Morning Short

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These are great stories. Generally 20 minutes or shorter. Unfortunately the reader over-eggs the reading, with poorly done accents and overly-emotive speech. The stories stand on their own. Just read them.
You should add a Friday story and make it Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
Morning Short is now a family affair. Lots to discuss at dinner.
Two episodes a week is much more sane than seven. Good change!
I looked to sign up for your daily newsletter but I couldn't find the link! Good stories tho.
Everyone loves satire! I love the stories, but include more Mark Twain.
Thank you for making my weekly air travel more fun!
Perfect for my morning commute and 20 min walks. Each day is a new author, I appreciate the variety from serious to humorous stories with professional reading & voice inflection for each character. Thank you for filling a niche in the podcast world.
I’m really excited about this podcast and love that there’s more short fiction out there in the podcast universe. BUT, some of the narration is really hard to difficult. I had to give up listening to a story recently because the narrator was using such ridiculous voices that I couldn’t focus on the story. Is it supposed to be a parody of how parents read to their smalll children? I don’t understand. Incredibly distracting. Please no voice-acting unless you can execute with success. Let the readers use their imaginations. Thanks!
These stories are a bonding experience!
The Arthur Conan Doyle story was fun, but I'm still waiting for a Sherlock Holmes mystery. I love detective fiction. Also, keep it up with the sci-fi stories please!
I loved the narrative poem! Nice job on the pacing. Please record more of those.
My English get better every story. I don't speak it natively, so these are very helpful in making it better. I've heard a few of these in my own language.
I listen to this every day on the subway. My ride is several stops long, so the stories are always the perfect length for my ride. The guy next to me today asked what I was listening to, and I said "Morning Short. It's the best". He said he'd give it a listen. Much appreciated!
Always enjoyable. I wish they made two of these every day, so I could listen on the way home too!


I love these stories!
Morning Short produces consistently good short stories on a daily basis, particularly for a student of literature. I enjoy them in the evening, but I won't fault them for getting the name wrong ;)
Enjoyable (when I actually have time to listen)


Great work Michael! These make my day.
Fantastic. I'd been reading the email list for a long time, but I'm hooked on these. The voice is soothing, and the stories are so entertaining. Great for the gym.
This is a great idea for a podcast. Loved the one about the Princess. If you want a good way to pass the time, this is a good one to check out. Well done production and good content. I am looking forward to hearing other episodes of this!