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The fact that it is Joe Pug, a gigantic talent in his own right, interviewing other fantastic songwriters lends unfathomable credence to this podcast. Joe is doing a tremendous service to songwriters everywhere: young and old, road-worn and wet-behind-the-ears.
Joe has a way with his words and knows the art of interviewing that makes this podcast so enjoyable. Poetic, insightful, inspiring etc... A great listen and very well done
I look forward to this podcast every month hearing from a range of voices working as songwriters today.
love the music and songwriting centered conversation.
Really amazing conversation
This podcast is one that lifts me. To be a song writer/poet/artist is to internalize, analyze, and then express them through their passion. This podcast achieves that. It’s designed to feature the art of songwriting, and, in doing so, has become art itself.
Joe is a very passionate and well researched interviewer!!!
I’ve only recently discovered this podcast series and am so excited to dig in to all the interviews (recently having an unprecedented amount of down time). Just listened to Anais Mitchell from 2016 (which was great!) and hearing her talk about going into the initial off-broadway workshopping of Hadestown. I kept thinking “whoa, you have no idea how this is gonna turn out!! Just wait!!!😁. It was inspiring. We never really know, we just gotta keep creating and moving forward❤️
Really interesting guests and, more importantly, always intriguing point of view. I’m a big fan of Joe Pug and he brings the same insight that makes his songwriting so intimate to this podcast series. I haven’t found a bad episode yet!
I love learning about process and mindset and Joe nails this on the head!
My brother and I recently rented a house near Ithaca to write and record songs for our band Cabin Dogs. We found ourselves listening to Joe and the Working Songwriter religiously with each meal. A great ironclad excuse to avoid writing but somehow it inspired us to work harder. Go figure. Thanks Joe for creating a perfect podcast.
Love everything about this podcast. Subscribe!
Live every episode ! I do feel compelled to say after the Fruit Bats episode that I did find lots of arts and culture being from and living in rural Nebraska 😉😂
Huge fan! Thanks for the insight and entertainment 🙏
This show's great, funny, odd as hell. Big Fan.
I really like this podcast. I’ve listened to about three episodes, and there is a good blend of “Road dog“ stories, and discussion about each artists progress in becoming an artist. If I had one recommendation, I would request a little more discussion about the actual song writing process. Also, It would be interesting to hear from some hip-hop artists. I wrote that paragraph over a year ago. Since then, I have listened to every episode and now I’m restarting them. So good.
Highly recommended podcast about songwriting by a working songwriter. Joe has the insight to ask the right questions that only comes from mileage and perseverance. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by these conversations in my own songwriting efforts. And I’ve learned about several artists I didn’t know about before. Check it out.
I’m binge listening to Joe. Love the interviews. I’m learning a lot. I’m just getting launched and it’s really helpful info. Also Joe is a brilliant songwriter himself. He makes beautiful music. Talk about somebody who really gets his genre in the deepest most fabulous depth. Thank you for the work Joe.
Joe is a masterful interviewer. He takes sincere interest in his guests and puts a lot of time into the production of each episode. He stays true to his mission of “going deep” on the inspiration and process of songwriting. My favorite component of each program is when Joe shares a fitting poem or personal thought on a particular theme. Set against the melody of the solo piano, I have been moved to tears by these poignant insights. If I only had a sentence, this podcast is: kitchen table talk with my grandpa, flying over Chicago at night, and a cigarette after a hard therapy session.
Solid podcast
Such a delight to listen to his line of questioning. As a writer and musician himself, he comes from this place of knowing and asks amazing questions that I’d never think to ask. Thank you, Joe, for putting in the time to share pieces of the stories of some very talented folks. Looking forward to hearing your own stuff, too! Keep up the good work.
Really enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to so far. A true primer for any one who wishes to grow their craft. Favorites include Amanda Palmer and Elizabeth Cook.
One of my favorite podcasts. Joe creates an environment that encourages meaningful and insightful conversations with artists about their craft, their career and their lives in the music business. Keep up the great work, Joe!
One of my favorite podcasts! I love Joe’s interludes and stories and musings on each artist as well.
I can’t get enough of this podcast, just like the opening sequence says, it’s an iron clad excuse to put off actually writing! The stories and insight have been invaluable to me on my journey as a working songwriter, I can’t recommend this show enough, thanks Joe!
This is my favorite podcast.... the conversations are real and open. Thank you to Joe and also to the guests that come on to share their stories.
As a songwriter and fan I can’t get enough of meaningful conversation about songwriting. The Working Songwriter is my favorite music related podcast. I am always looking forward to the next episode.
