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I loved this podcast, it got me through road trips, long haul flights, and data entry. I will miss it. I would LOVE if they made an independently produced podcast in the future.
Thank you guys so much for providing great and interesting entertainment for when I’m working, working out or just chilling. I will most certainly miss this podcast as this is the podcast channel that got me into listening to podcasts in the first place. Looking forward to the potential future video podcasts and your continuing work on YouTube!
I really enjoyed this podcast. It combines culture, comedy, and frequently food. I was super bummed to learn that it ended-they might continue with a video version (which is nice, but I love to listen at work).
Please make your own podcasts 😭 I love listening to you guys! I was so sad when you said this was the last one.
This is such an excellent podcast full of joy, travel tips, and adorable banter. Whenever I’m having a rough day or need a pick-me-up on the drive to work, Simon and Martina bring sunshine to my day. As a bonus, my 8yo daughter loves to listen to them too. We visited Tokyo two summers ago and their tips were very helpful for getting us off the beaten path. We tried many eateries and neighborhoods we never would have explored. I wish they would have visited Rome earlier! We could have followed some of their tips on our trip last summer!! 5/5 for entertainment, sunshine, thought provoking discussion, living vicariously through their adventures, and just all around awesomeness. Great content!!
I seriously love this podcast. I listen to it every time I get in the car and even sometimes outside of that haha. Their view on the world, Western and Asian cultures is so refreshing. They are so humble, hilarious and adorable!
I watch Simon and Martina on YouTube and I adore them and the fact that I get to hear more from them on a podcast is awesome! They always make me laugh while sharing the most interesting stories of their life in Japan.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast during work because it makes the day just fly by! You get to hear some hilarious stories, along with educational ones, and ones just about life. I enjoy the variety of topics that Simon and Martina discuss, especially the food oriented ones! Keep it up, I’m hooked (:


By uberc0w
fun positive informative podcast about living abroad
I love to listen to Simon and Martina's podcast. It's a great way to wind down and just listen after a long day at work. They are relatable and have amazing, serious, and fun content that I want to hear. Texas Nasty represent!
I absolutely love Simon and Martina’s lengthy dialogue. This podcast doesn’t disappoint!
If you are a fan of their videos, you will love their podcasts too! Each week they ask listeners to tweet them one emoticon, so it feels like a closer way to reach out to them beyond the YouTube channel. Check it out!
I absolutely love their podcasts. I watch their youtube videos as well and this is a great way to learn more about what's going on outside the videos. Love listening to their stories of the things that happen to them in their lives and when issues are discussed they are done so in a very well, very thought out and dignified manner. They're great! please give them a listen at least once!
Listening to their podcast is such a highlight to my week!! Not only is their podcast informative but their banter with each other is so entertaining...I legit feel Iike I’m on my couch listening to two of my close friends haha. Keep producing content!!
I’ve been watching and listening to Simon and Martina for years now. They’re the most amazing influencers I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across. Together they’re funny, interesting, and up-lifting. Separately, as their own entities, they’re just as entertaining and wonderful. I’m so thankful for them and the content they continue to upload! I hope they keep this up for the years to come. 🖤 Build a ladder x
I absolutely love these guys! They’re so funny and have so many amazing stories about their lives. They make you feel happy just to listen to them and sound so grounded and humble. Their point of view is so positive and up-lifting.
Simon and Martina, discovered you on Youtube, then Twitter, and now podcast!! Love you guys.
Listening to Simon and Martina is like eating a warm bowl of soup with pops of spice, crunchy veggies, and some salty meat or sweet tofu, if that's your thing. I feel like they are there with me, in the room, having a conversation about their day, but give me tidbits of life that help me stop for a moment and see another perspective. It's a podcast that I'll never get tired of, just like warm soup on a cold day is never a bad idea. If that analogy makes sense...
I have been a fan of Simon and Martina for years, and am so glad I can now catch all their stories on podcast! It makes my driving time so much better to hear interesting topics about their travels and daily life! Thanks for doing a podcast, guys!! 💗💗💗
I’ve loosely followed Simon and Martina since almost the beginning in 2009. I had just moved to South Korea and the things they talked about were the things I was going through at the time. I stayed in Korea for 3.5 years and always enjoyed their videos. Now they’re in Japan, and I’ve migrated to Toronto, but I still love living vicariously through their adventures. Though we don’t agree on every issue, I really appreciate their openness and honesty especially about dealing with depression and building a ladder. I love Martina’s honesty about her struggles I think she inspires people to find bright spots in the midst of their own personal battles.
Love love love!!! Just love listening! More adventures!!!
Always full of positivity, Simon and Martina share their lives and adventures in Korea and Japan. I follow them here and on YouTube and twitter. You will never regret spending time with them!!
This show always brings a smile to my face. This podcast is just very joyful and fun. I recommend it to everyone.
