Reviews For TGIM - The Essential Podcast for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

I would have preferred longer and more thoughtful segments with the best guests.
Entertaining to listen to in the background, but feels over produced with multiple narrators and sparse sound bytes from reputable guests.
Game changer.
Love it! Perfect for entrepreneurs on the go! We are busy and still need to keep studying business so this is the perfect way, ViA Podcast 👍🏽
Awesome concept of a podcast. Very simple yet powerful conversation to apply to ever day life. I listen to a lot of podcasts ever day and this one immediately grabbed my attention and held it. Keep up the good work!! Great sound quality by the way. 👍🏻
Love this podcast. Started listening when I opened my Shopify website. Great content. Thoroughly enjoy each one and save to listen to again and again. Please keep'm coming : >.
Amazing quality show. My only complaint is I have to wait two weeks for the next one. If you listen to it you'll know why it takes two weeks though - very high production value. A lot goes into them. they're filled with great advice and actionable tasks for the entrepreneur. Thanks Shopify, keep’em coming!
This podcast has proven to be a gem. As the owner of Covert Intervention Games (a start up game company), I have found this podcast is a great mix of practical advice, insights from the pros, and inspiration which is value added for entreprenuers with limited time. Definitely subscribe if you want to listen to something which adds value to your business and your day.
Really enjoy listening. The material is engaging and relevant, and I always come away having learned something new.
I listen to dozens of business and entrepreneur related podcasts and this is one of the few that feels refreshing, great information and awesome interviews too.
This podcast is very well narrated! Love the documentary style editing!!! Maybe consider doing a video podcast of this in the future? Keep up the great work!!!
Great Show
I just feel this podcast bounces around too much and there are almost too many voices and noises. While I like a lot of the content, it's just hard to follow at times.
Despite that the title was stolen from motivational speaker/entrepreneur Eric Thomas, there is a lot of good information in this podcast. Giving people the raw truth will always equate to success. Keep providing real and motivational stories and I'll keep listening!
I was hooked after the first episode! Great advice and stories
Love hearing about ways to improve my entrepreneurial ability!
This is awesome! Stumbled on it because of a snow day this morning and I'm hooked!
Love this business podcast as it deals with contemporary and non-theoretical business concepts; it is commensurate with a Harvard Business School case study but real and so entertaining too! Thank you!
First of all, I love listening to podcasts. So when I received an email from Shopify about some podcast coming out, I was naturally ecstatic! After listening to episode 1, I’m hooked! Great stuff. Can’t wait till episode 2. Keep up the good work!!!
Best podcast ever. Thank you!!!!
Well produced stories of people trying to fly in today's business world. Anything goes.