The Inspired Nation with Dustin Behn

Reviews For The Inspired Nation with Dustin Behn

Always interesting and informative. Dr. Behn will help you see that you can accomplish more than you thought possible.
Love The Inspired Nation! Great mix of guests, topics, and awesome host. High-energy podcast that also contains a lot of useful information and nuggets. Dustin does a great job of listening for key information that guests want to hear more about. Highly recommend!
Dr. Behn does an amazing job covering relevant topics in a straight forward way. This is content you can take action on immediately. Highly recommend!!
Really like to format and message. Keep up the good work!
Awesome content!
Incredible!! Dr. Dusty is awesome and never disappoints! He is on a life mission to inspire others through his uplifting messages! Truly eye opening and life changing! Keep them coming!
Love the words of faith, perseverance and joy.
Dr. Behn gets right to the point to get you going in the direction you want your life to go. The fact that each cast is only 3 minutes leaves no excuses to not listen and get INspired


By JakeDC
Dr. Behn is informational and fun to listen to! This podcast is a must! Excellent!
Always pushing it to the next level! Can’t wait for more!!
Fantastic motivation from a true Rock Star! Apply these tidbits to your life if you want to excel!!
Dr. Behn is a wonderful person with so much to offer and give society. He goes above and beyond in his efforts to provide his genuine care, knowledge, and concern for all and these podcasts now are just one of many ways he fulfills his mission. I'm a subscriber now, and you should be too! Great work, as always, Dr. Behn! Looking forward to listening to more. Thank you for BEing you and putting in all your work and effort to inspire all!
Dr. Dustin has the answer. His expertise brings cutting edge concepts to the field of personal develoment and health, and his passion keeps me coming back for more. This is one INspired podcast!
Inspirational and full of information that can be applied to every day life!
Dusty lives and breathes this “inspired” stuff and his commitment to helping others is obvious. This podcast is a great way to fire you up and get you going with practical ideas and REAL LIFE examples. Love the podcast, Dr. B. Keep it up. Love and serve!
Great content in a short matter of time. What is great is that where ever you are in life I think you can relate to the podcast in some aspect of your life. Thanks Dr. Dustin!
Amazing! Keep changing lives.. I know you changed mine. Touched!
As a chef We are always working to inspire. Inspire customers employees and fellow chefs. This is perfect great message I can relate with every day. Keep it up!
I love listening to these to start my day or when I head in to the office. Dr. Dustin, thanks for your passion and dedication to inspiring the nation!
Dusty Behn is such an inspiration! Thank you for your encouragement!
LOVE Inspired Nation! I could listen to these every day and take something away each time! Thank You!!!
Very inspiring and motivating keep up the good work Dusty… Can't wait to hear more!
Quick and to the point, love his energy and his passion. Thanks for sharing and gonna love to see this revolution of awesome-ness!
Subscribed and anxious. Dr.Behn killing it like he normally does. Take a chance and get on board! Awesome. Zak Knutson
Wow! I’m already inspired. This is a great podcast. Short and sweet, makes me realize that I can achieve anything. Thanks for this podcast.
Great podcast ! Thank you. Love when a colleague teaches and coaches the principles of living a healthy lifestyle. Grateful to have found this! Love the SAM acronym. Dr Parkhill