Reviews For Foot Traffic Podcast (Formerly She's Building Her Empire)

What a practical and brilliant mind, broadcasting here. I just listened to the episode about why we think we need to be doing better, and why we have shame around asking for help. Like all over. Brilliant. Worth a position in the listen list even if you keep a short list.
I heard Stacy on another podcast and have been a big fan since. The topics and Stacy’s personable and professional style really resonates with me.
I was introduced to this podcast by a friend, and let me just say I was hooked from the start. The information Stacy shares goes deep, she is an open book, sharing all of her processes. I truly love her teaching style and can’t wait for more episodes. Thank you for delivering such amazing content.
Amazing content and information! I started following When she was only in the on line space and learned a ton there. I am so excited for this podcast and her new programs!
Finally a podcast/coach focusing on folks with brick and mortar businesses! Love Stacy’s biz expertise that she shares on the podcast. Lots of good nuggets that can have big impact!!! So glad to have found Stacy and this podcast!
Excellent conversation between 2 rock star family members that are doing it right! Thank you both Stacy and her sister Jamie for sharing it all for those of us contemplating this in our businesses. Lots of great stuff to ponder!
Great podcast where she gets right into the meat with actionable tips, questions, tasks. She’s quick and personable and offers straight shooting business advice through her own experiences. Love this!
I was thrilled to discover Stacy’s podcast! I’ve been looking for a business coach with real world experience, but who can also speak my language and help me to know what my next steps should be in my business. Stacy is so knowledgeable and yet approachable. Her podcast is now in my regular rotation of business podcasts! Foot Traffic is a must-listen for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business.
As a social media marketer, I adore Stacy. She always provides high-quality AND actionable content across all mediums - podcast, Insta, her offers, etc.
Stacy has so much knowledge, not just about dance studios (my market) but just business in general - whether brick and mortar or online spaces. She speaks in a way that is easy to listen to and relatable. I have learned so much from her and look forward to continue following all she has to offer!
I have been listening since the very first episode! Learning about how to use google calendar and tasks has changed my life and my business! The content on employee hiring, organizing, putting systems in place, social media and go to apps (I could go on), not to mention my waterproof speaker, and audible app, have inspired a whole new morning routine. I am amazed at how productive I can be when my day begins with a little ‘reading’ through a speaker. Thank you for sharing your journey, tips, tricks and knowledge!
I have been glued to this podcast from She's Building Her Empire! Now that it has changed to Foot Traffic, I am even more excited! I love Stacy and all of the valuable information she sares. As a fellow dance studio owner, I trust the advice she gives and admire the success that Stacy has achieved. She inspires me to do better and be better at my business. If you need motivation, inspiration and knowledge, this is the place for you :)
I have been listening for a few months now and this has been so valuable to me and my business! Stacy is so motivational and keeps me thinking of new ideas to bring to my business. I am so lucky to have found this podcast and I am excited for the changes she’s bringing.
This podcast is one of the best I’ve found! I’m incredibly picky about who I listen to because as a business owner, I don’t have a lot of time. If you love Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, or Jenna Kutcher, you will LOVE this podcast.
Omg Stacy is so awesome and brave to change her direction. I have been following Stacy even though I don’t have an Online business, I love her podcast. I have a brick and mortar studio and now I even love her more...thank you Stacy.
I found out about She’s Building Her Empire only a few weeks ago and wish I had known about it sooner. As someone who is passionate about working with both online and B&M businesses, I truly find value in all of the gems and insight Stacy provides.
Stacy’s energy is contagious! You can feel her enthusiasm in every single word and at the end of the episode, you are ready to conquer your business and implement everything you just learned. Super valuable lessons in each episode.
As a small business owner with both a brick and mortar and an online business, I love that Stacy demonstrates how to build and scale businesses in both spheres. There is A LOT of cross over but also some distinct differences, so I appreciate all of the insight and value that Stacy provides.
I love how down to earth and straight to the point Stacy is. Each podcast has helped me so much in my business and I can’t wait to join one of her programs soon! 😘
Thank you so much for your work to share all this valuable information. I am listening to your podcast every day, and it helps me move forward. I specifically love today's episode. I will try not to be the one you talked about!😄😄
I recently found Stacy through other colleagues in my profession of dance and online marketing. Her energy is contageous and her practical action steps are appreciated. My only complaint is that there is so much value that I oten have to re-listen so I can grasp it all. LOVE IT!
I’ve been following this podcast for a few years. I have a ‘brick and mortar’ and my inspiration started with google calendar and tasks! Stacy has an awesome business mind and provides tips and tricks, as well as insights that can be used by every entrepreneur. She is helping women balance their family life and business dreams like no other. She understands the virtual world, shares technology tips and stresses the importance of educational investment in yourself, as well as the benefits of personal time; alone, with your spouse and with family. I have spent the last 6 years transforming my business, focused on personal development and discovering there is so much more enjoyment in business when you have the money to hire, the know how to hire the right ones, and the time to give yourself a break and rejuvenate! Thanks for rescuing me, Stacy!
Stacy shares her knowledge in a very easy format that makes you believe that you can do it too. She is the queen of getting what she wants in business and we can all learn more about that!
I found out about Stacy via Britt Seva and I'm OBSESSED! I love how short most of the episodes are and how much contect Stacy puts out. I love learning and I'm so happy that I found Stacy!
Every single episode of She's Building her Empire inspires me! If I am feeling like I need a kick in the pants or just a little nudge, Stacy Tuschl is my go to girl!
