The Luke Cage Podcast by Phantastic Geek

Reviews For The Luke Cage Podcast by Phantastic Geek

These guys do a much better job than the scene it cast, much more professional and detail. Great job guys keep it up
Pete & Matt are on top of it all with another one of their amazing podcasts. They podcast the entire Marvel cinematic universe. It's great that they will remind you of how it's all connected.
I've been a fan of these reviewers since finding the Daredevil podcast. These guys cover each show with serious attention to detail. They are easy to listen to and their analysis is thought-provoking. I get much more out of the story when I listen to the breakdown of each episode. Can't wait to binge this series and the podcast!
Can't wait for my favorite Marvel character to get his own show, and in the meantime I get to listen to some good insight and analysis from this podcast! Keep up the good work fellas.
Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and soon; Luke Cage, Phantastic Geek will be your number one podcast for all things Marvel. The hosts, Matt and Spoiler Piete, proceed through the show from act to act giving analysis, puns and industry insight in a fun, clean and professional manner. I recently quit a podcast because of the hosts liberal use of F-Bombs which was distracting and certainly not entertaining. Phantastic Geek will not dissappoint.
Done with the JJ podcast and 2 into DD. These guys make awesome podcasts for awesome shows. Still call them out when they're dumb but always appreciate the depth, camerawork, storytelling, and acting. GREAT listen.