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New listener here, I just wanted to say that this is a really good podcast, and they cover a lot of different topics. I haven't lost interest yet, keep it up!
GtG is entertaining and occasionally provacative. I have listened to every episode since the first. and do not regret a minute. But, while they do occasionally talk about a movie or a book, over time, the greater part of the show has become about games and consoles. That's fine and can be entertaining, but as I'm not a gamer, it's not really that interesting to me. Thus I bid a fond farewell to Beej & Void. So long and thanks for all the fish. And keep up the good work.
I really appreciate the depth and breadth of this show. They cover a wide range: video games, book series, TV show, and more. The different personalities of the 2 hosts makes for great back and forth discussions. Now when I find something I like, I always want to check in with what Beej & Void each have to think about it! I also enjoy that while they are opinionated, they don't indulge in nerd-raging or being negative. Highly recommended!
The host cover a wide range of geeky topics without it feeling to random or thrown together. A very entertaining podcast for geeks/nerds/dorks and or anyone.
This is one of my go-to podcasts. Very entertaining and structured discussions and it has led me to other geek/nerd interests. The personalities of the hosts really compliment each other.
These guys talk about the things that are important to me, and have introduced a lot of new things for me to check out. I love their advise, and now I have a lot of podcasts to listen to. They are a good first if you plan on getting involved with podcasts, games, comics, books, movies and even getting more active!
Ok podcast, funny story though I paid a guy on fiverr to make me a logo for my podcast and he used the same logo graphic. I didn't end up using it beacuse I could have made that image in microsoft paint myself. Not tyring to be a jerk just wanted to give you guys a heads up, becasue if that guy sold me the same logo he propbably has sold it to others as well.
They sometimes talk about their personal life decisions and it comes across a little holier than thou. Which is fine,I guess, but not why I'm listening. I wanna hear about nerd culture like you say. Not about how you feel your parenting is superior.
This totally makes my workday better!
Beej & Void are amazing, intelligent and super creative. If you are into anything geek, these are the guys to listen to. Their subjects have a wide range and are always fun to listen to. I learned so much from them and have tried all kinds of new things. Can't recommend this enough. THANKS!!!!
I've been following you guys for a few months now and I really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the good work!
I found this podcast during my game of thrones down time and it had become one of my favorite. Great podcast. I have listened to the whole back log and find myself going back and re listening multiple times. With small children it's my go to in the car thanks to it being family friendly. I recommend this podcast to all my friends
Beej and Void make for some very good listening. They complement each other and are interesting characters in a category filled with fellow geeks talking about similar topics. Fortunate to have run into this podcast. Binged from the beginning till I got caught up to the present episodes and now subscribed.


I have learned a lot about topics I never expected to learn about from this podcast. Topics like parenting advice or how to prioritize different types of media. My wife and I love this podcast.
I'm so happy I discovered this podcast! The hosts are fantastic, and they have a wide range of geeky topics that they love to explore. (I especially loved the Star Wars episode) Pick your favorite topic and give them a listen!
I don't play video games but I love this podcast! I do love learning about video games and all things geeky and this podcast is wonderful!
This awesome podcast is not only great for geeking out on your favorite subjects, but also highlights new and interesting things to dive into. The conversation is interesting, insightful, and feels like a good conversation with friends. The average episode is two hours long, but somehow still seems too short! Haven't missed an episode since I started listening, and Beej and Void have become a part of my weekly routine.
Nice overview and description of games and gameplay, five star coz I have nothing else to compare to, and maybe if it was 20 min shorter would be better


By C-Lambo
I love these guys. I have been searching for a while for an upbeat gaming geeky podcast that was CLEAN. Void and Beej may not have any idea who I am, but they feel like some of my best friends now just for letting me eavesdrop on these conversations. Definitely worth the listen.
Been listening to these guys for quite a while. Wonderful hosts, great content, and very friendly personalities. Would definitely recommend for all things geek related :)
If you like video games and humor listen to this podcast.
I look forward to this podcast every week.
I am a fan of video games but didn't know where to start. This podcast has opened my world to all kinds of video and other games. I love waiting to see what they talk about next!
I discovered this podcast from the feed on my phone, and it has now become the one show I look forward to every week! Void and Beej are fun to listen to as they discuss singular topics, rather than other shows which lightly touch on multiple topics. Its not all games, either. They've discussed fitness, comics, movies, etc. They are my spirit animals, and I can't recommend this show enough.
Love the contrast between the two hosts styles. Very well produced.
