Reading With Robin

Reviews For Reading With Robin

I have enjoyed the interviews. The authors are wonderful and the interviewer asks great questions, but I wish the interviewer would not interrupt as much as she does because it is hard to hear the authors answers.
Well it’s like this I like I love I wish as a cancer patient I had some of it I love to read and I love to quilt thank you for letting me try anyway I don’t ever win but I like to try Happy Mother’s Day to All the precious ladies
A great podcast for book lovers and also people who enjoy hearing intelligent conversations about interesting things.
I absolutely love Reading With Robin podcasts anyway; but my favorite way to listen is while I'm on the elliptical machine. The time flies by. AND sometimes I will even stay a little longer on the machine, just to hear the end of the author's talk with Robin. Nourishes your mind and your body.
I love listening to this podcast! Every episode is with a different author talking about their latest book. It's like your own private book club! My TBR list just keeps growing!!
I love listening to Reading With Robin. I'm a big reader, and Robin always adds to my TBR list with her fascinating guests. She has some of my favorites- Adriana Trigiani- and I have some new favorites like Camille Perri thanks to Reading With Robin. I listen on my walks around the city and can't wait for each new podcast episode. If you love books, this is a must-listen for you.
The only source for books you will ever need or want. Reading With Robin covers it all and in a fun, resourceful manner.
Love listening to Robin. Her quick wit and knowledge of everything literary makes for a very entertaining show.
After you listen to one of the talks that Robin has with authors, it makes you want to read that book. She is so passionate about books and reading that it's contagious!
The Reading with Robin podcast is a MUST for any book lover! She's a warm and engaging interviewer, and Robin always picks the best books to talk about!!
Robin is kind and hilarious and a real advocate for matching great books with eager readers. Always happy when a new episode is out.
Robin is wonderful and it's so cool to hear from authors I love! She's the best. Gift of gab.