Reviews For Sleep Whispers - for ASMR, Relaxation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress

Great podcast it’s very relaxing and I love how ever episode starts with the same piano and a warm “hello my names Harris” it really sets the tone of the podcast.
I don’t know why, but this podcast really scared me! It literally made my anxiety worse and triggered some paranoia. I only got through a few minutes before I had to shut it off. I wish I could use it, others seem to benefit from it so well. I have 2?stars since this is a great idea, it just didn’t work for me :(
I’m so happy I found this podcast. His voice is so relaxing and I love the intro music. I used to fall asleep to YouTube videos playing on my iPad but this is much more convenient, consistent, and relaxing.
This podcast is the best sleep aid I’ve ever had. The cadence and timber of Harris’s voice is so conducive to sleep that I am unable to hear the entire podcast as I drift away. The subject matter is thoughtfully chosen and helps to put out the lights. My favorite topics are those that educate: like history of turkeys, red dwarf planets or deep sea life. Harris is yoga for the mind. He helps you relax your body and then your brain. Sleep comes without struggle. I recommend his podcast to my friends that need a little help now and then with rest.
My favorite podcast to pass out to. Keep it up!
Very relaxing I fell asleep in 5 minutes or so
Harris gets through his introduction and tells me what’s on the menu. Then I’m out. Fantastic to listen to when I’m drowning out the laundry room behind my head and a husband who seems to hate seeing me asleep. Keep it going. I love this show.
Best thing to fall asleep to. My absolute favorite are the informative episodes that are lengthy. Pleaseee make more often!
Harris is a true Sleep Whisperer. He has managed to create a podcast that will quietly entertain you yet, all the while, gently lull you into a peaceful slumber. They are also excellent at eliminating stress and anxiety. His smooth, rich delivery is akin to a mental massage of the best caliber. Another thing that makes Sleep Whispers unique is that Harris shares a bit of himself with us and his take on life by way of anecdotes and curious quotes. So while it's sleep inducing, it's also thought provoking. I can't find anything negative to say about Sleep Whispers. And the rating speaks for itself. Don't miss out. You must try it for yourself!
Harris, i am so beyond happy that i found your podcast, you save me so much data. I use way to much data watching asmr videos but now that i found your podcast i just downloaded all the episodes and turned off the data to my podcast and i get my asmr fix!(no I don't have wifi) You have the voice of an angel! I like the story you told about you practicing your dance moves in the club before actually hitting the floor. I was cracking up listening to it! Not even at the club to drink just to dance lol classic! I was also laughing with you about the whispering fish and monkeys! My favorite thing about your podcast is your whisperpidia episodes because i goto sleep peacefully and wake up knowing something new! Keep doing what your doing, cause your killing it! 🙌🏽👋🏽👍🏾🙏🏽
This is creepy.
This podcast is unique and useful. So often I wake up in the middle of the night but I know that Sleep Whispers will get me back to dreamland before the "fade out". The voice is soothing and helps to distract from whatever keeps me awake. Sometimes I find that I have a smile on my face and what better way to fall asleep.
Calm, relaxing and positive vibes! Let Harris guide you to a peaceful and restful sleep!
This podcast will help you fall asleep! The whispering and content are very relaxing! He has a great microphones, so there is no fuzzy feedback. I never last more than 15 - 30 minutes, so one episode lasts me a few days. Harris is also very receptive to feedback (he has a survey) and makes changes based on feedback trends.
I've tried many other relaxation/sleep aid podcasts, and this is BY FAR the best one. Harris (the host) is absolutely fantastic at what he does. I've been listening from almost the first episode, and this always helps me relax and fall asleep. He also diligently responds to the feedback from his listeners, and changes his show to best suit his listeners. He now has different styles of podcasts that suit their various preferences, and I couldn't be more grateful for this. Sleep whispers is the one way I am guaranteed to be able to relax and fall asleep. Can't recommend this enough!!
Wonderfully long episodes and very relaxing!!!
This is a wonderful podcast for relaxation. I love the calm nature of Harris' personality. I like to listen to this podcast the most when I'm drawing.
This well-organized Podcast manages to be fun, light entertainment that sends me gently to sleep. I often listen multiple times even though the content is interesting because Harris’ voice is so soothing. I usually fall asleep 10 or 15 minutes into show. It’s quite addicting – definitely a five-star podcast.
Every time, without fail, Harris helps me shut off my brain. He quiets the questions and wafts away the worries. A great podcast for those who have trouble switching off. Thanks Harris!
I love it! Helps me to relax and go to sleep in no time!


