The Horrible Movie Podcast

Reviews For The Horrible Movie Podcast

Love this show, it’s so much fun each week. Fake NBC Trailers, silly songs, and of course great movie talk about horrible movies!
The Horrible Movie Podcast is definitely not a waste of your time! Jack and friends do an excellent job of entertaining you every single week. My personal favorite part is 30 second synopsis it always gets me LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! I also love the Frank Dakota segment whoever he is, that guy is HILARIOUS!!! Keep up the great work Jack and friends!!!
The Horrible Movie Podcast is hilarious! If you are looking for something entertaining to listen to this is it! Jack and his guests do a great job of making “horrible” movies fun to talk about. You will surely laugh out loud with this family friendly show!
Mr altermatt was my high school golf coach. He had always been a funny guy always made me laugh during practice. I am so glad to be able to listen to his podcast. Keep up the good work altermatt!
Wooooo! Great Podcast! great podcast network!
Great podcast about not so great movies!
I was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable it was to listen to these guys roast movies I was hoping to never think about again.
You're already laughing at these bad movies, this podcast just helps you understand why! Hilarious. Sometimes on topic, sometimes off, but I don't care because I'm always laughing. The guests are getting better and better.
Love these guys I can't stop laughing.
This podcast is amazing it is funny, clean, entertaining, and the hosts voice is great! Can't wait for the next episode.
My husband is always telling me to quit over analyzing movies so I was so happy to find some kindred souls. Although it's a bit old I have a horrible movie suggestion that I think you could have great fun with - Red Dawn.
This podcast is as advertised, somehow Horrible and awesome in the same breath.
My all time favorite review they have done is Jingle all the way! This movie is one of my favorite Christmas movies but it is truly horrible. Jack is a family favorite, he is the bomb dot com!
These guys are the best. I love this podcast. Keep on being horrible!
Thanks for such an entertaining idea. great stuff, i;m subscribed
Great idea for a Podcast… Horrible Movie Podcast simple the best. Love it.
Love this, so great!
Love this podcast!! Entertaining, this is how you would talk about movies...except it's funnier.
I love it. The other bad movie podcast use foul language so I don't like listening to them with the kids around. But The Horrible Movie Podcast is clean and safe around the whole family. My kids love when Jack yells about how horrible the movies are.
Love the crazy banter between the commentators!!
"Horrible" is what I would say to the movies these guys watch and review! I love this show and have been listening since before their reboot! Great podcast and really fun to listen to and grimace about the movies they are talking about.