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I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this podcast was. It helped me through some hard times. This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It just got better every episode I was hooked by the first episode. I couldn’t recommend this enough.
This fictional podcast is so well written and so unique, it sets a new bar for podcasts. After getting used to the weirdness I could not get enough.
Yes this is what I love in stories it talks as if you are Alice and the narrator is talking to you specifically it’s fantastic and enrapturing I love it I’m an amateur writer and this is an amazing literary device for those who love mystery and terror in the things they choose to read/listen to
The representation in this podcast is fantastic. Love the story, the writing, the acting, the production. This is the kind of writing we need to go mainstream in Hollywood and why we’re seeking it out in podcasts!


Midway thru the second season I just couldn’t keep caring about the characters. Oh well, decent first season
Reading the book now and loving it!!!
Alice Isn’t Dead is an amazing story, I highly recommend binging each season. Listening to it as the episodes came out was great, but sometimes I would forget things while waiting. Thank you all for the hard work put into the story, acting, and producing of this podcast.
Soooo engrossing~


By kar qui
Fun to listen to!
I listened to Alice Isn’t Dead when it was still coming out and didn’t get around to writing a review, but I still love this podcast. Suspenseful, and sometimes genuinely terrifying writing with great treatment of anxiety and grief.
I drive hundreds of miles for work every week and this podcast makes me want to stay in the car even longer. If you love science fiction that’s a tad edgy and scary then you’ll love this podcast. I wish it were 100 seasons and the voice actors all sound wonderful.
I don’t get the hype.
Something about listening to the sultry sound of the narrators voice against the backdrop of eminent doom, that does it for me; plus I have driven some of the same routes that are described, from the saguaros in AZ to the towering pines in MT. Spot on!
Absolutely brilliant. I have been absorbed by my own world, in a new light. Dark yet funny, Philosophical yet relatable. Fantastic!
I really wanted to like this and based on the reviews, I thought I would. But it’s just so painful. Nothing good ever comes from using three “big” words when one simple word will do. Overwrought writing doesn’t make it lyrical, it just makes it clumsy and irritating.
I found this podcast to be boring because there was no dialogue between characters. It was just one female actor speaking. I felt like I was listening to a book on tape. I prefer fiction podcasts that have professional actors having dialogue between each other along with side effects.
This was the very first podcast that turned me into an avid podcast listener in 2017. I absolutely love this storyline and the book! But with all good things, it had to find an end. I’m definitely needing to start it over again and I continue to tell people about it.
It didn’t go the way I thought it would either. But it was good. I seriously thought it would be revealed the main character was dead and was unaware, searching the afterlife. Anyway good podcast. It needs a sequel, perhaps with reincarnated characters rediscovering themselves...
First season was great. I was intrigued. Couldn’t wait to see how it went. Intro of the character in season 2 and then Alice, it was not great. The story ended up disappointing overall. :/


By xpyxd
I miss Borders so much
I was loving this podcast... until season three. What happened?!?! I’m not talking about the story, I’m just talking about the overall quality. The voice of Alice is so bland and hard to listen to- in such stark contrast to Jasika Nicole. She’s brilliant. It killed it for me- how could her vivid character be so in love with the bland, boring Alice? Also- what happened to the recording quality in season 3? Literally had to stop listening at some points. You let a great thing down with those huge missteps.
It’s definitely different. Wouldn’t say it’s the best podcast out there, but not the worst. Definitely some confusing points.
This is by far one the best podcasts I’ve ever come across. The storytelling is amazing and the lady reading it does a wonderful job.
The best Audio drama. I have listen listened to the whole thing twice now, and found a place where I could buy a t-shirt online. This podcast changed my life. I’m a better human. Thistle can bug off!
The podcast that hooked me on fiction podcasts. Great acting, especially the lead actress. So compelling I looked forward to when I could pop in my earbuds and listen. Better than most tv I’ve seen in the past few years.
Amazing writing, impressive performance. First couple episodes are a little slow to get going into the actual story, in my opinion, but once it’s gets there, you’ll be hooked. Could not stop listening to the last half of part one, and powered through to about halfway through part 2 in one evening. 9/10


