Reviews For Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller | Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

I have been very dissapointed with this podcast lately. Don keeps bashing President Trump, and not only is that disrespectful to our country, it doesn't help anyone in business leadership. I didn't like our last President, but I at the very least didn't disrespect him. If I wanted to hear about politics, I would listen to a political podcast. You don't have to like our President, but you don't have to go on bashing him on a platform that is meant to help businesses. It shows very poor character and this podcast is quickly loosing my respect.
Awesome podcast, how about a chip heath & dan Heath episode?
Donald Miller does a great job selecting people to interview and asks great questions. Both he and co-host JJ make the podcast an enjoyable listen, but most importantly it's very informative. Highly recommend subscribing to the podcast and applying what you learn, whether or not your a business owner.
Helpful and enjoyable.
woderful guests and great discussion....useful topics and timely content. I enjoy the thought provoking dialog and the story brand framework.
I love this podcast! I am a career worship leading family and children’s minister-this story brand framework has opened my eyes to a different way way of looking at ministry…becoming the guide, encourage/equip/lead parents/students to be the hero! Thank you for this-now I’m wanting to start my own business building value in students’ lives through the greatest mission field in EVERY TOWN/CITY…the local school! @soldoutmike
Storybrand is my favorite business podcast. There content is relevant and incredibly motivating.
This podcast provides easy to follow advice on growing your brand and telling your story better, I love this podcast!
Thank you Donald for helping people to use this method to really make an impact!
This podcast will help you clarify your marketing, engage your customers, and make more money. I highly recommend the Storybrand podcast and the online course.
I've never seen a picture of JJ, but I feel like Patton Oswald could play him in a movie. I enjoy every episode.
Building a Story Brand is one of my favorite podcast. Keep it up Mr. Brand.
Every interview is awesome. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, you come away from each episode a little bit smarter. This is a good investment of your time.
I enjoy the format of the podcast. The interviews are great as they stay relevant to the many facets of life, leadership and business. Don, JJ and Kuhla (no idea if that's spelled right!) do a fabulous job playing the role of the "guide" for the interviewee, which in turn creates an excellent interview for listeners. The topics are tuned to business owners as well aspiring business owners like myself. If you're a leader this podcast is for you! My favorite podcast was the with the owners of Canlis restaurant in Seattle.
Building a StoryBrand is awesome. Donald Miller is doing a great job. Keep up the awesome!
I've listened to a lot of podcasts and this one, by far, is the most practical and helpful for getting clear on your business messaging. This is the first one I recommend to people - I can't say enough about it!
You tease me with next weeks podcast. And I have to wait a WEEK! Thanks a lot. I found the podcast in white space confirming and encouraging. I'm the Information type a know that if I learn just that one more thing I can then build my business. I now realize I need to only focus on what I can do and know. My white space has been my garden, but now it's become a beckoning monster. It's time to step away. Great podcast, great guests, great useful insights.
I love these podcasts. I learn something applicable from each episode. Donald is a good interviewer and he and JJ have a fun time, which makes each episoce enjoyable to listen to.
As a pastor & leader of a large congregation this podcast gives me so many helpful tools for staying focused on leading our community forward in messaging and leadership. No matter what industry you are in, I highly recommend tuning in!
This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Donald gives simple, actionable advice that you can use to improve your copy. It's definitely a must-listen.
I listen to this podcast weekly when I walk the dog when I'm driving. I don' know how he does it but Donald comes up with great guests on every podcast. Masters from business, health, and spirituality every week give sage advice. This podcast is one of my favorites and should be voted as a best of on iTunes
The length of your podcasts are outstanding. Not too long to lose the audience. The first season was perfectly tied to the 7 parts to a story. At times since it has veered into topics not particularly useful for this podcast. Would like to hear more about the use of story. Thanks for your efforts.
I may have missed ONE episode to date. It's been so great to learn how to serve people and grow your organization while maintaining integrity and building relationships along the way!
5 stars
StoryBrand has changed the way I communicate. From my print/digital marketing & presentations to my text messages, people know understand and engage more with what I'm saying. This podcast is a great place to start, but the real change and learning comes from the online, live or private workshops. Run (don't walk) over to to clear up your message so your customers (and maybe significant other) engage.
Love the info that Donald provides here!!!!! Varied, strategic, great guest and insights. Thank you, one of my favorites as an entrepreneur!
I've changed the way I talk about my business thanks to this helpful podcast.
This podcast is decent, I just have a hard time listening to the cohost, he's a little goofy. I end up fast forwarding through intros and skipping the mini interviews JJ does. He is over eager and seems ready to please, which is not pleasant listening.
The ideas and concepts discussed in this podcast will completely change how You look at you marketing for the better. The hosts are hilarious as well and keep things light and fun.
Most podcasts: grow with content. This podcast: content that grows (you)
This is a great podcast. It's very helpful and entertaining.
