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By uspb
I'm so blessed when Noel shares her journeys. She helps you see people and their struggles. I'm also thankful for the fruit of the faithfulness of God through World Help!
Noel has an amzing heart to see justice and healing come in this world. She is able to explain complicated issues simply all the while moving people to join her in taking action.
After listening to the first podcast, I am happy to hear a call to service. Our calling in Christ, amongst many callings as individuals, is to love our neighbors as ourselves. This takes on many forms and Noel is both passionate and privileged to get to put her hands on many who are in need. The podcast, however, through the relay of her experience reminds us all to wake up and live. To live in Christ is to live in obedience to the call of loving our neighbor. I look forward to the stories of real live souls who are experiencing the love of Christ through the service of others. Whether in our homes, communities, or other countries, this is a great reminder to open our eyes and live for the good of others. Thanks for the reminder!
Noel does a wonderful job of bringing the injustice in the world to light and letting us know what we can do about it. It is one thing to talk about the problems but quite another to offer a way for people to make a difference. Let’s Roll!
Noel's experiences are always enthralling. Perfect if you want to learn more about living your life fully "AWAKE!"
So excited for these podcast! Thank you for all you do! 👏🏼
Noel's stories are incredible! She's so inspirational and passionate about changing lives! It's incredibly hard to think that one person can make a difference in the world, but hearing Noel's stories makes me believe that it's possible! I love her podcast and can't wait for the next one!
Noel has such a great speaking and storytelling voice. So engaging and easy to listen to. Her heart and passion are evident in these podcasts! You'll be inspired!!
Thank you Noel Yeatts for your inspiring words! I love how these podcasts consistently point back to the Lord! Definitely give these podcasts a listen for an easy listen, inspiring and beautiful message, but be prepared for your heart to be wrenched as you’ll just want to help and serve the Lord even more!!
Listening to this podcast was so motivating to me to “SEE THE ONE!” It is a great reminder that I can make a difference even if it just one person at a time. Many times I can get caught up in the endless needs around the world, but this was a reminder of how just one person can help transform a life.
I am lucky to be able to say that Noel Yeatts is a personal friend but after listening to her first podcast, I really learned a lot about her. I love hearing the story of the first homeless child she met when she was a teenager and how that encounter saved her life. Noel is so genuine and is doing so much to save the world one baby, one child, one young girl at a time. God bless her and her work!
What a blessing to discover more about those that need justice and hope and find ways to serve them while for so many of us, our mission field isn't an exotic land with faces we don't know but, it's these sticky amazing little humans we are raising. Our hearts can long to to go out but, it's not always feasible and you are providing a way for us to become invested and called through sharing their world and stories with us...
Noel Yeatts has something important to say to us. This story of a little five year old Brazilian boy changed her and it spoke deeply to me. I often wonder why I don't care more about justice- I may have felt too small. Noel shows us giving from an awareness of grace rather than guilt is the key to feeling you can make a difference to one!


This podcast is a great compliment to Noel's book, blog and website. She does an excellent job going deeper about the issues crippling our world. She inspires with ways we can see and be in prayer over ways to help! I definitely recommend listening! 👍🏼👍🏼
Noel has such a heart and passion for bringing hope and justice to people around the world. Her stories and insights will inspire, inform, and encourage you!