I love Stacy’s podcast! As a fellow female entrepreneur who owns and brick and mortar and developing my online business, I finally feel like I’ve found someone that speaks to what I do. She brings on great guests speakers and her tips are so helpful when trying to work with a busy schedule. I look forward to this every week!
I have been listening for about 2 weeks every morning and I’m loving all advice on how to build a successful business. This mornings was perfect for where I’m at right now goal setting start small and also have big goals. Don’t try and tackle the big goals work towards them.
I've been following Stacy for over a year now. I looooooooooooove her 'way' of doing business and don't miss a single episode of her She's Building Her Empire podcast. Smart info, delivered with heart! Thank you! Judy
I am a long-time listener of Stacy’s podcast and back when I heard my first episode, I immediately made it a priority to binge listen! Fast forward to over a year later and SBHE is still my top pick and fave choice for business podcasts. Thanks Stacy for delivering so much value and keeping me inspired. 💜
I am so happy to follow Stacy. I love her podcast. They are so helpful and inspiring. She is really easy to listen too. Fun hearing another WI girl! Great content!
I’m currently binging this podcast. The biz tips are so helpful, filled with easy action steps - and best of all, from the POV of a mom who is balancing it all!!!!!
I love love love Stacy’s podcast! She is so great to listen to and always has amazing tips to share. She brings on the best guests too that talk about the hot topics that we all want to hear about - mindset, productivity, marketing, social media, and course creation. If you’re not listening to this podcast you really are missing out! And I can’t wait to attend the live event in May, super excited!
Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for years and ready to up level, Stacy is your girl! She explains everything in an applicable way and makes the difficult or overwhelming really simple. I highly recommend listening to as many as you can. Such great info!!
I love listening to Stacy, she is motivating and inspiring. As a woman business owner it is very hard to manage family and a career. I like the fact that she can do both 100% and be successful. I want to do that, and she has the keys to make that happen! Thank you, Stacy
I love listening in the morning while I get ready. Stacy gives me the motivation and inspiration to do and be who I aspire to be throughout the day. The tips and ideas she discusses push me out of my comfort zone and energize me to take the next step.
I recently found Stacy Tuschl and I'm so glad that I did. Stacy provides valuable and practical information in each episode. If you're a female entrepreneur you need to be listening to this podcast. Learning from experts is a great way to grow your biz and Stacy Tuschl is killing it! Love the podcast, love the information. Thanks so much Stacy!
This podcast is truly amazing and I love how Stacy doesn’t hold back! She truly shares from the heart and wants to help people succeed. She gives truly amazing advice and is so authentic in what she shares. I listen to her podcasts multiple times because they’re full of so much. Pull out a notebook because you will want to write down all you learn from her. Thank You Stacy...I’m looking forward to growing my business using all the tools you provide here. And look forward to attending one of your events and looking into your products.
I love listening to Stacy each week! She always brings value without all of the fluff. Thank you for all of the content😊.
I absolutely love listening to your podcast!!! You get straight to the point and are truly genuine. I appreciate all of the helpful information you share.
I just recently found Stacy's podcast and am loving it! Every episode is loaded with practical easy to follow advice and really thought provoking stategies to continue to grow. This podcast will be a go to for me to build my business. Thanks Stacy!
I’m so thankful to have connected with Stacy at a meeting for women in business right here in Milwaukee. I finally got around to listening to her podcast, and I really wish I had started sooner! After one episode I literally have three new, brilliant pointers to implement in the new year. YES! Thanks, Stacy!
Stacy Tuschl is such an inspiration. Listening to her will get you in the right mindset to start the day. You can tell she is knowledgeable about entrepreneurship and has valid advice regardless of the type of business you own. Her podcasts are genuine, knowledgeable and come from a place of wanting to serve us.
Whether just starting out or already established, Stacy lays out practical, savvy advice to help push you to the next level! From mastering social media and finding your ideal client, the guest interviews and episodes I’ve listened to have all been on point! A truly great resource for entrepreneurs.
I’m fairly new to podcasts but am an avid IG follower of Stacy and am delighted to find out that she has a podcast! Looking forward to learning and growing from her experience and expertise! R.Roach
I love this podcast! Stacy gives a great variety with short quick episodes as well as amazing interviews. I love to listen to She’s building her empire while in lashing my clients! I feel inspired and excited to tackle new challenges and grow my business every time I tune in!
I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon Stacy, but I am SO glad I did! This podcast has helped me realize so many things I’ve never thought about while I’m in the process of starting my own business! As a new entrepreneur (made my LLC official two days ago!), I get overwhelmed pretty easily. Listening to Stacy’s podcast while I take a break and go for a walk has transformed my days. She delivers a wealth of actionable, easy to listen to advice! Thanks, Stacy!
I love how Stacy so generously shares her wealth of business knowledge on this podcast. Her tips and insights are truly a go-to source of support and inspiration for small business owners like myself.
I came across this podcast about a year ago and binged every single episode. As someone just diving into my business at the time, I felt like I had a great blueprint to get started, break through my mindset blocks and really take steps towards a big dream! Stacey makes sure to not only give actionable actions but push you past your limited beliefs so that you believe in yourself and your goals more! This is a must listen for every female entrepreneur!
I’m learning so much about building my empire from Stacy. What I love most is that she gives details that can really help you to create strategies and make changes to improve your business. Her podcast is a Must Listen on my morning commutes!