This is such a great podcast. It's the first podcast that I've ever actually sat down and took notes. I've been writing like crazy since I started listening. Thank you so much Story Brand.
As a guy that is changing myself into a Maker, this podcast is providing me tools to position all my new products as quickly as I create them. A process that can move at the speed of makertyping, amazing.
Donald Miller has always been one of my favorite authors, and I've been impressed at his successful pivot into business and entrepreneurship. Positive voice and someone I trust implicitly. I've received a lot of value from this podcast and the whole storybrand concept. Thanks for putting this out there!
Donald and his team are sharing great and thoughtful brand and business ideas. They understand how to communicate effectively while caring for the customer/client experience making it win-win for everyone. Thanks for sharing!
Everytime I listen to an episode, I walk away with practical tools that I can immediately implement.
By far my favorite marketing podcast! The idea of story branding and how it applies to businesses is so on point. Dan interviews great people and always asks great questions. And when they highlight business like us that listen it puts into practical perspective how well this idea works for ALL businesses. Love the podcast ❤️
I love these podcasts. They're to the point, always extremely practical and applicable to developing your brand and selling your product. These series of interviews bring out the best information in a very short period of time. The guests are outstanding. I recommend it highly.
Subscribe, listen, apply!!! This podcast is genius!
I'm starting to build my personal brand in a national company. This has helped me get started. I've stopped being the hero and started being Obi Wan and Yoda.
Can't get enough of this podcast and how applicable it is in so many settings.
Don is great. Storybrand is amazing BUT….. JJ needs an education. JJ calls himself “doctor” even though he hasn’t yet defended his thesis and doesn’t have his phd diploma. Yet, when Don confronts JJ about calling himself a doctor even though he’s not a doctor yet, JJ inaccurately claims something like, “well; it’s just like medical residents. they are not quite doctors but almost”. JJ, you offended all medical residents nationwide. Every resident MUST have a complete medical degree (with diploma and title) before they can be a resident. It’s a great irony: A guy who calls himself “doctor” who doesn’t really have a doctorate, claims resident medical doctors are not doctors even though they ARE actually doctors. Who is this JJ guy anyway? What a fool.
The concepts provided are gold. If you have a business this is worth your time.
If you want just the high impact meaningful story without all the filler, then you need to listen in to Donald. I'm late in joining Donald's story but so glad I found it. Spent an afternoon playing all his interviews, took a ton of notes and putting it to work now. Thanks for all your time in putting these together and sharing! - Doc
Pretty good podcast. The biggest problem is it's actually over-produced. The interviews seem like something you'd hear on the Today Show vs an in depth, helpful understanding of the person. For example, the Scott Hamilton interview was pretty good, but he really just regurgitated the main points of his book. We didn't get to understand what drives him, how he manages to tackle each new day, or hear how major events in his past really impacted him. In fact, you don't really hear much you couldn't get on a lot of other podcasts. Don, I know you know how to ask better questions. So let's start doing that.
Entertaining, yet extremely concise podcast. I particularly enjoy the web reviews at the end of each episode. My only criticism is that some of the companies make the recommended changes to their website before you even have a chance to learn from Don’s suggestions. I wish it were a requirement for them to leave their site “as is” for at least a week or two after the podcast airs.
Keep up a good job guys!
Donald Miller holds himself out as a Christian and insists his work is not manipulative, but only designed to help people be more effective in selling their products (which he apparently assumes only applies to “good” products). As a result, it’s crucial that he has integrity in his work. So when his co-host is repeatedly referred to as “doctor” despite not having a doctorate, it’s misleading. The fact that this co-host is working towards his doctorate in communications is incredibly ironic. He, of all people, should know that referring to himself as “doctor” and letting Donald say he’s earned this degree results in a certain perception and expectation to the general public. When they discuss on an early episode that he’s ABD (All But Dissertation), it’s pushed away by saying if he was on an airplane during a medical emergency and someone called for a doctor, he couldn’t respond. Which is ridiculous, since a Ph.D. in Communications wouldn’t help in a medical emergency regardless. I was ABD for five years, and was explicitly told that referring to myself as “doctor” during this period would have been unethical and, if I was offering treatment, illegal. This may not seem important to many listeners, and they may liken it to not caring whether the judge on People’s Court is really a judge. But to me, the fact that they repeatedly refer to “Dr. JJ” and discuss him earning his degree results in the show lacking credibility and integrity, and this is something I will not support. Two stars because the interviews are often very good. I just wish Donald and JJ were more honest about their intentions.
Smart business ideas and delivered with easy backyard BBQ conversation. I especially love the banter in the beginning and the website reveiws are fantastic. Donald Miller listens and never seems scripted. Fantastic.
When it comes to building your brand, Don and the team at Story Brand know what they are doing! Don offers a unique perspective on incorporating Story into making your businesses value proposition more accessible, must listen!