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This is a wonderful and entertaining retelling of historical stories about pirates that is appealing to listeners that range from young to mature audiences.
I truly enjoy how this history is presented. I have enjoyed it from beginning. I would love to see you expand content into other areas if you have the interest. Napoleonic Wars and how that effected Europe and led to WWI. Maybe this will be covered in Pirate History. Keep up the good work.
We need more podcasts like this! The narrator tells the history in such a way that it sounds like an action/adventure story and not just a dull and boring lecture. I listen to different podcasts all day while I work and this is one of my top five favorites! He needs to start a ‘history of the world’ podcast after pirates.
I have been with this podcast from the beginning, and I really like it. Its one of the first that I switch to when it shows up on my feed. Matt has a good presentation and the subject is well researched. If you want more pirate history, this is the one for yoy.
As a lover of history and especially pirate history, this is a must listen to podcast. Love the depth of history here. Not too heavy, but you definately will learn something. Excellent research and explanations. Keep it up!
Very informative, very interesting, great voice, best pirate podcast.
I can’t get enough of this podcast. Very well done and packed with information I never heard before.
I am not into European history at all. I have no interest in it. Until I listened to this podcast. I am not sure who exactly the host is, but the way he presents the history of piracy from start to finish is amazing. I’m so freaking pumped to keep listening. WELL DONE! I’d give it a thousand stars if I could.
Matt does an expert job of taking from multiple sources, looking at issues from different angles, and presenting information with an unparalleled flow all while keeping us entertained. As a pirate enthusiast who had read too many books on the subject and been a costumed interpreter, this podcast is now my favourite way to plunder piratical information. Set sail!
This is one of the best history podcasts currently running. Matt Albers does a fantastic job of creating a narrative while making an extraordinary amount of information digestible. I’ve learned about so many interesting things by listening to this podcast far beyond just piracy. Matt creates an image of a epic period in history that really comes to life with his narrative style.
I couldn’t have cared less about pirates. Until I started to listen to this podcast. I’ve learned a lot about how the existence of piracy is related to or as a direct result of politics, policies and national maneuvering. If you like history this podcast is a must, if you don’t like history, you will love the narrators masterful story telling.
I am pretty new to podcasts, but this has quickly become my favorite. It is captivating and gives just the right level of detail; not too much, not too little. I hope this continues for a long time.
This podcast tells the great stories of pirates. Bigger then just what happens on a ship. I love the politic of the old world. Lots of great history of the real trouble makers, just as today it’s the world leaders. Pirates just did what they could to get by. Very enjoyable
An incredible podcast by someone who really cares about the topic. They are the perfect length, the stories are told with the exact right combo of detail, historical accuracy, and flair. Would definitely recommend to anyone even slightly interested in history OR pirates
Stumbled upon this podcast and quickly became one of my favorites. High-quality historical research with just the right amount of commentary. I also appreciate the lack of filler words.
This podcast has been a staple while on the road for the last several months after I started from the beginning episode. The history and context for the events discussed has been thorough, informative and most of all, intriguing. It's hard not to immediately start another episode as soon as one ends. I'm very much looking forward to following Matt on this exploration of history as long as he can produce this fascinating show.


By Pctown
Well written well presented. Very enjoyable podcast.
I love a good story. Each episode brings us a great cross sectional look at the history of pirates. It's not just bit characters you've heard of doing huge important events in history, it's also the small things. Social history, details about daily practices of regular people who happened to be caught up in this historical look. All of this comes in the wrapping of a good yarn. There are lots of historical stuff that if you were sitting in a classroom you'd think, "I should write this thing down." But even if you let those things pass you by, there is still a story that moves along and keeps you engaged. I highly recommend this Podcast. I never miss it.
Swashbuckling! So well researched and delivered.
Best pirate podcast hands down!
Great history show.
This guy needs to write a book about this.
I've gone through about the first 20 episodes and have found it a very easy listen. If you want to learn a lot about both piracy and the major political and historical events affecting piracy during its Golden Age then this is definitely the podcast for you!
Thank you for all the great knowledge. I've been thoroughly enjoying it.
This is my second favorite podcast. Matt Aurthur tell a great story, only Mike Duncan of Revolutions podcast is best teller of history. Matt, tell this story about pirates like a great novel. I am taking back in time. It's like sitting with old friend listening his adventure of the high sea.
I enjoy these podcasts and how well they are put together. Extremely detailed on the ways piracy came about and causes for piracy. Truly an amazing experience.
