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This is my favorite podcast! Theys guys are so much fun to listen to and the topics are interesting and informative! Thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge with us guys!! Awesome job!!!!
Both are very knowledgeable in the topic of forensics and present well on the audio. Always entertaining. Be sure to subscribe soon before the Chinese government hacks them off the air. Listen to January 17 cast for more info.
Hands-down, the best podcast I've ever subscribed to. I look forward to each and every episode. Please keep up the outstanding service that you two are providing to us in the CF field!
Love the podcast. The audio is much better. Keep it up. I look forward to future shows.
These guys are very, very knowledgeable. This podcast let's me get the most out of my long commute.
Bret and Ovie have been doing this podcast for years and it is great! They are both dynamic speakers that keep you interested in the topic at hand, have great guest interviews, and throw in some humor to keep things fun. I hope they keep doing the podcast for years to come.
This is a great show. It is great to hear people sharing technical knowledge and bring information to the Computer forensics field. I have told everyone on my team about the show and I make sure to tell people wanting to get into the field to start listening. sidenote: Been missing the shows.
I look forward to Bret and Ovie's podcast every week! This is your podcast for computer forensics, entertainment, and "the buzz" of what is going on in the computer forensic and cyber community!! Bret and Ovie put it in perspective!!
OK. CF can be a very kind'a dry, UberGeek procedure driven biz that has some very interesting aspects to it. BUT, these two are the Laurel and Hardy, of the subject. Every episode has not one, not two, not three... (you get it) things you HAVE to check out. URL's, hardware or SW you somehow missed in the endless reading this job requires. I wish there was an NFR (National Forensic Radio) they could be on. AND you get to hear the voices of people you have read for like 10 years. Thanks guy's, I'm too old to be a fanboy, fanfogie? However now I cannot miss a 'cast. Tanks Mon!
Highly informative and entertaining. A must for anyone who is serious about computer security or forensics.
I have worked in security for over ten years and currently work for a large bank combating online fraud. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Very well done. I would reccomend this podcast to anyone interested in computer security, high tech law enforcement, or corporate invesitgators.
Ovie and Brett, great job!
If you are interested in digital forensics or are interested in tech info, this is the podcast for you. Each episode typically covers a particular topic as well as web-sites and other things. And these two guys are a riot to listen to. Give them a try, you'll like it I'm sure.
Bret and Ovie have just the right mix of humor, segment breaks, worthy content, interviews, links that are worth while, overall length of the podcast, and catchy segue music. Not sure about the "look" in the title, but I'll try and catch then via ustream soon. (I'll be looking for the goose...)
Love the series. I'm familiar with computer forensics and Bret and Ovie bring me up to speed on what's going on, what the tools are and even bring up legal issues. I'm not in the field of forensics, but Computer Security and I still find their tips and topics useful. Great show guys, keep up the good work.
excellent guests, and expert commentary on computer forensics, tools, etc. very insightful and well spoken. one of my favorite podcasts. thanks guys!
This is a quality show which I definitely listen to weekly. Good interviews and relevent information for not just the computer security and forensics oriented people. Bred and Ovie are doing a great job on this podcast. Thanks guys!


By AbbeyW
You guys are great, keep up the good work. I love listening to your show each week!
I have continued to required that my Computer Forensics students listen to CyberSpeak and write reveiws of shows. The topics covered are always current and germane. The light, humorous style makes the material much more approachable. Thank you for continuing to provide this service! ------------------------------------------------------------------ As a Computer Information Systems Professor teaching a course in Computer Forensics, I can highly recommend this podcast. It is not only lively and interesting, it presents detailed current technical information in an extremely approachable format. I recommend this podcast to my students.
Searching for in depth technical forensic information or brand new to the field? I would recommend this podcast either way as the best around. With a great blend of current news, legal cases, and real investigations, combined with well organized listener provided questions, and extremely accurate technical discussion, this podcast keeps even the most informed forensic examiner up to speed with the latest trends in forensic computer examination. This podcast is also technically well done! Good audio & very professional.
Most podcasts are too long, too boring, too shallow, too deep, etc., but this podcast is consistently funny, informative, and to the point. Great chemistry between the hosts too! If you are into IT security you willl love this podcast.
If you're a computer forensics professional or just interested, this podcast will be interesting and entertaining. Bret and Ovie discuss new technology, the basics, and interview some of the brightest people in our field.
I am a relative newcomer to the Podcast arena and I find that CyberSpeak is great! It is both wonderfully educational and very entertaining. These guys obviously know their subject matter and seem to let you know when they don’t. I am working my way through the archive and have been enjoying the different guest too. Keep up the GREAT work.
Terrific podcast. Format is clear and easy to follow. I have taken to jotting down notes for further exploration while listening. If you are interested in security in general and forensics specifically, you don't know what you are missing if you aren't listening to this one. Keep up the GREAT work and thanks.
Kudos to Bret and Ovie for their podcast. As far as I know, it was the first podcast dealing with forensics and computer security. Bret and Ovie do a great job conveying issues that face forensic examiners today. From time to time, they'll do an interview with someone. These interviews are always interesting, and usually involve some new software or hardware utility that's being introduced to the world for the first time.
Finally an computer forensics based podcast. They cover relevent topics and have excellent interviews. I appreciate the ethics espoused by Bret and Ovie and enjoy the content.
I look forward to Bret and Ovie's show every week. I'm new to the forensics industry and find their information hugely informative. They provide valuable insight into the field and the interviews are great too. Keep up the great work guys!
well done, security community needs more podcasts like this.
Listening to this show allows me to stay on top of some of the forensic news that I may have missed while being heads-down in a case. One plus is that the hosts come from differing platform preferences, which helps to keep an open mind. Thanks guy's and keep up the good work!
Very informative and entertaining. Continually top-notch. Keep up the good work!
Great show. I was waiting for someone to finally do a computer forensics podcast and then this show came along. Although, I'll have to admit I was disappointed that the first show seemed too much like your run of the mill weekly tech show. Since then Bret and Ovie seemed to have focused more on forensics and I couldn't be happier. Their different personalities give the show a nice balance. Bret being the alpha-geek and Ovie being the humor (at Bret's expense sometimes). Hopefully, these guys will stay around for a while.
Despite of a lot of public attention on computer security, Ovie and Bret are feeding a very small community of folks that are starved from relevant mainstream coverage. Cyberspeak fills the gap by delivering informative and applicable content in a very entertaining manner. Truly unique and much appreciated!
This pod cast has to be one of my favs to listen too. the host always keep my intrest with their conversations and (lol listening to them now) guests. Want updates and tips on the computer world of forensics, this is the place to be. Informative and comical at the same time