By T2Xdzl
I stumbled across this podcast one night when I was going thru a spell of insomnia. I have to say I don't think I've ever made it thru a full episode in one listen as I am normally fast asleep before it ends. Give it a try.
Informative and relaxing, easy to listen to and even easier to relax and fall asleep to. 👍
Sleep Whispers is great! I actually haven't ever gotten through a complete episode... The whispering is so relaxing that I'm usually out by the second section. Bonus: this means I can replay episodes and they sound brand new! I find myself getting woken up by other podcasts either due to a noise in the production or just due to the pitch or tone of the speaker, but with Sleep Whispers this never seems to be the case. Harris's whispering is perfect for falling asleep to. I'd definitely recommend it.
I would never have believed it- for ex, some guy whispering incessantly about how far out pi can be calculated. While it seems kind of off beat- it works for me. Lulls me to sleep, whether or not I actually pay attention to the content. Love it.
If you are reading reviews to see if you might be interested in this podcast, I urge you to give it a try! Harris has a unique style that both makes me smile and puts me to sleep. Here's why: I listen to this podcast on 2 different levels. First is Harris's sweet, straightforward, intelligent and funny persona. He has great insights and observations about life and character, and his comments are often thought provoking. The stuff he whispers about catch my attention and help me let go of the day. Then there is the utterly relaxing sound of Harris's whispered voice. It carries me the rest of the way to sleep. I've struggled with insomnia all my life. This is the best medicine I've found!
This is the most effective and enjoyable sleep-aid podcast I've found. Harris, the personable host, combines a warm and soothing style with content just interesting enough to engage, but not so stimulating that it keeps you awake. Im not sure how he manages to balance these contradictory elements so beautifully, but as a chronic insomniac, I'm grateful for his skill. Though new shows only come out once a week, it's enough, since I don't usually last more than 5 minutes! I find myself relistening during the day for the sake of the content. Harris is a gentle and unpresumptious philosopher, with a charming sense of humor. His candor and humility are a big part of the appeal of this podcast. There is no self-promotion at all, in fact, the identity of host is somewhat mysterious ('Harris' is a middle name). He seemingly creates these shows as a public service. His anecdotal personal stories, inclusion of quotes he's collected over years, and casual and honest observations about life in general, all suggest an unpretentious and generous personality, and there is something soothing in that, in and of itself. Sleep Whispers is really a remarkable phenomenon, an alchemical combination of elements resulting in sleep magic! Thank You Harris!!!
I love this podcast. This is the only reason I've been getting decent sleep for the last several months. The cadence that Harris gets in to, particularly as the end of each episode approaches, is incredibly relaxing. I almost never make it through a single episode without having to try 3 or 4 times to get to the end. With this podcast, it's incredibly gratifying to have to re-download it to hear the whole thing. Keep up the good work, sir. Your efforts are appreciated.
I have been listening to Sleep Whispers Podcast for several months now. It's extremely relaxing and is my go-to podcast when I'm having difficulty falling asleep. It's so entertaining however, that I find myself re-listening to the same episode several times so as to be sure to hear the entire thing. It is great that Harris is consistently seeking listener feedback in order to improve the show. When I first started listening there were already 10 episodes uploaded. I went back and listened to them all, and always look forward to new content. Keep up the great work!
Love listening to Harris and his sleep whispers every night as I drift off to sleep. It gives me something to listen to so my mind doesn't race but it's not so engaging to keep me up listening to it either.
If you are having trouble falling asleep then this is for you! Harris' voice is very soothing and makes it nearly impossible to stay awake! Give it a try!!!!
This podcast is very helpful when I have a restless mind and am trying to fall asleep. It's also helpful when the anxiety flares up. It's very calming. I highly recommend.
This podcast has honestly changed my nights! When I usually go asleep, I toss and turn and it takes a good minute before I fall asleep. However when I put Sleep Whispers on, I listen to Harris' stories and I drift off to sleep. Only thing I wish, is that there were more episodes! Thanks Harris!
I love Harris' voice. I'm not sure I've ever made it through a full episode. It's so relaxing I fall asleep before the end each time. I'm interested enough in the topics that I'll listen to the same episode over and over hoping to stay awake to hear the whole thing. Thanks so much for this podcast!