so good. great acting
I hated everything about this horrible, boring, scattered, attempt at angst by someone that sounds like they’re boring themself when they speak. I for the life of me cannot understand how this is so highly rated when the story line itself is just trash.
I listened to the last episode the day my mom died. Today. The ending gave me goosebumps.
I heard amazing reviews of this and would’ve given it five stars if it stopped with season 1. That season was a great mix of creepy and engaging stories. Season 2 was pretty boring, but I hoped it would get better in season 3. I only made it through a couple episodes and wish I’d saved my time. The new/ newly introduced characters in seasons two and three are mind numbingly dull, and the storyline goes nowhere.
Yes, it seemed to lose steam toward the end (rushed conclusion), but that doesn’t change the fact it’s a well-acted and produced, imaginative and original, creepy tale. Could so easily have fallen into the ‘creepy vignette of the week’ genre, but doesn’t. At the same time, I learned such interesting tidbits about various locales. It’s a feature used by other, equally popular (but far less enjoyable) podcasts, but with Alice it blends better, is more cohesive with the overall narrative. Heard the latest episode and hope there IS a future for more ‘Alice’ tales. You’ve got a dedicated listener, here. And, thank you!
So far the story is great. The truck driver’s voice is very sweet and soothing. The “host” or whatever, the guy who talks in the beginning and blabbers about chickens at the end, his voice sounds like he has 17 marshmallows in his mouth. I can’t stand to hear it, y’all. Beyond that, they play literally 3 minutes of music at the end. The episode ends with about 5 minutes left, the marshmallow mouth guy blabbers about a chicken for like 2 minutes, and then we listen to music. Why? Stop doing that, and you will have an absolutely gold story here.
i loved it so much. made me cry at work. amazing writing and wonderful performances. truly outstanding.
i absolutely love this podcast. i love the casual lesbian representation and the intriguing plots in this masterfully told story.


Bad acting🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The story is entertaining. It kind of slows down at points but it still has lots of great ideas and is well written. The announcer/creator Joseph Fink speaks over pauses with this silly endless “why did the chicken cross the road” riddle which really detracts from the story and is just dumb. It’s grating and has a “guy in high school English class who thinks he’s being profound but is just being unintentionally annoying” feel to it. Joseph delete this type of filler (honestly total fail) and you have a really promising future in my opinion.
You’d never think truck driving could be so profound until now. Beautiful, exciting, scary-I cried at the end. Told myself I’d never buy merch for podcasts.... thanks for signing my Alice Isn’t Dead book lol
It’s sad. I mean Iv seen this series being suggested in several Reddit’s. But little did I know I play the preview and the main narrative is a lesbian woman finding her lesbian partner. It’s sad so many listen worthy podcast have to be ruined by SJW bull crap. Well I’ll be enjoying plenty of others that don’t go down that road. You lost this listener before I got the first episode off.
Amazingly descriptive. I used to work overnight security at the first location described. It is creepy and amazing, especially when you’re the only person there at 4 am....
At first, I was intrigued by this show. But after listening to the first two seasons I’ve learned that Joseph Fink only knows how create the illusion of intrigue without any of it paying off. This is just a bunch of dead end subplots that bury the weak overarching narrative. He even has a confusing segment about why the chicken crossed the road that I’m not even sure he understands. If you want an audio drama that has episodes that are creepy, all serve a purpose to the mystery, and are thoroughly researched, check out The Black Tapes.
The story is interesting but I especially love the way this show reflects on life. The writing is gorgeous.
Have been following this since it came out! Joseph Fink please write more 🙏🙏
I listened thru the first episode to the end of Season 3, episode 9. A terrific story. I wondered what could possibly be left. Then I heard the very last episode. That was such a beautiful episode. Thank you...
I loved most of this podcast. Very nightmarish mixed with very real. However, I feel like the last season was a bit rushed and cluttered (especially with how eerily wonderful the first two seasons were). It’s worth a listen for sure, but it definitely loses steam towards the ending.
If you are looking for a binge-worthy, spooky podcast with beautifully written characters, look no further. This podcast uses the vast open spaces of ritual America to create an atmosphere unique to the road tripping experience. Currently on my third re-listen.
I started listening to Alice when I was just coming to terms with my own identity, and I felt warm and loved, even in the midst of the horror in this show. The feeling of listening to this show while driving through the desert is unparalleled. Thank you, thank you, thank you