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I only listened to the finale episode, but it just didn't have enough substance and wasn't smart enough for my taste.
Enjoy this but hosts could be a bit more prepared
While Stephanie is quite bearable, Cliff can't seem to pay enough attention to the Television show to formulate plausable theories and opinions. I started listening to this show around the middle of season 5 and found it quite enjoyable, but in recent months, the quality has spiraled downwards. Sorry guys.
Both are smart and funny, but Stephanie comes across as a b----, making the podcast unlistenable at times. She's overly agressive at times, and I feel bad for homeboy.
It bothers me immensely that these two podcasters are full-time podcasters who charge a fee to receive all of their Lost content, and yet they have one of the most unprofessional and content impaired Lost podcasts around.. I do not believe Cliff Ravenscraft even watches Lost as he is so clueless about so many details of the show (or has simply forgotten the details). The endless bickering, self-aggrandizing, and pontificating are nearly unbearable. I like to listen to all the Lost podcasts just to get different ideas and perspectives, but this one really lost all credibility with me when Cliff Ravenscraft said recent premiere of “Fringe” was as good as even the best episode of Lost, and that the first hour of the three part finale of Lost’s fourth season was something along the lines of horrible, terrible and a waste of time. Good gawd!!!!
Someone needs to give ol' Steph "Hooked on Phonics".
LOOVE this couple and how they break down LOST. I agree TOTALLY with them about their analysis and opinions on Dr. Linus - thanks for saying it!!!
I enjoy this podcast, much better than some of the "other(s)" popular ones.
Along with much of the criticism that has already been posted, I really feel like the argumentative/defensive nature of Stephanie really forces me away from this podcast. Often, Cliff will present a point about the show and Stephanie will somehow turn it into a personal issue between the two of them. If you want to hear this kind of bickering, by all means, give it a try. They do have a tendency to present a lot of good content about the show, but these concerns have just become a little too much for me. After listening to about 6 episodes now, I have to drop it.
There are soooo many Lost podcasts out there. This is one of the better ones. The quality is excellent. The one drawback is that only a select amount of the podcasts are free.
I respect that the Ravenscrafts are trying to earn a living but I love podcasts because they are free and entertaining. I'll stick to the free episodes if I can, but I'll get my weekly fix with The Transmission, Jay and Jack and some of the other fine podcasters out there.
I love this podcast cliff and stephanie together are great. I dont know where some of these negative comments come from but keep up the great work.
During the season this is an OK LOST podcast. Cliff is good, but his wife has an attitude and can be quite annoying. She often acts like the plot is too much for her to process. Maybe don't podcast about it then?? Now, the worst part, with no new episodes they are going back and playing highlights from the past. Not of LOST, but of THEIR OWN SHOW! How much do we not care about this? How self absorbed are they? These are not real celebs or are even that interesting that we need to be listening to outdated clips of their show. This is like being forced to look at old photos of someone elses family vacation. I will be turning this show loose.
I stopped listening to the flash back 5 minutes in. First, it was tough listening to the quality of your show go down so far from where it is now with all the echo etc... And I think I would rather hear your perspective looking back in the series from your perspective today rather than years back. Just wanted to leave that, just my opinion. Thanks Dallas
I'll start with the positive. I think Cliff has a nice "radio" voice. The hosts seem to actually WATCH the show and have a pretty good sense of what's going on. Now the negative. I HATE the way Cliff speaks to his wife Stephanie! Anytime she has a thought or idea, it's clear he's either not listening to her, cutting her off, or putting her down - no matter how good or bad her theory. Yet if he has a crazy theory and she points out a flaw in his thinking, he blows her off. As a listener, it makes me uncomfortable to listen to this, especially since he always masks his put downs in "kindness" or says he's just teasing her. And there's no sense in paying for their "extended" podcast, or whatever it is they're trying to sell on every episode. There are tons of great Lost podcasts out there that are completely free and don't try to get their listeners to buy their product. I found this one through the Lost Podcasting Network, which is great for finding new podcasts. The only reason I didn't give it lower than a 3 is because I have found some others that are even worse! Best in my opinion is the Transmission, followed closely by Jay and Jack. Both feature co-hosts who often have differing opinions/ideas/theories, and never do I feel like one is talking down to the other.
I subscribed faithfully, putting up with the filler to get to the good content, and enjoying Cliff's excitement and enthusiasm, until they stopped offering the podcast as a free subscription. I've since found other LOST podcasts to fill my need. I'm not interested in paying for this couple's living expenses so they can watch and talk about TV. Very sad - it was well worth it as a free feed!
just to let you know, I am unsubsribing to the free feed - annoying banter, need to read emails before stumbling though them on air
I enjoy this podcast, but I don't find the hosts as knowledgable as the hosts of The Transmission, which is a free podcast, so why would I pay for this one? There are simply so many lost podcasts out there that I feel no need to pay for this one, but I will continue to download the free ones as they are mildly entertaining.
great show by people who actually care about what they're doing. it's a podcast i don't ever skip through(as i do others) just to get to the good parts.
