The Way Out Podcast

Reviews For The Way Out Podcast

I am grateful to Charlie for the service that he performs for those in the recovery community. He connects with a broad spectrum of people in receovery. I will certainly keep tuning in!
Thanks to people like you... I have seen that Recovery Works... First Hand!!!! Thank You!
I was lucky enough to have been a guest on this Podcast. Before hand, I listened through the episodes and was blown away by the positivity and focus on the positives instead of the negatives. I can't wait to hear the next episode!
There are some people out there that make it out of addiction and that's it. And then there are those people like Charles that reach back and help others out of the trenches too! You are a light for so many! Keep pressing forward and allowing others to share their stories! The world needs it!
My man Charles LeVoir from The Way Out Podcast and I shared some laughs, some experiences, some jokes and some real emotional stuff! I'm so thankful he asked me to do this podcast and I was lucky enough to be in Minnesota a few weeks ago to be able to share my story with him in person. So if you wanna hear a few ex-beer nerds turned recovery dorks share some of our solutions in recovery, LISTEN UP! Find me on FB @SoberJourneyLIVE and let me know you listened!
I believe in the power of a good story and when sharing these lived experiences through the story as an interview you are saving lives.
I love this podcast. It's a great look into people's lives who are also in recovery and their stories. It has proven to be extremely helpful in my own recovery.
Charlie delivers a great message with ease every time. Always look forward to listening!
this is a great way for those in all forms of recovery to hear others share their experience, strength, and hope.