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I can’t believe I found this podcast! So crazy to stumble upon senior Netflix, and Microsoft developers on a podcast! 🔥🔥🔥
I like the focus of each show in that the panel dives deep on the given topic and does so with an expert or 2. The drinking aspect drives the show along without becoming the focus. Through this podcast I’ve been exposed to quite a few different ideas, frameworks and libraries and have even implemented a few at work and in personal projects.
I find their dynamic of how they make the show very creative and fun to hear. You learn a lot by hearing their discussions and laugh at their jokes too. They always bring a great variety of topics in tech.
I just discovered this podcast, and I'm a huge fan! I like the personalities and different points of view of the hosts. I'm new to development (under 2 years) so this is all helpful info for me. Cheers!
I love all you on the podcast! Good info and always a good laugh in each episode!
What sets this technical podcast apart from the rest is the combination of people and topics. Each panelist has their own distinct personality, experienced insight, and social chemistry that makes me want to be a part of what they do. Just listening is a joy and educational experience. On that note, even though all the panelists and guests are industry experts, they never speak down to beginners potentially listening. Front End Happy Hour makes otherwise technical and intimidating topics feel conversational, friendly, insightful, funny, and educational. Every time a new episode comes out, it's like a mini holiday. If you haven't listened yet, do yourself a favor and check them out :3
As a recovering alcoholic, I find it nearly impossible to listen to this podcast. An immature theme choice for sure. Plenty of other solid development podcasts that don't glorify alcohol. C'mon guys, aren't we supposed to practice accessibility?
But please, dear god, don't bring in your political opinions. It has nothing to do with the show.
A great podcast for any Front End Dev trying to take their game to the next level!
Front End Happy Hour is fantastic! Great stuff for both junior & senior devs.
Great podcast with great topics of discussion on FE technology, development, and related topics. There are occasionally some audio problems that make listening a little difficult, but the content is really great and insightful.
I've heard that the most important skill in coding is to learn what you don't know so that you can look it up later. Listening to these guys and gals have given me so many things to look up and learn. I'm a much more confident, well rounded, and knowledgeable engineer for having listened to them. Strongly recommend for any skill level. - Javascript Engineering Lead
Insightful front-end development discussions + drinking games = gold
Most tech podcasts can be very dry and boring. I think FEHH does a great job of mixing informative and meaningful conversation with a bit of fun. It feels as natural as conversations with friends you might have over some drinks when talking about your favorite tech. They also do a really great job of being inclusive in the episodes. They always take a moment to explain concepts instead of assuming everyone is up on the latest. Too often engineers can come off as elitist but the hosts have a genuine and down to earth vibe. Keep up the great work!
I'm an amateur web developer who is trying to gain the skills necessary to be a professional. I've given most web developement related podcasts a shot, and find that a lot of them tend to cater to a professional crowd with a deep understanding of the field which results in most episodes going over my head. However, Front End Happy Hour does a great job of discussing topics related to front end web development while keeping in mind that their listeners may be new to the game. They often catch themselves and say things like "now how can we explain this to someone who is just starting out?" If you're an aspiring web developer who is looking for a casual podcast where you can bank on each episode exposing you to some new topic related to web development without talking over your head, this is the podcast for you. Also, they mix up the episode topics between technical topics and topics more related to soft skills or professional skills. I highly recommend going back through their old episodes and downloading any episode that sounds interesting. I did this recently and ended up binging every episode until I got caught up. It's truly a great resource from some great people in the field. Thanks!
I've super enjoyed this podcast series. All the panelists are not only great at what they do but the conversations never get stale (the drinks probably help) and the panelists always give really honest discussion. I'm surprised they never slur their words after the 20th time the drinking keyword gets said. 5 stars!
A great podcast for front-end developers that discusses real topics that we go through and think about everyday. After listening to a few podcasts you feel like they are your friends. Also the picks they give at the end of each podcast are great. I've gained so much from these!
Very informative and they are very passionate about front end. Sounds like people I would love to hang out with. Stop reading this and subscribe.
I loved this podcast listened to their latest episode and got hooked now listening to their backlog making my work commute more enjoyable. Great Show!!!!
If you are new to programming there is a lot of gold in each episode. Listening to these guys/girls removed a lot of that imposter syndrome that I had. Knowing they had the same struggles that I have now, and seeing them at the position they are in now really helps in this journey of being a developer.
As a novice coder I was worried that any podcast run by experienced, senior developers would completely go over my head, but I never feel stupid listening to this crew talk. The experiences of self-taught developers and women in tech make it very inclusive and I always learn something from each episode. Great way to feel a part of the front-end communitity even if you're not quite there yet!
I just recently started studying Javascript on my own and became interested in front end development. Frankly, I was a bit hesitant about listening to the podcast, because I assumed it was targeted to expert developers. However, I saw FEHH ranked #3 in FreeCampCode's: The best podcasts for new coders, and the best tools for listening to them. So i decided to give it a shot, I am so glad I did. I found that the podcast provides a great opportunity to listen to a panel of experts discussing relevant topics in depth, in a very cheerful and friendly ambiance.
For a newbie like me I like hearing developers talk about their journey. It also has great topics that are very useful.
Seems like a good new podcast that stays on topic, but it suffers from poor sound quality. Too much fluctuation in levels with frequent distortion made it actually painful to listen to with headphones.
Entertaining discussion between front-end developers that is well worth a listen to! Glad to have them on my subscription list every week!