Positivity Podcast with Make School

Reviews For Positivity Podcast with Make School

I was really surprised by how big of names this podcast has. Really enjoying the topics. Keep it up!
Dan is one of the msot warmest and inspiring I've come accross, thank you for creating this!
Great interviews and themes. Perfect as an entrepreneur.
Dan is an excellent podcast host, and I highly recommend these episodes. Great inspiration and learning during a commute.
This podcast is great, love it!!
Dan is a great podcast host and the topics are very very interesting!
Whether you want some more positivity in your life or you need a smile in your day, listen to Dan's podcast and it will blow you away.
I have been a fan of Dan's podcasts since they first came out. The topics are as interesting, varied, and relevant as his guests. Dan's interviewing skills, upbeat personality, witty humor, honesty and sensitivity MAKE the podcasts. You really should give them a try!
I listen to the on my way to work. Perfect combo of inspiring - practical - entertaining. I had never thought about improving my character traits until this podcast. I specifically like the episodes on Forgiveness and Productivity. I found them to offer new perspectives that I hadn't thought about. Count me in as a regular!