so I was more prepared than I otherwise would've been. Wanted to say thanks a lot for the amazing value you guys provide.
I've been online since 1994. I've seen a lot of folks come along talking about how to create profitable businesses only to vanish. Authority Hacker isn't going to be one of those. Every episode I've listened to has me putting something into action a few hours later. Great advice for the new folks and even the old dogs like myself. Highly recommend subscribing if you want to learn how to create a real income using a great business model.
If building and sustaining evergreen, profitable authority websites is your goal, Gael & Mark from Authority Hacker brings the most authentic and actionable information available in this space ... hands down !!
I love Gael and Mark's insights into blogging, and how to create wealth from authority blogs.
These guys cover every task, in detail, that needs to be performed to build a great authority websitel
I've listened to about 6 episodes now and these guys are golden! Their advice is spot on and incredibly helpful at building an authority website. They actually go into great specific detail and are not afraid to share their own authority website as proof that they practice what they preach. Thanks guys!
No matter you are a novice or an expert in Online Marketing already, there is something NEW you will discover in every episode and I believe this is what you need to be success... It's to learn! INCREDIBLE!
Each of these podcasts has tremendous value, especially for new online marketers. The 7 podcasts beginning on 1 Jan 2017 should be MANDATORY listening for anyone interested in internet marketing. I especially liked the session on How to Avoid Shiny New Objects. It explained succinctly why the majority of wannabe internet marketers never achieve success online. If you are into any type of internet marketing, I would highly recommend these podcasts as an excellent source of information and education.
I've been throwing around the idea of creating an affiliate site for years after hearing about Perrin's success working with Spencer Haws and Long Tail Pro a while ago. I think something happened after a Google update so they started speaking about how authority sites were the way to go, I started researching that, followed Perrin here, started listening to the podcasts, reading the site and well .. here I am! I just purchased TASS and can't wait to give this a real go!!
Been listening for the last 6 months and it's been very helpful to my internet marketing business. Great tips and insight from these guys. Can't wait for each new podcast to come out. Keep up the great work.
I need to listen to more to get a better idea of facts vs idle chat.


Some interesting points
Gael and Mark do a great job giving specific advice and steps on building authority websites.
Love the actionable link building tips they give
You guys are full of great information. Definitely a must if you are considering affiliate marketing and website building!!!!
Really great podcast, perhaps the best on this topic
I think this prodcast contains all important elements you want to hear about. It's a good one.
After listing to a single episode I moved this podcast to the top of my list. Great, actionable advice that you can use for your own sites (or in my case, client sites) right away. Thanks Gael & Mark - keep up the great work!
I started with Authority Hacker blog and devoured every blog post in two days before I made the way to their podcast. They provide specific, acitonalble advice for authority sites and making money with affilate markeitng.
They go above and beyond to touch on broad concepts and details of doing business online, but they drop lots of tips on everyday life and work things that entrepreneurs come up with. Even though I've recently purchased Authority Hacker Pro, this podcast is my favorite way to consume their information because it's light while being thoughtful and detailed when necessary. :)
This podcast is great because it isn't just theory, it is actual things you can do every week to make your site better and get more sales earn more money! Pleasant to listen to as well. Highly recommended.
Gael and Mark give tons of free content to help you get your authority site up and making money, also highly recommend the authority hacker pro to follow step by step to get making money faster
I am a newbie trying to muck my way through the swamp of the information out there. These guys share the information you need to start making the step toward getting started. The information given is the best I have heard so far in any podcast. It is straight forward, no non-sense, fluff information. I appreciate all their in sight in the industry. I listen everytime I am in the car. Can not go wrong!
Love these podcasts. Really informative and so helpful in my business.
Thank you guys for all you do and all the value you guys bring. Can never learn too much about interent marketing and websites with all the changes. Keep up the great work , I will continue to follow and listen to this podcast.
I stumbled upon one of the newer episodes and loved the real and raw advice. Now I'm in the process of going back and listening to every podcast from the beginning!
Gael, host of The Authority Hacker Podcast, highlights all aspects of management and marketing in this can't miss podcast! The host and their expert guests offer insightful advice for anyone who listens!
This podcast is a gold mine of knowledge about making money online for real.
Amazing podcast for anyone looking to start their own website or improve one they already have. It's really valuable to hear them talk through how they do stuff, the things they've tested, and how market trends affect their business - always worth the listen.
This is one of my few must listen podcasts. The quality, honestly, and perspective is fantasic. Willingness to question sacred cows of IM is one of their great qualities. It led me to pick up the TASS course on early release and it's incredibly actionable, thorough, and up to date. This podcast has tons of great ideas, and super listenable. Make sure to check out the early content also, the Noah Kagan interview is hilarious & insightful + more.