I love listening to Simon & Martina while getting ready for work. Their funny, they bring out interesting stories, situations, & thoughts. They’re a really great couple & a joy to listen to, they always put a smile on my face! They crack me up! So funny! Great podcast!👍🏻👍🏻
I've been following Simon and Martina for a while, but only started listening to their podcasts recently. I absolutely love their podcasts! They make me laugh in the middle of the street when I'm walking. They give amazing advice on life from travel to mental health to everything in between. Simon and Martina are an inspiration to me and I can't recommend their podcast enough!
I loooove their podcast! I’m a long time fan of their YouTube videos (since 2007) and their podcast is amazing to listen to as well! They have so many different topics both serious and lighthearted, and different perspectives about all stuff Japan and Korea. Occasionally they have their cat and dog, Meemers and Spudgy as guest speakers! Aha! Please have a listen on some of the things Simon and Martina have to say! They are absolutely enjoyable!
I love their YouTube channel, and the podcast is just as smart, funny, and well done.


Love this podcast! Simon and Martina never fail to make me feel better on a bad day or make me smile. Their show is wonderfully candid, informative, and absolutely enjoyable. I’ve learned so much about Japan from them but also about life in general. I highly recommend this podcast. I always look forward to listening to a new episode during my long commutes home. They’re such great role models and just good people!
I loved Eat Your Kimchi on YouTube and now I love Eat Your Sushi and beyond with anything and everything Simon and Martina. They bring a unique and positive perspective to foreigners living abroad in Asia, especially Korea and now Japan. They are always trying to approach topics with a positive and fun message. I find myself laughing out loud to all their videos and now their podcasts. Can't recommend enough!
Absolutely in love with the EYK podcast. I almost enjoy the podcast better than their videos! Their commentary and thoughts are so honest and real and I love the indepth discussions of cultural differences. Thank you for starting these conversations -- especially the hard ones (i.e. the Korean entertainment industry, respecting new cultural rules, etc.).
Love the positive vibe that this couple always ooze out of every pore in a real way. Thank you for the authentic content ya nasty stronks!
Awesome !
I love Simon and Martina! They go on adventures around Japan and Asia and share their experiences with us. They are so fun, quirky and endearing. You can't help but love them.
This podcast is like an immediate injection of joy into my day. It is my go to podcast to help my day go by faster at work. Great content! I recommend it to all my friends!
Their stories about Japan and Korea and daily life are so entertaining. Great podcast that makes me laugh out loud. #buildaladder
I’m so sad I JUST discovered the podcast even though I’ve been a YT follower for years. I FRICKEN LOVE THE PODCAST! Thank youuuuu! Simon and Martina makes me feel like I’m in Japan and crossing my fingers I visit soon! No other podcast has ever made me laugh so much... silently laugh to myself at work to be more specific. I’ve been binge-listening and I don’t want to listen to any other podcast. Anyways, looking forward to many more years of EYK PODCAST!!
This makes me happy. Simon and Martina are so positive it helps me be happy. I love listening to them on my drive. It’s a long drive, but made to feel so much shorter.
I love this! Simon and Martin and the best. Good way to get your S&M (lol) fix between videos.
I listen to this on long car rides, and it always brightens my day! I love learning about different cultures and hearing stories about Simon and Martina's adventures. They always have a great attitude, their witty banter makes me laugh, and it makes my car rides just fly by :)
Discovered their YouTube channel while I was in Tokyo on vacation and I’ve been a fan ever since. This podcast makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with some friends just catching up!
If you're not listening to this, I don't know what you're doing with your life. Simon and Martina are delightfully fun, informative, interesting, genuine, inspiring and laugh out loud funny (seriously, I had to stop listening to this in public)!! I have been a part of the nasty community for years and was so excited to discover their podcast. Every time I listen it feels like I'm hanging out with old friends.
I work a boring paperwork job where I just scanned documents. I also work in office by myself so it gets kind of boring and lonely. I have been a long time subscriber to eat your kimchi since 2010. I’ve always enjoyed their positivity and sense of Wonderlust and adventure. Highly recommend this podcast
I’ve been following Simon and Martina for about a year now, and I love all the content they produce.
They are cool genuine people whom i felt like they are my friends by listening this podcast and watching their YouTube channel for years. You know the kinds of friends whom you can call on short notice “ hey wanna hang out?” wo any pretense.
I love waking up every Monday and listening to a new episode! I love their youtube channel which is the same name. They have the best stories and are hilarious!!! You learn about their life in Japan and makes you want to visit ASAP and be their best friend😊
I was so happy to find this podcast. I love listening to Simon and Martina talk about anything! The way they tell stories and the way that they talk to and about each other always warms my heart and makes my day better. On Monday mornings this podcast is always the first rung on my ladder. Thank you so much for everything you do guys!! ❤️❤️❤️
Simon and martina....I really hope you could promote more of your podcasts in your youtube channel cause I coincidentally found it from a youtube comment on one of your channels and I am in reminds me of your eat your sushi days. Please keep making more podcasts.
Ooooohh you so N💜STY!! These podcasts are so fun to listen to while I’m driving or drawing. I plan on coming to Japan sometime in the future, and hearing all these fun stories inspires me to make that a reality. Love you people!!
I love Simon and Martina’s adventures on YouTube, and was stoked to find this podcast. So much content to accompany my commute!