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The good information was overshadowed for me by the offensive and unnecessary accents with “cultural” music included. I could not believe what I was hearing. This may be specific to the Lee Cockerel podcast (Lee is not racist, in fact he seems like a very sweet man). But I’m not sure I want to listen to anymore. Just speak like yourselves! Don’t try to be what you’re not.
Clay and Dr. Z are amazing. Great insight for business and life. Jon Kelly, BLESS YOU!
So much fun and very educational!
Great podcast!! Educational and entertaining! It’s great to listen to and it’s not boring like most of the business podcasts are. Keep up the great work!


By CGowdy
Definitely worth tuning in and watching! Exciting and inspirational!
You can’t beat the energy from Steve and Clay, keeps you intrigued throughout every podcast. DRAGON ENERGY💥⚡️
Love the show! Can’t wait for the new podcast every week. Steve might be the funniest guy I’ve heard in my entire life! Would love to hear him more often.
This show has great entertainment with amazing advice for business and life in general!!
I love this podcast! So inspiring and brings a positive outlook to life. Love it!
Every individual podcast has a topic that is different than before so you can always look forward to something new to learn about! There are podcasts for people with all different kinds of interests, it’s always a great listen!
Useful information for entrepreneurs.
Amazing podcast to listen to, me and my dad are entrepreneurs and have listened to the thrivetime show forever, one of the most motivational business podcasts out there!
Real talk, real motivation about how the world really works. Don’t listen to this before bed, you’ll be up all night dreaming big and re-evaluating life choices.


By 4738384
Very interesting!
Great show!
Great podcast!!!! 10/10 Would definitely recommend listening!!
It was very interesting!!!
Great podcast!
I Love this podcast


Great podcast. 10/10 would recommend :)


Great podcast! I love it
Great podcast enjoyed it a lot
10/10 would recommend
I am huge fan of the Thrivetime Show!!! I am an inventor and I one day want to share my inventions with the world and this podcast has given me the courage to do so
I listen to this podcast almost every day, and I have learned so much! Clay and Dr.Z have taught me so much about what it means to be successful and how to grow a business! One day I hope to open my own dog cuddling company so that I can professionally cuddle dogs for a living.
Yassss! Love it!
These guys are to off in the weeds for me.
These guys are a hoot & a joy to listen to! I’ve been in sales & marketing for years & I need regular energizing. They’re are amped up & are very, very engaging. Audio drop-ins, goofy songs & down in the weeds, nuts & bolts chat w/businesses of all sizes.
I love listening to this show, it has given me ideas on how to grow a business


Okay business advice but lots of religious BS.
The Thrive Time Show is truly one of the best podcasts ever produced! Unlike many of the other Top 20 Business Podcasts that publish lots of useless or only motivational content, Clay and Dr. Z deliver practical and actionable nuggets in each episode. Also, both have a plethora of years of experience building actual businesses. They truly give valuable content without all the BS and up sells. BY FAR, THE BEST BUSINESS PODCAST PRODUCED TO DATE!!
This is the most blasty blast, laser light show of a podcast. Clay and Dr. Z are a couple of Great Americans that will rock your socks off. This podcast is the most awesome podcast you can find. Give it a listen.
Best podcast I’ve come across in a while!! Love listening to it every day while I’m driving to and from work!
This podcast seriously changed my life. I don’t know what I would do without listening every day! It has all the encouragement, and positivity that everyone needs in their life! Do yourself a favor and listen!
You guys should have Steve Currington on the show more of that guy is hilarious we love listening to the show Clay is hilarious as well but man that Steve Currington he is amazing.
Love the material. Real stuff you can use, not just teaser information. More please! More Jonathan Kelly!
Always fun and informative. Particularly love to hear when Eric Chupp is on! I utilize most of their services for two of my businesses and think these guys are GREAT.
I have been listening for about 6 months. When I first started I wanted them to get right to the point and tell me about the lessons they learned in business but then, as I listened, their humor and the way they podcasted truly grew on me and I now listen everyday and hope to use them for my future franchising needs in the near future.
Excelent show, I love listening every day. Please keep cranking out more episodes!
Love listening! One of my favorite podcasts!
Very energetic, entertaining and helpful
I only listened to the “what’s it’s like to be your own boss” episode, so cant speak for others. As a new small business owner, I was excited to find the podcast. However, I’m not why they brought guests on if they were mostly going to talk over them with a bunch of nonsense. Didn’t learn much at all. Also, didn’t appreciate the racist Asian accents and jokes that went on way too long at the end there...When it’s already a given that you’re creating a podcast dominated by white male voices, not sure why you would be okay alienating potential subscribers even further in that way.
Do you want an epic life? I know I do!!! This podcast is now a daily ritual in my life. Outside of listening to my Pastor Willie George, TD Jakes, and many other leaders... This show has had the most Dramatic impacted on my life!!! The Thrive Time Show keeps me going!!! It represents the constant diligent commitment in Striving for excellence. I strongly suggest listening to the Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS!!!
I’m such a big fan of this show and the entire Thrivetime Show team!!
I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is looking for advice for their business or personal life. They’re sop funny!
Love the podcast. Great stuff.
Super funny and smart guys that share incredibly useful information! This podcast is amazing!! S/O to Chuppadoodle-doo!!!
Taking my medicine has never been this fun! This is what every business needs to go from sick to healthy. Implementing what I learn on each and every podcast has really turned my business around and keeps it heading in the right direction