I've listened to their podcast for the past couple of years. Now they've decided to charge for their content. Their latest podcast said they're only going to release the weekly podcast once per month for free. If you want to listen to the other episodes, you'll need to pay for a month "plus" membership. There are other Lost podcasts that are still free and that's what I'm going to listen to from now on.
This "free feed" has become just one big advertisement for the GSPN paid product line. Although this podcast once showed some potential to become one of the best, the defensive explanations of their business model and pleas to "join the community" are a real turn off. It feels like Cliff is building a cult rather than a community. Not worth my time anymore considering the excellent competition - The Transmission, Jay and Jack, The Dharmalars, Lost Mystery Podcast, Dharma Dummies, and many others offer great insights into the show and do not hit you over the head with constant requests for money. Sorry Cliff and Stephanie. As far as I'm concerned, you've jumped the shark and gone over to the dark side.
I can't imagine why anyone would pay to hear more of this. Boring, boring, boring. Half of the show is spent plugging their subscription based shows. There is a high production value here, but the discussions aren't very interesting at all. Also, Stephanie is the most annoying Lost podcaster out there. There are plenty of Lost podcasts with better discussions and just as high production value. I delete this one as soon as it comes through the Lost Network feed.
I’ll give Cliff credit for putting out a technically competent production on a weekly basis; it is one of the better sounding podcasts that one could ever hope for. Unfortunately, the expertise in recording isn’t mirrored in their knowledge of the subject of the show, the ABC program Lost. While offering their own take on Lost, Cliff and Stephanie fail to add much insight for an avid fan. While it can be simply uninteresting when a show’s moderators can not introduce any compelling theories or insightful speculation about a program as rich as Lost, it is often frustratingly painful when the host either can’t remember or doesn’t understand the plot points or history of the show, then espouses theories based on these misinterpretations. For a fan of the show, it is often a waste of time. If you are satisfied with having some nice people talk to you over you computer or ipod speakers, and like the hosts you also are a casual viewer of Lost, then this podcast may be right up your alley. If however, you want a more in depth and critical discussion that may further your own insight into Lost, keep looking.
Amiable hosts. Fun listen. I just got tired of the "Premium" format pushing. Every other episode is free, but then you have to pay for the others. No thanks. I was a loyal listener, but tired of the sales pitches and I don't want a show where I only get every other episode. Especially when the new season starts.. Thousands of other podcasts out there that ARE free.
I got very ill in October of 2005. My brother gave me an I-Pod that following Christmas. One day while searching around for Lost Podcasts, I found Cliff and Stephanies' show. It brought me a laugh that I had not had in a while. I am now part of the GSPN Community and have most of their programs downloaded. I highly recommend this community, (family). It is all good folk!! Thank-you Cliff and Stephanie!!
terffic content and fantastic hosts. Love to listen to their review of the show each week and enjoy Cliff and Stephanie letting us into their lives to share their love of LOST.
In my search for more Lost discussion I found this podcast. Lost is a phenomenal show that usually yields excellent conversation. To truly discuss Lost you need to delve into philosophy, physics and religion, among other things. This podcast doesn't ever go anywhere near the intellectual side of the show. Everything Stephanie discusses on the show is only what is on the surface. It becomes clear that her perception of the show is quite shallow and the discussion seldom rises above what one may talk about when commenting on an episode of Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty. Shallow discussion is fine, except Lost is a much deeper show. The whole fact that she hates the character of Locke shows this. The character is fascinating because of his flaws and his actions drive the show forward. He is clearly intrinsic to the plot and his flawed personality reflects the personality of island itself or even the show itself. To simply say "he's an idiot" is to totally miss the point. The fact that Lost is full of very real and flawed characters is part of what makes the show great. Unfortunately, she will read this review and not have any idea of what I'm talking about, which will prove my point. Her husband, Cliff, doesn't do much better. You sometimes think maybe he isn't the dullard that he comes off as except he is so intimidated by Stephanie that he is afraid to do much more than make stupid jokes. I know they will probably take offense to this review, but this review is not for them. This review is for individuals that may be looking for Lost podcasts to listen to. Surely, they have their fans that will give them 5 stars, but personally I do not understand what anyone would see in this podcast. So my recommendation is to not listen to this podcast for your Lost fix. There is so much more to talk about when you look at this show that GSPN just does not ever get into.
I have listend to ALOT of lost podcasts and this is by far the best. Cliff and Stephanie have the same questions as the rest of us and try to give us the best insight they can on what is going on! Been listening for about a year and a half and are consistently awsome!!!
I go by debrajohnson in the chatroom, I just love this podcast! I love LOST!!!
I really enjoyed Cliff & Stephanie when they first started this podcast and every so often I think I should give them another shot, but I just can't listen to them anymore. I feel that they are very self-promoting and have very elevated opinions of themselves and their "Christian" opinions. Most of the Lost content they share on the show comes from Lostpedia, so I don't think that they are providing anything original besides their inside jokes and promoting all of their other podcasts and asking for money. I'll stick with Jay and Jack.
Cliff and Stephanie provide a bit more of a casual viewer perspective on LOST. I love the initial reaction because I can listen to it the next morning on my way into work. They provide a great balance because when Cliff goes off on a crazy theory, Steph puts him right back in his place. Lots of great LOST info in each podcast.
