Behavior Analysis

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Please do this podcast.. it would be so helpful
Yes, please do this podcast!
How do we find this. This would be extremely useful for us all that are studying and trying to pass the exam!! I can find audacity with this podcast.
I am interested to have study prep, CEU details and also join and be available as a parent perspective
I think this is a great idea!
Omg please do this podcast! I'm currently studying for the exam and I love to listen to podcasts on my drives home... I would love to be able to listen to something that supplements my studying and there is nothing else out there like this! I'm such an auditory learner this would help me immensely ... PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!
I am currently working as a behaviorist, completing supervision while studying for the exam. I've been looking for something that I can listen to in the car, because I travel a lot for work. This podcast would be ideal and I know a lot of other people that may benefit from this as well. Going over the chapters in the Cooper book would be perfect.