Put it this way, before this podcast I had no interest in Pirate history, now I look forward to each and every episode.
I found this podcast while at the beach in the outer banks. I have always loved pirates and matt does an amazing job telling the history. Not only does he talk about pirates but he also gives you all the back history as well on why they are doing what they are doing and how it effects everyone. Do yourself a favor and listen to all of the back podcasts too.
Matt is an amazing historian and storyteller. The Pirate History Podcast is something I always look forward to. And I'm someone who has a life size statue of Capt. Hook on my front porch. A pirates life for me!
thanky you very much - these are lots of fun - very interesting - thanks
I love pirate history, and this podcast is my absolute favorite. Matt does a great job telling the stories, incorporating just enough of what's going on in the world around the Caribbean, and focusing on great pirates of history. I hope this podcast goes on all the way through the 1800s!
Fun and intriguing information about pirates and life in the New World. Backed by concise European and New World history that sets the stage for the who and why of pirates of this era. I've learned a ton of relevant European history.
This podcast has entertained me for hours while rebuilding my 1974 Fuji sailboat. The presenter always does a great job of setting the mood of the nations and people involved in these stories. Matt has done his research on these subjects and it clearly shows. Great historical account that is entertaining.
I stumbled on this Podcast,gave it a try and got hooked! Matt your awesome,how you present this makes it easy for me to picture what your describing and it makes the work day go by so fast! Thx and keep em coming please
I absolutely love this podcast! I've always been fascinated by Pirates and have always enjoyed historical tales. Thanks for all the hard work you put in on this Matt! Hope to hear more!
Probably the best of the podcasts I've gotten a chance to listen to. Consistently informative, without being pretentious or convoluted. Matt is fantastic as a host. He does a great job breaking down the events and explaining where his information comes from. And, of course, he's got the perfect voice for a podcast, and the audio quality is consistently excellent. Highly recommended.
I love this show ! MAtt has a really good voice for telling the stories of the history of pirates . I find this show engaging and interesting the nth degree . When I found thi spodcast , I listened to about 5 episodes all in a row and sicne then I have subscribed and I am alsmost all caught up . I listened to a number of them 2 or three times over . Matt has obvisouly done his work and puts in the hours to make this material consumable . It's so in-depth , I lobe the amount of research he's done . Everybody wanst to hear about pirates and this is the way to do it .
Excellent history and a holistic study of the time period, in a great narrative that's very accessible.
This show is full of stories nd facts that keep the story entertaining. Much more so than a made up movie
This is an excellent source for pirate history. Very well produced, easy to listen to, full of information and intrigue. You won't regret listening to this podcast.
I love this podcast! I have learned so much from this wonderful podcast. I would definitely recommend this to anyone even if they don't particularly like pirates, but me as a pirate fanatic absolutely love this podcast. 100 stars outa 5
This a well done, interesting pod. Typically, I only listen to true crime and basketball pods, but this one has sucked me in. It is an easy listen and can be listened to at 2x speed to take in as much as fast as possible.
I listen to a lot of History podcasts, and this one is really great. Matt does an excellent job delivering a concise message, leaving much to still be discovered if it so peaks your interest. Most of the episodes running under an hour also makes it easy to catch a full episode in a sitting.
Really amazing storytelling. Matt does a great job balancing fact and myth while providing the larger context of the time and events that influenced piracy and its lasting legacy.
Well done! Very interesting part of history to dive into. Each episode covers enough detail and nuance to be entertaining while not being too long. Happy I was directed this way. Highly recommend
As a fan of pirates of all kinds I decided to try my hand at finding a podcast to learn a bit more which caused me to stumble upon this one. The politics and world around the Golden Age always fastinated me and Matt does a splendid job covering everything. He back tracks just enough for people like me who might not know the orgins of why some of the things during that time were the way they were while keeping the listener engaged. Some reviews don't like the some of the little sound effects added in but I think it's tastefully done and helps refocus me. I started yesterday, am 11 episodes in and can only recall sound effects being used 2 or 3 times all of which made me chuckle. A smart podcast with an easy to listen to voice. I became a patron 3 episodes in. Keep at Matt love the podcast!
Matt has a polished delivery and makes very nice choices about how much wider context to provide, personal character details, plus how and why to judge the sources. I very much recommend this series.


Had this on my iPod since Halloween and just got around to listen to a couple episodes today at work and wow , I love it !! Commence the binge