If there were such a thing!! Greetings fellow seekers of sweet dreams and relaxation. As a member of the Sleep Whispered I invite you to give our humorous host Harris a try to be lulled to la la land. You've reached your destination if this is what you’re in pursuit of: * A wonderful host that engages with his Whispered Community. * An awesome host that tells us thoughtful and funny stories. * A great host that shares interesting stories about his mysterious self. * An excellent Whispered Community that contributes to Harris' awesome whispers. * An astonishing commitment to clarity and wholesomeness of his whispers. * A magnificent Menu of many types of fresh whispers to suit your tastes. * A formidable length to ensure you’re thoroughly ensconced in dreamland. Once you listen you'll have to agree that this podcast is really thought through with care. When I hear the soothing intro my brain knows it's time to relax. My niece (2) just falls out when she hears him. I also listen to the full recordings (sans the Tuck In and some Fade Outs) during the day because the content is interesting and the whispers invoke a relaxed focus. I hadn’t been sleeping well all this year and found him while sampling different casts. I instantly went to sleep… Then I had to go back and see which one it was. LOLZ!! I’ve been having much more restful nights since. Gratitude Harris <3 Agent Jaa~ I most love this podcast because I just WAGED WAR with Apple for this AppleID in order to make this post...
Harris is my favorite ASMR artist. I thoroughly enjoy each episode although I rarely get to the end because he does such a good job of relaxing me. The sound quality is wonderfully clean. I listen whenever I'm having trouble sleeping and also at work if I am feeling stressed. This podcast has so many great features so that there is a good variety of things to listen to. I've learned some interesting facts, listened to some fascinating stories and been very relaxed.
If you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, this podcast is for you! Harris’ wonderful voice soothes and relax’s me straight to sleep. Harris also has a great sense of humor and takes feedback very well. Highly recommend!
Harris I love your voice. You're really funny and you really help me sleep!
I've been going through a rough time lately and having trouble falling asleep. Your sleep whisper podcasts have helped so much! Your whispering voice is a great way to fade out peacefully. Thank you and God bless :)
I have tried so many apps, CDs, cassette tapes (that's how long it's been) over the years to help me get to sleep and Harris puts me out in minutes. I have never made it through an entire episode awake, so I have no idea what the "Fade Out" session entails but subconsciously, it is keeping me peacefully asleep. I rarely even stay awake through the "Chat" section. As soon as I hear his voice, I'm become completely relaxed and sleep through the night. It's a life-changer. You can whisper in my ears for as long as you want, Harris! Thank you!
This well-organized podcast is presented without pretense, with sensitivity to, and acceptance of, the various, personal, human conditions present in our society. It has included the narrator’s sincere requests for feedback and suggestions to help sculpt the podcast experience so that it is more meaningful for listeners. I have found this to be an authentic, educated, enlightened, often-questioning monologue, which has been, from time to time, not only relaxing, but also engagingly charming.
I really love the structure and the length. I have not had such a deep sleep in a long time. Thank you.
So relaxing and helps me sleep. I love it!
I have been looking for somthing to comfort me to sleep ...This is it. Thank you Thank you.
Love how long the podcast episodes are. I definitely get ASMR tingles from this. I listen when I'm trying to fall asleep; works every time--I'm asleep in the first 15 minutes. It's so relaxing that I end up listening to the remainder of the episode as I'm getting ready for work the next morning. 100% recommend this podcast! Keep the episodes coming :)
I found this podcast a week ago. I have RSD/CRPS. So I am in the worst burning pain you can never imagine. I am awake most nights. This really helps me to relax. And most the time I fall asleep before its over.
This podcast puts me to sleep within minutes! Very calming voice; I especially love the long drawn out pauses. The format is well thought out. My favorite part is the "tuck in," which is just a pleasant way to fall asleep! I hope you keep creating this podcast for a long time. :)
New to ASMR. Best I've found ! Thank you !


I love listening to you
I have had sleep issues for my entire life, and they are numerous issues so this compounds it. I started listening to this podcast and it improved dramatically, I can now fall asleep much faster. It has improved many aspects of my life and I'm very grateful for that. One thing would be nice is a social media account- maybe Twitter. But above all keep doing what you're doing, thanks again Harris! I encourage everyone to give this a go and to complete his survey, he puts a lot of effort into this the least we can do is a 3-5 minute survey clicking buttons for him.
I first came across Harris' voice on the Sleep with ASMR Triggers Podcast. I was having trouble sleeping and that was the first podcast I tried. I didn't know what ASMR was but immediately felt an incredible calming feeling literally as soon as the episode started. The voice combined with the background tones was amazing. I'm very glad that this dedicated whispers podcast was started since that was actually my favorite part. I like that the episodes are long since it can last me several plays. I keep the iPhone by my bed and the volume just loud enough to be audible. My only suggestion would be to maybe add some occasional tones like those in the start of the Triggers podcast.