Look forward to this podcast every week. They talk about many geeky subjects with a mature eye. Keep up the good work boys!
Me and my girlfriend have recently just gotten into JRPGs, well so far it's been Xenoblade Chronicles X. That episode was really helpful to me in terms of understanding the genre and learning about other great games that I want to play in the future.
It's hard to find a great podcast for gaming that also keeps it clean. The dynamic between the hosts is great.
I am an American from MA that lives in Japan, and I wake up every morning to begin my repetitive routine, as I prepare myself for work. I put my dogs away, say good bye to my wife and rush to my car, hook my Iphone to the AUX cable and rapidly scroll down to my favorite Podcast, the "Geek to Geek" Podcast! So far, i've had not complaints, but then again, I had never listened to a single podcast until I accidentally played and episode of the G2G Podcast. The hosts (Beej and Void) are super entertaining and have very interesting points of view regarding the hundreds of topics already discussed. Very entertaining and unbiased from Day 1, the G2G Podcast offers viewers a wide viriety of nerdy discussion and appeals to pretty much any type of geek out there! I'm always looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully we hear more about Pokemon Go, perhaps a bit about Comic-Con, or even anime as well as noteworthy videogame consoles! -MoonwalkerX PS: How can I get my wife to play more video games!
Relatable dude guys talk about video games. It's great.
I'm usually not a fan of "general geek stuff" podcasts (I like knowing what I'm getting with a podcast), but I really enjoyed this one. Just listening to their most recent podcast (best stuff of the first half of 2016) got me to subscribe. The hosts have great chemistry but (even more importantly) they have interesting thigns to say about their topics. I'm excited to dive into the archives.
I like the chemistry between these two fellow nerds. Insightful, funny and in-depth on all things geek culture. Well done.
fun and entertaining
Very friendly conversational tone that discusses a singular topic at a reasonable amount of depth. Even better is that it's safe to enjoy with kids around, as Void and Beej are able to convey their thoughts without swearing. Can't wait to see this one grow!
Well put together and the co-hosts are engaging and interesting. Like their realistic approach and how the topics and content seem well thought out. Will subscribe and keep listening.
Love how I can go to the episode list and pick the ones that interest me. The conversation flows freely and is fun and informative
Listened to the Overwatch episode and even after playing the game, the compairsons they brought up to other shooters and how some characters are twitchy was great information. Now I want to go home and play the game now!
Love listening to passionate geeks talk about the stuff they love. From movies to video games to tech, it's a nerd's paradise! Even health and fitness tips! You go geek!
What a great set of hosts, with smart things to say with incite into pop culture and tech in the now.
While Void cannot be trusted when it comes to ranking the Final Fantasy games, he is definitely an entertaining host. I enjoy the interactions between the hosts, though I never got into comics, so I do find my eyes glazing over when they are discussed. Great show, keep up the good work.
I have been a huge fan of these guys even before they started the podcast! I have been an avid follower of both Void & Beej's blogs, but they have done a superb job on this podcast! They are passionate, funny, and you can tell they have a friendship that goes beyond just gaming and other geeky topics. From one fellow blogger / podcaster to another - Keep up the fantastic work guys, and GEEK on!! :) - Cheers, Iogro Merrybelly / All Things Geekery Podcast
I've liked this podcast since episode one but have waited to listen to a few more before writing a review. Every episode I've listen to has been so interesting. Such a variety of topics. They pick one and stick to it. Exploring it in depth from their own experiences. Topics include games, books, movies, comic books, and TV shows. All with extremely friendly and from the angle of interesting personal experience. I can hardly wait to hear what topic they'll tackle in the next podcast.
Apart from making me feel OLD as hell, these guys are a blast! Count me in as a new subscriber!!
Listened to the first few episodes. The hosts have unique perspectives and thoughts on the various games and nerdy topics they discuss.
Fun and engaging roundup of the current goings-on in nerd culture.
There are many geek podcast out there, but this one has a lot of heart. It is not just a podcast about an area of geekdom, but a podcast about how each area of geekdom affected the host's lives. Very interesting.
As a geek, we know our own. And these guys are among the best of us. Well spoken, enthusiastic but without being annoying. As sometimes happens. I could listen to Beej and Void talk about anything. Entertaining and enjoyable. Well worth a listen.
Lot’s of fun. This is a brand new podcast that has instant appeal. These geeks are nerds that are fun to listen to as they discuss pop and tech culture. Check it out!
They’ve got great personalities and offer some fun commentary on the world of video games and general fandom. Thanks for producing such an enjoyable show!