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I fell in love with all things Irish when I traveled alone many years ago. Since then I have been seeking out Irish story telling forever. This is the best podcast I found so far. When I listen to their stories, I feel like I am right there in the room with the narrator.
I stumbled across this podcast and am grateful I did. Amazing in everyway. The sound could be a little clearer in some and the volume can be quiet low but that aside it's a wonderful way to relax and open my mind.
This podcast is wonderful. My commute flies by every day because I have all of these amazing stories to listen to. It's like having a carpool full of interesting and fascinating people. There is something for every one here.
I love this podcast, someone else compared it to the Irish version of An American Life, I agree. There is a wide variety of stories and people that you get to meet. I am sorry to say that I have caught up with the series and now must wait for new downloads. Great way to spend my time in traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Thanks for sharing these on iTunes
Loved this episode. The narrator/producer is a close friend of mine but all biases aside I think it was very instructive to learn just how different childbirth experiences can be depending on where you live. Its a stern warning for anyone who thinks the government should have no role in healthcare.
This is one of the most interesting and unbiased media documentary series I have ever listened to. The subjects are vastly different and always presented in an nonjudgemental fashion. If you are interested in a better understanding of your Irish heritage, this is truly worth the time. And, since my late mother was from Leitrim, I love the sounds of the voices. Great podcast!
This is the best podcast I've heard so far. I love the different narrators and the stories are intriguing and touching. It feels like Ireland's version of, "This American Life".
This has become a very personal joy for me. Not polished, sometimes the audio is frustratingly low. But the people and stories are sometimes powerful and always very real. Actually when "production" appears it takes away for me. It's certainly not "This American Life" - thankfully. Highlights for me are the "Drugs, liver.." etc. episode about a '60s band in the mode of the commitments.
I stumbled across this podcast site accidently and now I am a devoted listener.Each podcast is different but everyone has been riveting. "Soul wings" and the "The Orphans That Never Were" have not left my mind. For anyone who loves listening to real people tell wonderful stories of their lives and local history, I highly recommend Documentary On One.
If the intent of these documentaries is to appear as audio verite', they miss the mark. There is virtually no editing apparent in any of these podcasts, not to mention the extremely poor audio quality. "House of Song" is especially poor, and appears to be nothing more than raw interviews thrown together, completely masking the music that is at the very heart of the story. RTE' is certainly capable of fine writing and audio production, and should recall these podcasts immediately.