Joe created something that was desperately needed (and i listen to this podcast DAILY). In sharing the experiences of new talent and old, he’s shedding light on how we need to operate as actors in the music business. I can’t thank him enough for this awesome content and definitely catching him the next time he rolls through NYC!
New favorite episode. Inspiring conversation. Also enjoyed the new quarter note triplet motif on the wurli during the intermission.
I always want a little snippet of the music by the artist that you interview.
A quality conversation about songwriting and the music business each episode.
Joe is fun, witty, and engaging. He talks to his guests on a personal level about being a performer, music fan and personal life. If you like to learn about "behind the scenes" of music or just like interesting people talking then this is for you.
Really enjoying these. Nice to get an inside look and to get to know the artists.
Overarching them of my review: I love this podcast. I was initially drawn to the podcast because I knew joes music but I’ve really enjoyed learning about the new artists. There have been many times where I had heard about the guest but hadn’t gotten into their music much. However, after listening to their story and motivation behind specific songs or albums I’ll go listen and just love it. If you got on my Spotify and looked up the logs of what I’ve listened to over the last year or so, you’d see it’s peppered with the working songwriter guests. Only suggestion would be to get more into the musical aspects of writing and musicianship. There’s a lot of talk about background and lyrics but not much about composing the music. Anyways, keep it up. I always get excited when I see there’s a new working songwriter episode.
Joe filled a nice void in the podcast landscape with this thoughtful, informative, and entertaining show. Thanks Joe please continue.
Joe Pug is a natural interviewer and entertaining conversationalist. I always enjoy where he takes the conversation with his always entertaining guests. You will get lots about the life and times of a working songwriter. My only misgiving is that I have yet to hear anything about actual song craft: lyrics, harmony and chord choices, instrumentation, etc. That was what I hoped he meant by “Go deep” in the podcast intro. But I keep listening because it’s always an interesting interview. Keep it up, Joe!
Everything - the music, the interviews, the narration. Very beautifully done and interesting. Please interview Sufjan Stevens and John K. Samson!
Absolutely love the program. Keep it up Joe. Two reasons I give 4 stars are, the gender ratio being so disproportionate. As I count there are 43 interviews to date and only 8.5 including women identifying folks (the .5 represents Emily Frantz one half of Mandolin Orange), and secondly the genre diversity being pretty slim. Some female artists I’d personally love to hear you interview... Carrie Newcomer Black Belt Eagle Scout Ivy Sole Tierra Whack Lake Street Dive Maggie Rogers Buffy Sainte-Marie
As someone who’s a writer and poet and songwriter and whose band just split up, the stories Pug tells have been lifting me up and making me push on in music and writing. Love the historical asides and poetry as well. Thanks joe! And pleasure meeting you those few times. Cheers.
Joe Pug has created a great wealth of information about working in the trenches as a recording and touring artist. Some of the guests are among my favorite Americana artists. The big bonus is that I’ve learned a ton from the interviews with songwriters I’d never heard of before, not to mention I’ve been turned on to tons of great albums I may have otherwise never head.
Best podcast for songwriters period. Joe is always a pleasure to listen to and has great rapport with the guests, there’s a constant stream of helpful songwriting nuggets, and even a bit of history and poetry sometimes. Highly recommend.
I absolutely love this podcast. I found it while looking through related podcasts on another podcast and haven’t stopped listening to it since. I’ve learned a lot as a song writer and as a musician in general. Great job Joe.
After enjoying listening to most of Joe's Podcasts, I feel obligated to at least write a review in support. I highly recommend his podcast. Keep up the great work!
Joe, Sorry it’s taken since the 1st Joe Ely interview to give a shout. This is a fantastic music information center on some of the best writers and artists in today’s music scenes. It’s a very informative show even for the small time working musician. So much of the information talked about with the artists is of major help to any recording artist or part time faker. Thanks Joe for putting in the time to piece together a great show.
Talking about music is like dancing about architecture, as Steve Martin famously said. If that’s the case, Joe is a ballerina. Great guests, and some of the best interviews I’ve ever heard on the craft of songwriting.
Deep insight, sensibility, craftsmanship and humor from road tested veterans and the fantastic interview prowess of Joe Pug makes this one of my faves. Like others, I only wish there were more...


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I look forward to seeing a new working songwriter! Only wish there were more, keep up the good work, Thank you
Wonderfully produced! There is always an inspirational take-away for me! Thanks Joe!
This podcast is a valuable tool and resource for all creatives. Thanks, Joe. Keep it up!