First let me say that I enjoy LOST and look forward to hearing observations and comments from others who enjoy it as well. This is what led me to the gspn. A year or two ago I found it fresh and couldn't wait to download it each week. But within the last several months I've found Cliff to more then a little annoying, with the repetitive comments ("no doubt", "moving right along", etc...) and is lack of paying attention when others, especially his wife, is expressing themselves; being more ocupied with the chatroom then being a host of his podcast. I love Stephanie's insights and find that she is almost always on point, which is why I still listen. I do enjoy the friendly banter and don't mind at all the references to their family. But I wished Cliff would remember that this is about LOST and not about HIM.
This podcast does a really good job of discussing LOST theories and ideas at a fan-friendly level; however, there are times when it goes a bit deeper into the mythology and symbolism that the more devout LOST fans will enjoy. Cliff and Stephanie do a great job of bouncing ideas off of each other which inspires some witty banter. Keep up the good work.
This has been a good podcast. Cliff and Steph have brought Christian insight to their analysis of Lost. Unfortunately, they have decided to make their initial reaction podcast only available to those willing to pay. I won't be subscribing. There are many deeper Lost podcasts out there that are still free.
This is cool... also checkout Looking Glass Podcast on the iTunes library by ELA... it's great
I love podcasts and Lost. I used to really love this one, but I just have to comment on the most recent episode. Cliff does a great job with production, but the content is sometimes lacking and at times culturally insensitive. Their comments about "the ghetto" in reference to what they have since described as an "African-American neighborhood" in last season's finale really rubbed me the wrong way. More recently, however, they immediately assumed connections with Michael and Walt because they see pictures of a "black boy" in the older lady's house. This was a bit unsettling. Coupled with their missing some pretty obvious stuff (Sam Thomas confused with Danield Farraday, for example) often prompts me to tune out pretty quickly. This is, again, disappointing because their early episodes were spot on. Maybe more attention to the details of the show instead of the creation of so many podcasts might help. No one provides the breadth of coverage like these guys, but sometimes the quality suffers. I'll keep listening, and suggest you do as well, but there are some better alternatives.
I am a HUGE Lost fan, I watch an episode everyday. I download many Podcasts on this wonderful show, and this is the best one. It is so nice to known that I will get a new podcast every week, each with important material. Cliff gives us a great insight into all angles of LOST. My favorite podcast, A++++++
I've been listening for over a year now. It's great to hear the excitement and passion that both of them have for Lost. I hope that Lost returns with a bang!
Able to make shows even during the hiatus & writer's strike. Husband & Wife team have great insites & commentary. Show is best when Lost is on TV. Often shows are done live via talkshoe so if you can be live with them, it's even better!!!
I love the format of the show. Cliff is dedicated and keeps the show moving but Stephanie, she is over the top! She sounds annoyed all the time, she stumbles over every word with more than 2 syllables when she reads, and she takes the "Character Analysis" of Michael a little too personally. Get rid of Stepnahie and my rating goes up to 4 stars.
At, Cliff and Stephanie have pulled together a true community of Lost fanatics. Cliff is one of the most interactive and fan friendly podcasters I've run across.


as a one-season listener, I can't get enough. Only downside is I often find the first part of my week (sun thru tues) dull and unsatisfactory because I am gspn-Lost-less.
Even though I still listen to this podcast I am finding it to be harder and harder to listen to. I think that Cliff does a great job consistently but I find his co-host/wife to be a continuous wet blanket on the show. Her sometimes fowl/know it all attitude can put a damper on the show. She is frequently negative and sounds uninterested most of the time. When talking about show reveals she frequently claims "I knew that already" or something to that affect. I find her tiresome and I fast forward through her comments. She rambles off on tangents about her kids or other things I imagine listeners really do not care about. If this is a Lost podcast, advertise it as such. If not then make that clear in the title. Maybe if Stephanie stuck to her own Grey's podcast and left Cliff to handle Lost on its own, I wouldn't have to fast forward through most of the podcast. Stephanie either make an effort or just sit there and listen, you are ruining my podcast experience.
This podcast started off fine and then took a nose dive into a pit of nonsense. The hosts have certainly improved the show. They still do a lot of arguing and bickering that can border on the inane or obnoxious sometimes but the content of the show has certainly improved. IMO the general impressions show done right after each episode airs is unimportant fodder that seems wholly unnecessary to me. The opinions on this particular show seem like careless throwaway opinions that aren't well thought out. I understand that it is simply a general impression of the episode they've just seen but Lost is a deeply complex show that deserves so much more than that. The live podcast show done on Fridays is worth listening to.


By bpf63
showed promise initially, but unfortunately the longer you listen the more intellectually challenged this podcast becomes.
I love it. The live shows are fun.
The husband and wife team are "sweet" for about 3 casts then their "married couple" jokes, which cause far too much laughter, get annoying. They tend to drift away from LOST and ramble about other things (their kids, his crazy life, how annoying he is etc.). Mr GSLP keeps cutting Mrs GSLP off in mid flow which must drive her nuts. On the positive side they do have some interesting insights.