Reviews For The Way Out Podcast

My man Charles LeVoir from The Way Out Podcast and I shared some laughs, some experiences, some jokes and some real emotional stuff! I'm so thankful he asked me to do this podcast and I was lucky enough to be in Minnesota a few weeks ago to be able to share my story with him in person. So if you wanna hear a few ex-beer nerds turned recovery dorks share some of our solutions in recovery, LISTEN UP! Find me on FB @SoberJourneyLIVE and let me know you listened!
I believe in the power of a good story and when sharing these lived experiences through the story as an interview you are saving lives.
I love this podcast. It's a great look into people's lives who are also in recovery and their stories. It has proven to be extremely helpful in my own recovery.
Charlie delivers a great message with ease every time. Always look forward to listening!
this is a great way for those in all forms of recovery to hear others share their experience, strength, and hope.