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I was all for Victoria until I reAd the political take down on our president. You got it wrong girl, your age is showing. With the way the world is now virus taking down millions, none stop attacks on the president.and now you do it to. Shame on you. Still Remarkable stories. But to the corner with you Victoria, you got it wrong. You are young. You will see what a great president he really is, even if he acts like unpresidential at times, Trump really does want Us, the USA, to be The greatest free country in the world. Again.
Victoria is everyone’s hero and nightmare at the same time. I like that she’s not the evil one; but gives you the option to be evil through your own choices. I hear you, Victoria- I can’t get enough of you, Victoria- but I never want to see you, Victoria. I wish I could give Victoria a music box full of stars.


By Folk624
If you want to be political, that’s fine, but don’t try to congratulate yourself on your bravery. You aren’t shining a light into the dark and making anyone reflect on anything. The Trump episode was the exact same as every other anti trump screed. There was exactly zero greater truth revealed in that episode. Otherwise it’s a pretty good show and I enjoy it. Looking forward to the episode that takes on the blatant fascist tactics of Antifa!
Why must every good thing be ruined by politics. Major fan until your last episode. It was nice knowing you Victoria.
I listen to this podcast to get away from politics. Don’t appreciate the reference to the president. BTW I’m not a Trump supporter.
Been a fan of this great fictional escape for two years.... then they went and got political. So disappointed
The podcast is showing serious symptoms of “Cracked“ syndrome. The show used to be lighthearted and spooky. But the most recent trump episode is patronizing and shallow. Makes me sad, honestly.
I love that each episode is different, yet this universe is being knitted together as I go through the series. Excited to get to know Victoria as bits and pieces fall into place.
I am new to The Lift but I am totally hooked! I love Victoria and how each story is it’s own! Incredible writing and voice acting! One of my new favorite podcasts! Can’t wait to hear the rest!
I love it when Victoria’s voice comes on, it has an amazing sound creepy but beautiful voice. I would love to hear more from her, or have her tell more stories. Thank you!
If I could give more than 5 stars I would!! My favorite podcast of all time!!
I love these stories I listen to them every chance I get and can’t wait for the new episode
This podcast is amazing. Found it while searching for audio dramas and I feel in love with from the first episode. Please Victoria please don’t visit me I promise I’m a good person. Keep up the amazing work and thank you
I’ve been a huge fan of The Wicked Library and kept hearing of The Lift. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me but finally decided to give it a go and boy am I glad I did!!! I am obsessed and will never doubt a recommendation from my fav podcasts (duh right?). Big thanks to Victoria for brightening my work day with her darkness!
Really wanted to like this because it’s unique but the narrators voice ruins it.
Victoria and her lift not only entertain but keeps you guessing the whole way. The way she gives people the choice to fix what’s going on in their lives or ultimately giving the people who are bad seeds what they truly deserve. Victoria is a mixture of amazingly cute but also frightening but that’s what makes me like her even more. Plus the interactions between her and the librarian are heartwarming and funny. Totally in love with this podcast and can’t wait for more.
Listening to a Podcast seemed extremely boring to me. I always asked why listen to talking when you can just put on music. I am so happy I found The Lift and was proven wrong. I have never been so enthralled with any media. The narrations have a beautiful cadence that makes it easy to place yourself into the story. The stories are attention grabbing and clearly written by talented authors. The quality of this podcast is exceptional. I listen during my 40 minute commute and through more tedious tasks at work in the lab and it makes the day go faster. I’ve been struggling with some personal demons myself and hearing stories about others who are struggle fiction or not has reminded me that even the most seemingly well put together people are dealing with their own struggles, and that we all have difficult choices to face. I sigh a breath of relief whenever Victoria enters the story knowing that she will take care of what needs to be taken care of. Thank you for making such a wonderful engaging podcast. I cannot wait for future episodes.
I love how not all of these episodes are actually scary, and all have kind of sweet endings. I can’t give this podcast enough credit. Just unbelievably interesting and awesome.
The Lift sure has had its ups and downs. Especially when some characters push at those buttons, but this podcast is a high rise above the rest. I’m running out of bad puns so I’m going to leave it with I love the new graphic and Victoria is truly a creepy ... 🤷🏻‍♂️little girl? Maybe? I don’t know how to describe her but she is awesome.
Great podcast, can’t get enough of it. Listened to it completely a couple of times and glad season 4 started. Keep up the good work.


