Reviews For Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller | Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

One of my favorite podcasts!! As a small business owner, I’ve learned immeasurable and practical tips. What I love the most is my brain begins to fire in all creative directions after each episode.
I found the Building a StoryBrand podcast by accident via Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership. Little did I know I’d be drawn into episode after episode of much needed advice and information…helping me to be a better leader, businessman and person. It’s honest, genuine, humorous and not too self-helpy. First-class guests and their messages pair well with Don and his branding ideals. Great job StoryBrand team!
I enjoyed your podcasts until one day you started bad mouthing President Trump. You were saying how you would not trust the president with a 14 year girl basically calling him a child molester. Then you accused him of not believing in the 10 commandments. How the FBI is going to find something on him, etc. That’s when I just turned you off and I can’t imagine I was alone. Do you realize that 65 million people voted for this man? We get your a liberal and you hate Tump but now you’ve segregated a large portion of your audience. A say a large portion because most business owners weren’t great fans of the former Obamination and we like what Trump is doing for the nation and for the Christian community. Let’s not forget how unlike Bush and Obunner, Trump is not turning his back to Israel. Humility is the brand in this story.
I often feel like I've stumbled in on a fun conversation with JJ and Don, then a relevant and valuable podcast happens! Their interaction, the humor and geniune friendship comes through clearly. And then pretty much every interview is helpful and we come away with something to help us as people - not just a business starter. Keep it up!
Ever since reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, I have been a fan. I have really enjoyed his podcast over the last year. Donald and JJ have great back and forth banter that opens up to a great podcast. You can envision the smiles on Donald's face as he interviews his guest. He is very authentic and you can't help enjoy the show because of his personality and the impactful guest he interviews.
However just went and listened to Nancy Duarte Ted Talk about story and Joshua Klein - intelligence of crows. - Both completely different but amazing. Thanks for using the podcast to our into the lives of entreprenuars! Love, love, love the podcast.
A great resource to help business owners
I hate to say, but have to, I LOVE your podcast! They are entertaining, informative, and effective. Jacob E Hall
This morning I plugged in my headphones to listen to your latest podcast with Scott Hamilton and your goofy, but fun rendition of the Olympics music. You then referred to it as “Special Olympics”. I have a daughter who has Down syndrome and participates in Special Olympics. Your comment made Special Olympics seem “less than”. I unplugged at that point.
Leave your self righteous trump job creator crap out of otherwise interesting podcast
This podcast started out really great. I would give it five stars 6 months ago but the focus has changed. Recent episodes have diverged from the podcast description. Mr. Miller advertises about how he can help businesses build their own story brand but recent episodes have guests unrelated to building a strory brand, the topics being of interest to Mr. Miller in getting free consultation on growing his business. Please get back to the original premise again.
I redid my website "Transformation Music & Events" using the BASB framework! It's already working. I feel more confident in my communication, not just in business, but in EVERY area of my life. I can't recommend this podcast enough!
When talking about the tax bill, I found it disgusting that you talked about it in a partisan manner. As a business owner you should know that this is isolating a large part of your audience. Not smart, I have unsubscribed.


I love this podcast! Has helped me so much with my own and my business. I would love to interview Donald Miller. He is awesome!
Not sure if the host is using witchcraft or is just a super persuasive guy but somehow he gets some really wise guests. Let this podcast be your go to podcast above all podcasts if you own a business or are in marketing.
I love these guys! Simple, practical and a pleasure to listen to. Top notch podcast and I highly recommend!
Awesome Podcast! Inspired me to become a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Looking for help with your marketing? Let's chat:
Donald Miller is truly amazing. If you haven’t read his book “how to build a story brand” go on amazon or your local book store and go purchase it. If you want to build a business or you already have a business. He tells us how to grow our business. And follow his steps to improve your business. His Podcast is remarkable it amplifies the book side-to-side. And he gives you real life examples. His interviews are really helpful. Listening to Donald Miller is an asset. Best book I’ve purchased.
Donald is truly one of the best in the biz and does a phenomenal job of bring out the best in his guests as well. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Build a StoryBrand if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to help your business to stand out from the pack and thrive!
Once the hosts of this show get to the content of the podcast, there is some great information. But they generally take 5-6 minutes of rambling to get there, always breaking their own advice of getting to the point.
There are some priceless nuggets in some of these episodes, but there’s so much pointless chit chat between the hosts you have to get through first, and then the main interview is over before they’ve even scratched the surface. Mostly I’m left frustrated over the wasted potential! I wish they’d shorten the intro nonsense and lengthen the interviews.
I learn so much from listening to this podcast. The information is exactly what I need as I develop my own brand to "tell my story" as I enter the professional speaker business!
