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By bluemc
The sound quality is poor in some of the episodes and I find the music running in the background to be distracting.
It is amazing how Peter can breakdown complex cooking techniques and allow a total klutz like me to make truly outstanding meals. The first dish I did was the Bronzed Salmon with Buerri Blanc Sauce. My family and guests never had salmon as tasty as this. I have also become a subscriber to Peter's Video Cookbook, a great value. Check it out. Bob Rutkas
Beware of the "Food Guru" recipes! He relies primarily on cream, butter and fat to create flavours, and his dishes are hideous adaptations of good recipes. Stay away from this man and his food. He knows nothing about good cooking.
Easy and fun cooking.
I like the variety of food he makes, but he is constantly deep frying and adding cheese, oil and butter to everything! Some healthier recipes would be nice. Also, instead of 1/2 of the podcast being a recipe and 1/2 being a commercial for his cookbook / website, maybe he could spend a little more time on the details of the dishes (like telling us the measurements of ingredients). Great personality and fun to watch, but leaves something to be desired.
While I'm sure that Peter's cooking is better than mine (even though I follow his directions, I'm a horrible cook!), he makes it so simple, uses minimal ingredients, and explains it thourough enough to grasp. For novice cooks, this show is the best. Even if what you make doesn't look as great as what Peter makes, it's very inspiring to see something so simple!
These recipes are very interesting. My only concern is the loads of butter that Chef Peter uses. Overall I think eating this food every day would be not very good for your heart.
These clips are very well edited. The instructions are precise and the Food Guru offers unique cooking tips. Would recommend to anyone.
I really enjoy the Food Guru podcast. An amazing amount of information in just a quick watch and listen. The dishes are flavorful without being overly complex. I've saved most of the podcasts after listening so I can refer to them when I make the dishes. Highly recommended.
Great recipies with excellent presentation. A must for avid cookers!! Thanks for producing this!
Chef does a great job at keeping the show interesting. I like his style and topics.
Chef Peter has every right to call himself a "Food Guru". I only watched the most recent shows and I'm hooked. I am really looking forward to watching the rest!
Chef Peter puts on a great show. He really makes cooking approachable. I really like his topics and presentation.
I'm 12 years old and I love to cook. Now I can take my favourite recipes with me on the go!
I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. I just read his Manly Art of Macho Cookery book and it is the most entertaining cookbook I have ever read, as well as educational!


as stated, real chef and to the point. very professional. great podcast! keep 'em coming!
As stated before, its an actual Chef, each 'Moment' is 1.5 min, simple, to the point, and recipies are on website. I'm hungry now.... I'm going to make a Steak Fajita Pita!
All seem very easy to make. I agree, finally a real chef at work in these clips. Glad to see some fresh ideas out there, tasty, easy and quick to make. Move over Mr. Food