Not at all scary, but weirdly entertaining like tales from the dark side/ twilight zone. Good variety of stories, with a interesting choice to be made, surprising what is chosen at times. I love the fact it’s innocently poignant, no shock gore needed. Keeps your attention.
I love the variety but I am not a fan of one of the narrators so I skip the episodes she does.
My job can get pretty boring running around doing the same thing everyday, but as soon as I found your podcast it made working very entertaining! Thank you and keep going strong!
Victoria is a wonderful old soul that is the perfect guide in these perfectly told stories. Stories are well written and produced. I hope to take a ride on her lift one day... or maybe not.
This podcast is wonderful! It’s hard to find something to listen to that’s this interesting. It’s spine tingling and keeps you listening!
I am a new beginner to this show and still trying g to catch up on past seasons! BUT I have to say....I’m hooked! My only regret is wishing episodes were longer! Keep up the great makes you think about how your current life choices always effects you later down the road....I don’t want to meet Victoria any time soon 😳
This is so good and creepy! I also really enjoy that all the stories are in the same world.
I love this show. I would say it’s a combination of The Twilight Zone and Touched by an Angel. Victoria’s voice is so angelic and demonic at the same time. I’m hooked. This is my binge
Between the writer's and the actors you'll find this podcast both creppy and wonderfully scary.
Love the show and especially mischievous Victoria. Constantly craving more backstory for both her and the mysterious building.
Just heard about this podcast last week and I'm halfway through it! Love Miss Victoria and her lift. Hope the podcast continues!
Love this podcast! Great stories about morality and great voice acting! Highly recommend this to any and everyone!
This is my second time listening through to all the stories. The first time Victoria was malicious to me. But this time... the story of Misses Susie.... The Posies Velvet, it was heart wrenching and made me see a whole different side of Victoria. My favorite story by far. Love this podcast.


Sorry Victoria I wish I could you more then 5 gold stars. Thank you putting the time and effort into creating a great podcast.
The child’s spooky voice is perfect complement to the stories, not quite horror but something much better. This podcast is a delicious find.
This is one of the best horror shows that I have ever listened to. The characters are unforgettable, the narration is impeccable and the stories joggle your imagination. The elements of the show harmonize together like Victoria and her music box to create a compelling story. When I walk through one of my city’s old parks, I imagine that building showing up waiting to weave my story.


I love these fables. They’re the perfect combination of creepy and thoughtful. I’m never disappointed! I love Victoria and I love that she is capable of mercy when it’s called for. Thank you for these great tales!!
Wasn’t sure in the beginning, but so glad I stuck with it!
To the team that makes this great audio drama, I love it and recommend it to all my friends. To Victoria, stay sweet and charming! You’ll definitely get the job done.
Just started with this one and my god is it good. The writers are just awesome... like I am in AWE of them. I have chills every time I listen and the emotions the writing draws out of me are impressive. Keep up the great work.
Victoria’s Lift always delivers interesting stories and compelling twists that take you and the story in an unexpected direction.


I was hesitant when I stumbled across Victoria now I’m hooked! I’m binging from E0 forward. I have laughed, cried, and taken a long hard look at my life wondering what floor Victoria would take me to. Can’t get enough of Vicky!!
At the suggestion of John Grilz on the Creepy podcast, I decided to give The Lift a listen and I ADORE it immensely. The different stories tied in to the central theme is great. The story telling actors, the music and the stories themselves are high quality stuff. Thank you for your efforts.
Clever concept, mediocre execution.
I just found this show via the Darkest Night- I love this show all the stories and how some of the authors expand on Victoria’s story. Keep up the good work
I started listening to the related podcast The Wicked Library. I have recently finished binge listening the entire series. Kind of like the Twilight Zone with consequesnces. Victoria is such a sweet character if you are deserving. Watch out if you are a bad person. Everyone is given a choice, it's up to you to choose the correct one. I love this pod cast. The stories are great. The authors are great. Daniel Foytik is a very talented author and narrator.
How is Victoria not on Netflix? Each story is so well written and delivered that I can really visualize them. The Lift would be a fantastic streaming show that I would make a point of watching! Please keep up the great work. As much as I would love to see Victoria Rest In Peace...I never want her to leave.