I didn’t realize Miller had written Blue Like Jazz (an excellent book) until I started to listen to his podcast and research more about storybrand. I’ve started a podcast and am working on creating a product around it and feel blessed to have found his inspiring and actionable words. There’s a lot of good storytelling and practical advise in every episode! A must for those who want to start out with the right mentality
A essential content for people who want to grow their business, create value for others, and improve themselves!
Whether you own your own business OR consult for other businesses as an agency, marketer, etc., this is a MUST listen to podcast for you & your teams. Not only has the Story Brand framework had an incredible effect on my own business in terms of clarifying our messaging, but it’s also had a transformative effect on multiple clients which we serve. Don & JJ do a fantastic job of producing not only a high quality show w/ some of today’s top thought leaders, but they also have a way of quickly & easily giving you key takeaways & actionable steps. Definitely put this one on your MUST LISTEN to podcasts & I promise you will see returns both in your business & personal life almost immediately IF you put these ideas // resources to work... - Kyle, Founder & CEO Digital Conversion Labs
The podcast is awesome. Period. Please shut up with inane gibberish. The review isn't asking for a 2 page critique which, if you actually write one that long, really does nothing except exhibit how boring and depressed you are with yourself. Grow up, go do something productive. Above all, get off facebook and stop being negative all the time (I’m almost 100% sure thats what you do - why else would you feel the need to go overboard on negativity???).
This podcast is fun listening and informative. I always get the companion materials and downloads because they help implementation.
To dive into the actual content, guest interview, fast forward to about 10 minutes on each program... and enjoy. The first 10 minutes generally are banter and great if you have time.
I enjoy, learn and improve through Storybrand! Thanks for crushing it in 2017! May 2018 be even better.
Absolutely one of the best podcasts around.
I’m a fan of the Building a Storybrand, a great framework for businesses, small and large, to better communicate with their potential customers. Enjoy the podcast too. It speaks to an audience of business owners, offers a variety of interesting subjects, and still stays true to its branding message. Excellent interviews! The marketing myth busters segments with Koula Callahan are great too! Thank you, Don and JJ!
Never get tired of this podcast. Keep it up!
Donald host of Building a StoryBrand highlights all aspects of brand building in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I have been very dissapointed with this podcast lately. Don keeps bashing President Trump, and not only is that disrespectful to our country, it doesn't help anyone in business leadership. I didn't like our last President, but I at the very least didn't disrespect him. If I wanted to hear about politics, I would listen to a political podcast. You don't have to like our President, but you don't have to go on bashing him on a platform that is meant to help businesses. It shows very poor character and this podcast is quickly loosing my respect.
Awesome podcast, how about a chip heath & dan Heath episode?
Donald Miller does a great job selecting people to interview and asks great questions. Both he and co-host JJ make the podcast an enjoyable listen, but most importantly it's very informative. Highly recommend subscribing to the podcast and applying what you learn, whether or not your a business owner.
Helpful and enjoyable.
woderful guests and great discussion....useful topics and timely content. I enjoy the thought provoking dialog and the story brand framework.
I love this podcast! I am a career worship leading family and children’s minister-this story brand framework has opened my eyes to a different way way of looking at ministry…becoming the guide, encourage/equip/lead parents/students to be the hero! Thank you for this-now I’m wanting to start my own business building value in students’ lives through the greatest mission field in EVERY TOWN/CITY…the local school! @soldoutmike
Storybrand is my favorite business podcast. There content is relevant and incredibly motivating.
This podcast provides easy to follow advice on growing your brand and telling your story better, I love this podcast!
Thank you Donald for helping people to use this method to really make an impact!
This podcast will help you clarify your marketing, engage your customers, and make more money. I highly recommend the Storybrand podcast and the online course.
I've never seen a picture of JJ, but I feel like Patton Oswald could play him in a movie. I enjoy every episode.
Building a Story Brand is one of my favorite podcast. Keep it up Mr. Brand.
Every interview is awesome. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, you come away from each episode a little bit smarter. This is a good investment of your time.
I enjoy the format of the podcast. The interviews are great as they stay relevant to the many facets of life, leadership and business. Don, JJ and Kuhla (no idea if that's spelled right!) do a fabulous job playing the role of the "guide" for the interviewee, which in turn creates an excellent interview for listeners. The topics are tuned to business owners as well aspiring business owners like myself. If you're a leader this podcast is for you! My favorite podcast was the with the owners of Canlis restaurant in Seattle.
Building a StoryBrand is awesome. Donald Miller is doing a great job. Keep up the awesome!
I've listened to a lot of podcasts and this one, by far, is the most practical and helpful for getting clear on your business messaging. This is the first one I recommend to people - I can't say enough about it!
You tease me with next weeks podcast. And I have to wait a WEEK! Thanks a lot. I found the podcast in white space confirming and encouraging. I'm the Information type a know that if I learn just that one more thing I can then build my business. I now realize I need to only focus on what I can do and know. My white space has been my garden, but now it's become a beckoning monster. It's time to step away. Great podcast, great guests, great useful insights.