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As a med student finding myself very curious about anesthesiology, discovering your podcast is a Godsend. My only issue is that I can barely hear y’all. I want to hear everything of what y’all have to say. Maybe get new mics or just speak louder? On the other hand, maybe this is your genius way of training me and all the other aspiring anesthesiologists to have that eagle-eye ear required to hear all the sounds of the OR :) ... Thanks for all you do!


By CA-3333
Story time with irreverent attendings is my favorite!! Now for the first time, I can take the irreverent attendings home w me in podcast form! It’s like I never have to leave the Anesthesia workroom
Extremely excited when I saw a new podcast. Extremely saddened when within the first few minutes of first episode I tried, you immediately downplayed the ability of CRNAs, lumping them in with residents. I’m sorry, I cannot subscribe to this, as CRNAs are trained to be autonomous in the OR. In many ACT models they are the workhorses, doing every case, preventing physicians to even keep up their skills. That’s all I will say, as my input is probably not even recognized. Too bad. Love Jed Wolpaw with ACCRAC, he actually has respect for his coworkers.
I'm a third year medical student who stumbled on this hilarious podcast looking for something new. Listening to them go back and forth makes me chuckle like an idiot to myself in public. 10/10 forget 5/5. Also Shelly's laugh is hilarious at 1.5x speed.
Great podcast. You guys do an excellent job and I am thoroughly enjoying every episode. Only one thing: can you adjust the recording volume & equalize it? At least on the iTunes podcast version, I have to turn my volume wayyy up to make the podcast play well. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have that issue with other podcasts. Other than that, keep up the great work!
Great podcast. Entertaining with clinical pearls that you won't find in Millers. Thanks guys!!
Entertaining stuff.
Great podcast. Dr. Ferrell aka the needle ninja helps keep our pain service rocking. He and the APS crew are all wonderful physicians. Each bringing individual skill and knowledge to manage epidurals and nerve blocks across the hospital. Safely and successfully.
Im lucky that I get to work with these fine physicians and get to call them colleagues. We all have a good time and they have taught me a great deal. I'm glad others are getting to enjoy their humor and wisdom through the podcast. Great job guys!
Best Anesthesia Podcast Ever. Obviously since I’m writing the first review- it has to be awesome. Feel free to post further positive comments in this string to improve ratings!!!