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Fantastic music podcast with bite sized episodes and unique live performances. Was very pleasantly surprised to hear the Waxahatchee episode.
The podcast guests that are interviewed as well as the content of the questions and the great music these guests share with the audience are top-notch. The only suggestion I have is that Raina back-off on identifying herself every few minutes of her interviews. Not sure if she’s not aware of how frequently she’s doing it or if it’s a conscious effort to insert herself in the framework that is supposed to be the artist’s but either way, it’s annoying. Otherwise, an awesome podcast! Thank you to Kallao and Raina for a great podcast of great music!


I for one, like this podcast, and if you hate it…THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE TALKING ABOUT IT?!?!??!👿🔥👿🔥👿👿🔥👿🔥🔥🔥👿🔥👿👿👿🔥👿🔥👿🔥🔥🔥🔥👿🔥👿👿🔥🔥🔥🔥👿🔥🔥👿🔥👿🔥👿🔥
I love Talia but not crazy about the contributing host.
Fans for years and dropped off afterDavid left the mic. However with a little sample here and there, I feel in love again. Happy to be back in love the interviews and the positive energy of the show.
Short cuts of songs =👎 Unable to view whom is host each episode = 👎 (love David, not so much of a talia fan) Unsubscribing after a decade of listening....
This was well done. Delicate questions for a delicate soul. I felt like he may be a closet opera singer, and I adore opera. (His temperament I’m referring to.) This interview was relaxing and special thanks to the host and the guest. Thank you.
This is the only music podcast where I feel like I'm actually learning something about music as I go along and it exposes me to artists I never would have heard of otherwise. Highly recommended


Love this podcast. I'm sure the reason why all the sessions recorded for the show can't be podcast is related to music rights issues, as is the fact that only partial songs are used. That being said, overall this podcast is great. World Cafe is a gem.
NPR has lots of great music programming, but World Cafe is my favorite. I always learn something new about the artist being interviewed and the live performances are beautifully recorded.
Love when it's an all music podcast
I've supported David Dye and WXPN in Philly for years. Went to shows there in the old and new studio, concerts, etc. and always enjoyed the programming. However, this podcast does not keep up with what's happening on World Cafe'. If you want to promote your podcast as one with new music, you gotta have just that, NEW MUSIC. My device space is limited folks. I'm off to try other similar podcasts that mostly have the same artists. And, they stay up to date! Comon' David! KEXP anyone?
The shows you want are not here and if you find one you would like to listen to it isn't complete.
I listen to an episode as I am falling asleep. Keep 'em coming!
Ok. I've been listening to this program for around 8 years and have found many of my favorite artists on here by being able to listen to full songs. You cant get the real taste in only 30 secs of a song. Typical copyright mess. Skip
Yes, the first few reviews are definitely outdated. Now they play three to four full length songs, as well as the interviewing. Really the best music podcast I've heard.
All these comments about the 30 second excerpts must be an old issue. I've been listening to these all day, and the feed has full songs and interviews now. Wow ... greatest non-news NPR show of all time. If only more affiliates would embrace music from this century ... it does'nt always have to be classical music and NPR news, donchaknow.
As far as I can tell the full 20-25 min show is being podcast. I love world cafe and don't get it regularly where I live so this is a great fix! Thanks NPR
The show is about the music, and even though the interviews are interesting, they should be the icing on the cake, not the bread and water.
I agree with the other comments. You feel like you're listening to a 20 second sample of a random excerpt of every song, not enjoying a great live performance. I didn't know how great "uncut" was until it was taken away. :(
There are several shows from World Cafe that we'd like to listen to. Andrew Bird was recently interviewed and his show is not available. How can we pick and choose?
The iTunes store says one time - the actual download is approximately half that time. Please put it all there, cancel this mess, or charge for the full show if that's what it will take. 30 seconds of a song is a waste of time.
I'm shocked at how poorly done this podcast is. Cutting the songs down to 30 second samples is just absurd ... I might as well just listen to iTunes samples from the albums. The interviews are moderately interesting, but not enough to make up for the frustration of cutting off the music.
This is awesome.. I just wish you would put on all the artists.. Eric Church is one that I am looking forward to having on this if possible... Great work!!!!
This show is utterly maddening. They have edited all of the life out of the show for the podcast. Instead of live performances of songs, you get a frustrating 30 second snippet, followed by a fadeout. I'm assuming it's for copyright reasons, but for whatever reason, it makes for terrible listening. Skip this podcast and try Morning Becomes Eclectic.
I think it's great that NPR has put a World Cafe podcast up. I strongly request that they put put all their shows on here. For example Will Hoge, Thursday, April 13th. It was on the world cafe website, why not put all 23:44 of it on to the podcast site.