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There is lots of content with this podcast. I would recommend listening with a pen and paper. Very informative and you should learn a lot!
Best podcast I’ve come across in a while!! Love listening to it every day while I’m driving!
Practical and motivating advice wrapped in a fun package!
Out of a hour and a half at least 30-40 minutes is complete garbage fillers. Rarity to get any real insight or nuggets of information. Wasted almost 5 episodes waiting to get something out of it
These guys are able to relay practical information about business in an exciting and memorable way. It sticks in your head with real world examples and a high energy presentation. Its very enjoyable learning this way.
For a podcast which claims BS-lessness there is enough BS to fill all the time one might have.
I stumbled across this podcast and have grown to love it, I listen every morning while I exercise. There are a lot of great resources such as “Think and Grow Rich”, but what I like is this podcast is where the rubber meets the road on the mechanics of applying it to your specific situation. I can really relate to the movie clip references, but sometimes they go off the rails with the segments where they do the “voices” that go on far too long; however, they eventually get back on the track. I think the segments with Clay and Vanessa are great to I’ll started how they find balance.
The podcast is great. Clay and Chupp are entertaining while being very informative on business issues without the BS.
Our entire family listens to the Thrive time show!! We especially enjoy the light hearted, and usually very humorous comic relief, while discussing real and authentic topics that promote positive leadership based on a firm foundation in Christ! A very purposeful & intentional group of enthusiastic business coaches acclaimed for those listeners who are “built tough enough” to endure the authentic truth and then take action steps toward excellence. Thrive time show is less about talking and more about doing hard things the right way and taking personal action steps toward curing entitlement, short cuts, regrets, and excuses!!! Take a small calculated risk and spend 30 days listening to Clay Clark and his team...there is no doubt you will be destined to THRIVE!!! 😀
This podcast is now a daily ritual in my life. Outside of listening to my Pastor Willie George, TD Jakes and slew of other leaders... The show has had the most Dramatic impacted my life!!! Outside of my coach Robert Redman, the show keeps me going!!! It represents the constant diligent commitment in Striving for excellence!!!
Good show but the extra music tends to get louder than the talking.
First time listener here. Summary Of My 1st Experience: I think that Thrive sounds like a great confrence to go to get started and I think they will give you valuable knowledge. Also they seem to respect that you are a person and that you can't not go to the bathroom all day. I also love that their teaching segments are 45 min. Because people have short attention spans, and you need time to absorb what they are teaching you. Based on that I think it sounds like something I would want to participate in. I didn't love that they "bashed" Tony Robinson. I like Tony and while I understand he might be a great business conference, he does a lot of good in his personal development conferences. It also seemed to get a little advertisy with people who had great expereiences before. However that said I did get a good picture of what to expect when attending.
My degree is in business and I have always thought I knew a lot about business until I started listening to these guys! These guys are full of practical, solid, get your business thriving advice!!
Pay him more money.
Thanks for producing this podcast!! Love it!!
Great podcast. I’ve known Clay Clark for more than 15 years and I can vouch for his character and his enthusiasm to deliver a first class product.
This is a great Podcast with really good, useful information. I also appreciated the question and answer style and the interesting real life stories integrated into the Podcast.
I’ve searched and listened to many different business podcasts. The Thrive time podcast is by far the best when it comes to advice that can actually be understood and applied for the small business owner.
Good info, bad delivery. Too much rambling.
I am always on the look for a great podcast, and I was happy to not have to look far for one that would help me think through my practices as a business ( This show keeps me entertained as I learn simple steps I can take to become a better small business owner. Beyond that, it motivates me to get out there and keep working hard! 10/10 recommend.
This is a fun and informative podcast that is helping me develop as a business owner. 🙌
My sister-in-law told me about the podcast and I’m stoked to listen and learn. Let’s grow.
Thrive strives for excellence in everything they do. Very impressed with the quality and quantity of these podcasts. They keep the show lively and very applicable. I really appreciate the wide verity of content making it easy to find a podcast that relates to the listener’s needs.
Tons of great information. These guys know their stuff. My company has already seen increased growth just implementing a few things they share on their show. I am looking forward to attending the next live event in person. Thank you.
This podcast is incredible. They communicate incredible action steps to grow businesses to the next level. The Thrivetime Show has helped me to take steps to discipline my day and improve my business. I honestly cant get enough. It's like drinking from a firehose.
I have been looking around for a really good podcast to start my day with, and after downloading a ton of duds, this one nails it. Clark definitely gets the mental juices flowing. I’m hooked.
Just starting to listen the podcast. I enjoy the energy and humor, but the knowledge being shared will keep me listening.
Fantastic entertaining content that I’ll be applying to my business! Can’t wait to attend the 2-day seminar!
👍 One of the best.
I’m so looking forward to attending the workshop in Tulsa, OK. I’m sure the information taught there will be beneficial to me growing my business in a major way. The staff at the Thrivetime show have all been exceptional each time I’ve spoken with them. I’m taking a business partner of mine and we are both looking forward to learning a great deal. I highly recommended thrivetime show, if you want to grow your business.
This is by far the most practical business podcast on iTunes. I don’t listen to anything else.
Love listening to this podcast! It’s the best!
Clay has incredible and practical insight for all entrepreneurs, and even any other individual. Always a good laugh to listen to, but more importantly, it gives my trip to work something to look forward to!
There are always practical tips you can implement in your business right away. Clay and Z are hilarious and it keeps you engaged the whole time. My favorite guest is Steve Currington, I love the Get Koalified thing he does with his mortgage company. He’s hilarious too, invite him more. If you are looking for knowledge and good business advice you will be happy with this podcast. Everyone i talk to I make sure to tell about the show.
I start my mornings with this and it really charges me up and gets me going for the day great words for great people BELIEVE IN THE BOOM!!!
This podcast is by far the best business podcast out there. They teach helpful and practice business knowledge you can immediately use to start or grow your business.


By cjdvs
So helpful with my time management and my life! Best podcast ever
I actually used Mr. Clark’s first business service that helped him win his major accolades many years ago. His personality and business acumen was impressive the.ln, and this podcast only further shows the amount of growth & development he and his team have invested over the years. If you have your own business or are looking to stoke the fire to start one up - this is the ABSOLUTE MOST ESSENTIAL thing you can fill your ears/head with! Dr. Z helps keep Clay’s wackiness grounded sometimes and the desire of the ThriveTime team to help others succeeds bleeds between each airwave. A+
Everything I should have learned about business in college they are teaching here
Such a great show, very educational!
This show is fantastic, I love listening in to Clay and Dr Z and learning everything they have to teach!
Clay and Dr Z are the best! I learn so much from these guys and it is incredible to learn about business in the real world and not just in theory.
Doctor Z may be one of the funniest men in America! Every time I listen I learn something new.
I’m super excited to listen to this podcast!
So Good
Jut heard about this - great to see resources like this being available via podcast!
Great podcast! I love Elephant in the Room and Clay is awesome!
Love listening😊👌🏻
Really excited to check this podcast out. Have heard great things!
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