Authors On Tour – Live!

Reviews For Authors On Tour – Live!

This is the best "author book tour" type podcast. Always interesting authors, always interesting questions from the crowd. Always makes me want to buy the book!
I absolutely love listening to this podcast every week. I used to live at the Tattered Cover when I lived in Denver, so listening to the authors speak makes me feel like I'm at home!
Listening to this podcast is like being right there with some of your favoirte authors. There choice of authors are execellent and they sound quality is wonderful. It sounds professional and clear. The speakers are all talented and a joy to listen to. Besides the fact that they are amusing and infomative you are sure to enjoy this podcast for the wonderful new authors it will introduce you to.
Excellent selection of authors from an excellent bookstore. It's great to be able to listen to authors read and discuss their books in the comfort of my own living room.